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  1. M

    For Coaches I want to learn more about optional gymnastics but do not know where to start.

    I have been coaching preteam and compulsory gymnastics for 5 years now. I want to know more about level 7 and up. I am just not sure where to start on learning all of this information.
  2. SXS524

    WAG Unqualified Coaches?

    So I'm not sure how it works in the US or other countries but in the UK coaches must take coaching courses in order to become a qualified coach. You start at level 1 (assistant coach) and work your way up to the top level which is level 5 (high performance coach) . At each level you are only...
  3. S

    training coaches

    I am just wondering how much training do your gymnast's coaches get? Are they trained in conditioning techniques as well a skills and drills? Does that seem to help prevent injuries? I am afraid our coaches get no training. However, I am realistic in my girls "careers" as gymnasts and know...
  4. E

    Resources for Training New Coaches

    I am the owner of a new gym (18 months) and am working on a training program for my new employees. I have created a training program using my past gymnastics knowledge as well as my foundation in teaching you children. However, I would like to purchase a few books for some of my coaches with...