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  1. M

    Anon Peaking and college gymnastics

    This is kind of a spinoff of the college recruiting post. I was wondering what everyone's thoughts were about peaking too soon with regards to competing in college? Do you think it's a concern? The reason I ask is my daughter and I were talking about some gymnasts she knew that were/are trying...
  2. JBS

    For Parents Featured Article: The Road To College Gymnastics

    Another great article here by our phenomenal author Jen Kula!
  3. P

    WAG College Gymnastics

    I am very curious. I've never been "in" on college gym stats, but I have definitely noticed it has got more competitive recently and includes lots of drop down elites. At this point, who realistically has a chance? There are a couple situations I look at. First of all, your gymnast who's first...
  4. G

    For Parents Level 10, college gymnastics team recruiting

    I am thinking about how college recruiting gymnast. Besides competing on level 10, what average scores of level 10 competition are the minimum scores to be considered on the D1 college team in general?
  5. L

    WAG College Gymnastics and chance to tell YOUR story

    I have attached an article that was written about Sophia. I think the reporter did an amazing job covering her story and I can't tell you how many people have commented on this article and they say they are more sensitive to "everyone" has a story!
  6. O

    For Parents Featured L10 gymnast (The Reality Of College Gymnastics)

    Looking for suggestions on how to build confidence and motivatation. There have been several elite gymnasts that are not doing elite meets anymore and just the regular competition meets. Most have been accepted by colleges already. They compete in the same competitions that a non-elite gymnast...
  7. L

    WAG College gymnastics questions

    Hello, I'm a new member of Chalk bucket. I have questions regarding college gymnastics. -How can you get noticed by colleges? -Is social media (such as Instagram) important for getting recruited? -What would you say is a good age to reach level 10? -Any other information you think is important...
  8. F

    NCAA College Gymnastics UK

    Hello please excuse my naivety, does a gymnastic college scholarsship exist anywhere in the UK, or are UK residents eligible for US scholarships? We are way off college age yet. I just wondered! Thanks
  9. JBS

    NCAA Featured Perfect 10 Thread & College Gymnastics Scoring Discussion

    Videos of perfect 10's & discussion about college scoring! The three main purposes of this thread... List and provide videos of all the perfect 10's in college. What do you think? Was it a 10 or not? What's your overall take / opinion on college gymnastics scoring? Here is one of the more...
  10. X

    WAG College gymnastics through xcel

    Hi I am a xcel gymnast, I want to be a college gymnast. Is any way to become a college gymnast through the xcel program without switching to jo?
  11. JBS

    College Gymnastics Forum?

    Can ChalkBucket Become The Premiere Place To Talk College Gymnastics? Is this possible or not? We have tried many times to get more college talk going here... but it seems like @gym_dad32608 is very correct... Can ChalkBucket expand or are parents and fans two completely different groups...
  12. JBS

    NCAA Jade Carey Rocks College Gymnastics!

    It's going to be fun having Jade in the world of NCAA gymnastics!
  13. D

    Why do Canadian gymnasts compete in USA college gymnastics?

    I just noticed some of the top Canadian gymnasts compete in college gymnastics in the US. Does Canada not have college gymnastics?
  14. skschlag

    MAG College Gymnastics This weekend!

  15. skschlag

    MAG Men's College Gymnastics This Weekend

    This weekend in NCAA and GymACT Air Force, Navy @ Army (All-Academy Championships) Saturday, Feb 13 at 1:00PMEST How to watch: TBD Minnesota @ Nebraska Saturday, Feb 13 at 3:00PM EST How to watch: Illinois @ Iowa Saturday, Feb 13 at...
  16. skschlag

    MAG College Gymnastics this weekend

    Here's the schedule for this weekend: Penn St/Illinois is on Big 10+ You can watch the virtual meets at
  17. J

    WAG How / Where to Watch College Gymnastics

    Apologies for a question that likely seems stupid, but I don’t know the answer so ..... I think it would be fun (especially in these times when we are not out and about as much) to get into watching women’s college gymnastics. The problem is, I don’t know how/where to find it. Is there a...
  18. F

    WAG College Gymnastics

    Can someone explain to me how college gymnastics works? What are the different divisions, and how does one get picked for a specific division?
  19. skschlag

    MAG Save Men's College Gymnastics

    Here are ways to help out. I know the Minnesota vote is this week so PLEASE do what you can. Email, sign, donate, share. Or all of the above! William & Mary Iowa Minnesota: Stronger Together Campaign
  20. G

    WAG College Gymnastics

    I have asked this before but didn't get a lot of response so I want to ask again. For those of you with college gymnasts, when are they heading back? Some schools already announced online only for Fall, so how will they practice? Have we heard what is going to happen to the 2020-21 season? And...