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  1. gymjunkie

    WAG Scholarship spots

    Can someone remind me of the website where you can get a vague idea of how many spots a college has open for upcoming years?
  2. J

    WAG How / Where to Watch College Gymnastics

    Apologies for a question that likely seems stupid, but I don’t know the answer so ..... I think it would be fun (especially in these times when we are not out and about as much) to get into watching women’s college gymnastics. The problem is, I don’t know how/where to find it. Is there a...
  3. kimute

    WAG Time to think about college-- so many questions!

    My daughter is a second year level 9, 9th grader. She is working some level 10 skills and her coach has suggested I create a YouTube channel or website to start posting videos for college coaches. Some questions: 1) What is standard to share videos? Should we join any of the college...
  4. Faith

    For Parents Idiots guide to NCAA recruiting?

    Bearing in mind I am UK based so utterly clueless on US college (uni?) admissions full stop, never mind scholarships etc! DD is looking at NCAA. I have done some limited Social Media, twitter, youtube etc and am posting results and some training and competition stuff. She's had a couple of...
  5. R

    WAG New Recruiting Rules?

    I thought I saw on FB something about changes to recruiting, but when I went back it seemed to have vanished. I had not had the chance to read it, so I was wondering if anyone knew of changes coming out for recruiting? TIA! Thanks!
  6. T

    WAG Gymnastics recruiting services

    thoughts on whether college gymnastics recruiting services are “worth it”? I’m guessing for the elites and top tier JO gymnasts (national winners), service probably won’t help that much as the colleges will already be after these ladies. For the rest, does the connections that some of these...
  7. F

    For Parents L10 Senior losing interest in college

    Please don't jump on me I admit that I am definitely wishing my daughter would do college gymnastics I can't imagine her not doing it She is a level 10 senior I do make it clear to her that the decision is ultimately hers and I will be absolutely ok with whatever it is. She was on the top...
  8. B

    For Parents Exposure to college coaches

    I have a level 9 gymnast that is currently doing very well in our sport. But we belong to a small gym in miami and our coach is Cuban American. He and two of his coaches are ex members of the Cuban national team. I've noticed that they really don't know anyone in the college circuit and don't...
  9. S

    WAG Div I NCAA Walk-On Offer Info

    My daughter received an offer to walk on to a NCAA Div I team in 2017. She is interested in the school but wants to continue to explore other schools. A major concern with this school is that is about $45,000 grand per year so the amount of debt she will have upon graduation really scares her...
  10. cftmoonlight

    WAG College recruiting rules

    Im looking for some specifics(or a website with specifics) on some recruiting rules. When can the different kinds of contact take place, such as email, phone calls, meetings etc? Thanks.