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  1. gym_dad32608

    NCAA 2023 College Season Starts Friday!

    Crazy how quick it seems to come up, much like all of our DD's seasons! Chalk says its going to be between Florida and Oklahoma for the title. I am hoping that the Gators can pull it together and nail it at the right time to finally vanquish Oklahoma. But idk what KJ does, but she always...
  2. akariflipz

    NCAA what is my chance of being a college/elite gymnast? (honesty please)

    I'm 13 and I started gymnastics when I had JUST turned 8, and at that time I already was self taught and was about level 3. Fast forward to today and I'm probably like level 8 or 9 but I'm competing xcel platinum and sort of repressing my higher level skills for this competition season. I can...
  3. Anonymous Post

    Anon College Interest?

    My daughter a freshman in high school, 3rd year level 10. She has sent out emails introducing herself and attached a few video's as well. She got a response from a few, all saying even thought she is too young to communicate with, they can send her camp info, school info, etc and that they want...
  4. G

    For Parents High Performance Camp/ college camp-level 9/10

    Start to plan summer camps . Does anyone have any comments for the legend camp and best darn college camp? I see some 2023 college camps coming out.
  5. JBS

    For Parents Featured More Options: Acro & Tumbling And College Club Gymnastics

    With all of the talk about college gymnastics lately... we thought it would be a great time to share some more options for gymnasts moving into college! Here is our latest article from our writer Jen Kula...
  6. M

    Anon Peaking and college gymnastics

    This is kind of a spinoff of the college recruiting post. I was wondering what everyone's thoughts were about peaking too soon with regards to competing in college? Do you think it's a concern? The reason I ask is my daughter and I were talking about some gymnasts she knew that were/are trying...
  7. JBS

    For Parents Featured Article: The Road To College Gymnastics

    Another great article here by our phenomenal author Jen Kula!
  8. Anonymous Post

    Anon Featured College Recruiting experience, insights and opinions

    Since my DD is starting this process, and since the information exchange seems pretty asymmetric with all the information tilted toward the programs I thought I would start this thread to see if others would want to compare notes, observations, experiences, and opinions. My DD is a freshman in...
  9. C

    For Parents Courious --how do gymnast choice college with gymnastics team?

    Do anyone know how gymnast enroll college with gymnastics team? Can give tip or feedback?
  10. JBS

    NCAA College News Feeds On ChalkBucket

    There is now a "college" button on top of the site you can all easily follow your favorite college teams without leaving the site! Check it out at the link below...
  11. P

    WAG College Gymnastics

    I am very curious. I've never been "in" on college gym stats, but I have definitely noticed it has got more competitive recently and includes lots of drop down elites. At this point, who realistically has a chance? There are a couple situations I look at. First of all, your gymnast who's first...
  12. JBS

    For Parents Featured Instagram (When Does My Athlete Need One For College Purposes)

    I'd like to thank @Summer01 for starting this thread. I'm going to promote this thread as I really think this is a great question...
  13. Pigeon

    MAG Men's college recruiting - Academies vs Other Colleges

    My son is entering his sophomore year in high school, so he's starting to think more seriously about college gymnastics. He's currently really interested in the Naval Academy or West Point. What are the real differences between recruiting for colleges vs. the academies?
  14. G

    For Parents Should I continue to push dd to switch gym—-level 9 — incoming high schooler— goal : college team

    My daughter not willing to change her gym. Any suggestions? I talked to my daughter, 13 year old . She is training level 9. However her gym is small , has no pit . Not so many level 10 kids . There are only around 7-8 level 9 and level 10. Last season , the scores of last year are not high ...
  15. S

    WAG Scholarships to keep doing gymnastics in college.

    My mom won’t pay for me to keep doing gymnastics while I’m in college. She says it would be too much between work and school, but I still want to compete. Does anyone know of any scholarships so that I can still compete? I’m not going to a school with a gymnastics team nor I am a high enough...
  16. G

    For Parents Level 10, college gymnastics team recruiting

    I am thinking about how college recruiting gymnast. Besides competing on level 10, what average scores of level 10 competition are the minimum scores to be considered on the D1 college team in general?
  17. GymnasticsVAMom

    For Parents Xcel to College Reference

    I do see there are quite a few threads on here regarding this topic. However, I was looking for information from the NCAA itself and fell short regarding Xcel specifically. Is there another source I should be looking at? Or is it by the skill base at 9/10/elite that would best be used for as...
  18. G

    For Parents Homeschooling gymnast , college seeker, college team

    Heading for high school freshman year now. I m trying decide to do PSA homeschooling with dual enrollment in community college. If your gymnast already finished 3 years of college credit and transferred to , UCLA, which that means your gymnast only have ONE year college level competition?
  19. G

    For Parents Gymnastics college seeker

    Does anyone know how much weighs on Gymnastics Scores and Academy GPA when a college recruits a gymnast on its team?
  20. G

    For Parents Gymnastics college team seeker, high school gymnast mom

    Do you ever think about moving to TX ,almost half of National team members are from WOGA!!! Any thoughts? My daughter is doing level9 now , really think about a best gym for her for high school critical time .