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  1. G

    Injury help?

    Hi! So last year I had a major injury and had to take a year off... then I came back and things were smooth sailing and then I made a small mistake and endured another major injury. But luckily this time I was only out for about 3 months. I start competing in 3 months but I lost all my strength...
  2. H

    Comp Nerves

    Whenever I am at a competition, I get extremely nervous, to the point that I actually shake. It affects me most on beam, where I tend to wobble on every skill and dance, just because I am so nervous. At training I stick around 5 routines in a row, minimal wobbles, but it all falls apart at comp...
  3. F

    For Parents What should I know about Optionals? first year level 7

    So, as we are nearing competition season as first time optionals, what do i need to know? My daughter finished competing Level 5 this pas spring and is now a level 7 "optional"... Is it more competitive? Judging different? I have heard that starting in optionals is when it "weeds" out a lot of...
  4. L

    For Parents Banner ideas, quotes?

    My daughter's team requires us to pay for and design a giant banner for our gymnast, that is displayed in the gym for a year. Most parents put a picture of their child and write a little quote, like "Reach for the stars! Love, your family", or "Good luck during competitive season!" Or "We love...
  5. A

    For Parents Competition Hair

    My daughter will begin competing soon, and I'm wondering about hair for competition. Her hair is short, but it can still get in the way. It's about ear level in the front, and it's shorter in the back. It's also very curly. It's far too short to tie up, especially at the back. Normally for...
  6. SOCOgymnast2006

    More wrist support question...

    Hey guys! Thanks for the info on golden hands, but now I have another question (sorry)!! I have heard you can only buy sand colored supports for meets, is this true? They are out of sand in my size, is it a deduction if i get a color that matches my team leo? Thanks!
  7. SOCOgymnast2006

    Pixie cuts and competitions

    Hey guys! I was planning on getting a pixie cut pretty soon, but I have no idea what I would do with it for competitions. Is it okay to just pin your bangs back with a bobby pin? I haven't seen anyone at a meet with a pixie cut. Thoughts? Thanks!