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  1. G

    For Parents Compulsory Level 2-4 Gym DFW

    My DD had tryouts at 2 gyms in DFW for Level 3 and I'm not sure how to evaluate the differences. One is Kurt Thomas and one is WOGA. I've considered adding Metroplex but we didn't have a good experience with them at the preschool level several years ago even though people rave about that gym...
  2. JBS

    For Parents Featured Lower Level Compulsory Judging

    @Gym_mom 22 Thanks for starting this thread... great conversation going on here. Awesome that we have judges chiming in!
  3. G

    For Parents Fall State Meet Compulsory qualification with spring score?

    My daughter competed 3 spring 2022 level 5 meets. Does she need to compete level 5 in the fall to qualify for states if she already qualified in all 3 20222 spring meets? Would rather focus on optionals training in fall. There was no state meet in the spring FYI, unlike during the 2021 when...
  4. T

    For Parents Advice for Pre-Team and Compulsory Parents from Optional Parents

    My gymnast is now training for level 8. The past few months, I’ve had a few parents of compulsory and preteam gymnasts asking for advice. I thought this would be a great place for parents of optional level gymnasts to share some valuable wisdom that we have learned over the years. So optional...
  5. G

    For Parents Help re compulsory 6 UK

    Hi, I'm desperately after some help understanding what seems to be really confusing! My daughter is 7 and lives and breathes gymnastics. She has been in a WAG development squad since she was 5 but due to Covid only experienced her first Grades recently. While most in her squad did Club grade 6...
  6. J

    For Parents Compulsory Coach Bios

    Wondering what is typical for a compulsory coach's experience/age? There has been a good bit of turnover at our gym and one of the new coaches (not assistant coach) for two apparatuses of the lower level compulsory teams is 16 years old. We don't know why she's coaching instead of competing...
  7. L

    For Parents New compulsory routines

    I apologize if this has been asked recently, but I couldn’t find anything. Is there an official source for the new women’s compulsory routines that’s accessible to parents? TIA.
  8. ldw4mlo

    For Parents Ode to compulsory music

    So at our end of year program I got to hear what I hope is the last of this go round of compulsory music. And I know I’m in the minority but Level 5 might be favorite of the lot. :cool:
  9. N

    WAG 1996 women compulsory

    Can someone upload the compulsories parts are missing on YouTube? thank you
  10. JBS

    WAG 2021-2029 Compulsory Program

    What does everyone think of the new compulsory program? I'll add my opinion on it when I have a bit more time... overall... many positive points. The link to the program is below...
  11. F

    For Coaches New Compulsory routines

    Does anyone know when materials (videos and printed) will be available for the new compulsory routines? I’ve seen the posted workshop dates (August for Region 5) but was wondering if materials will be released sooner. I coach at a park district and our compulsory season begins in August.
  12. T

    For Parents Compulsory Skill Deduction Chart

    A while back someone on here posted some links to PDFs that detailed the code of points for all the compulsory routines. Does anyone have the links? Thanks!
  13. A

    Compulsory levels

    Hi all, I just wondered whether anyone knew what was happening with the compulsory levels now? This year's didn't go ahead in most regions, so what happens to those girls? Do they need to take them next spring? But that's when they should have taken the next's tricky with a system...
  14. Jasmynn

    For Coaches Does anyone have a date as to when the new 2021 compulsory routines will be available? Not the proposed skill list that’s been out.

    Does anyone have a date as to when the new 2021 compulsory routines will be available? Not the proposed skill list that’s been out.
  15. G

    New Compulsory Grades and pass mark

    Hi I'm assuming ( according to the 2020 Womens Artistic National Competition Handbook ) the following is the latest pass mark's for Compulsory grades. Compulsory 5 = 55 Compulsory 4 = 52 Compulsory 3 = 52 Compulsory 2 = 55 Compulsory 1 = 57 Can someone please confirm if this is correct.
  16. T

    WAG New Compulsory Routines - When?

    There is some debate in our gym. Will the new routines be in affect Fall 2020 or Fall 2021?
  17. M

    WAG Bendy Gymnast in Compulsory

    My DD has severe hyper mobility; she passes the EDS flexibility test with flying colors. She’s a level 4 and it has been a frustrating journey for her. She can do all of the skills, but has a hard time pushing her knee caps down. Her straight leg doesn’t look straight and the judges dock her big...
  18. A

    Compulsory 3

    Hi all We have just had the info about next year's training, and have been told that my daughters hours are going up considerably (to 21/week), with the idea of working towards compulsory 3 in 2021! She'll be a year out of age by then, but her birthday is very late in the year, and to try to...
  19. sun

    For Coaches annual compulsory state meet brag

    had a fun time at state this year with the lv4s :D we didn't place as well (18T of 77 compared to 7/73), but our team score was comprised of all 2nd year 4's last year, and all 11 of our 4's this year are first years, so I'm pretty happy bars was pretty great, we went from an 8.9 averg with 16...
  20. curlygirls

    WAG 2021-2029 Compulsory Sneak Preview

    What does everyone think about the proposed changes? I’m a fan of the front walkover option for level 5 beam. I also think the new level 5 beam dismount will be a better transition to optionals.