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  1. Jessleemom

    WAG Tryout for JO Compulsory

    My 9 year old daughter has been doing gymnastics recreationally, once a week, for about 2 years. She recently joined the Xcel team at her gym and was ready to move up to level 4 in the rec classes before she joined Xcel. She's been insisting she wants to do JO so I pushed and the JO coaches...
  2. M

    Club Grade gymnastics vs Compulsory

    Hi, new to this forum but just after some info. My daughter ( 6) has been in a squad for nearly a year now. We weren't really told anything at the time about what she would be competing and I didn't know how it all worked anyway. Fast forward to now, she's in a lovely group with other girls (all...
  3. L

    Parents No results/scores posted for a compulsory meet... very upset

    We recently had a USAG sanctioned, official meet with levels 3/4/5. Our girls did great, including my DD, who scored a 38.8 AA, unexpected and her highest AA ever... While we got the awards ceremony, and I know my DD’s scores, the hosting gym did not post results anywhere. Not on their website...
  4. M

    WAG Compulsory order

    I overheard some moms talking this weekend while waiting for our kids, and I’m really curious to know if this is true. Several said that at meets, the order that the coaches put the girls in is ranked by how “good” they are. For ex- as each team competes, the “worst” kids on the team go first...
  5. B

    Parents Do you go to out-of-state meets as a compulsory level gymnast?

    This question may seem naive; my dd is a level 4 and been to the same gym since she started. Last year our gym started to travel to out-of-state meets, mandatory for optional but not for compulsories although it was strongly encouraged. We, as a family, decided to skip on these travels because...
  6. C

    MAG New age limits for men's compulsory gymnastics

    Anyone heard of new rules for this competition season concerning age limits on levels, for instance-level 5 capped at age 12, not allowing anyone over 12 to compete, 13 and over must compete as level 6? Thanks, Clay A.
  7. G

    Club Grade & Compulsory

    Hello, My daughter loves gymnastics, she started recreational gymnastics at school and was invited to local gymnastics performance center and joined development their for few months, she recently passed compulsory 5. It was exciting watching her and her club mates compete. So I'm wondering...
  8. Ali'sMom

    MAG Region 8 compulsory champs scores??

    Does anyone if/where the results will be shown for the region 8 championships?
  9. F

    Parents DD's Compulsory Qualifier Meet Videos...

    Finally got around to putting together the videos from DD's first qualifier meet (city of lights meet in orlando, florida last weekend). Here is the video of her compulsory routines (I missed recording her vault, so only got 3 events). She got her qualifying score needed (she needed to score at...
  10. F

    WAG Compulsory Qualifier Video

    Here is Lily's compulsory qualifier video (I missed getting her vault on video, so only 3 events got recorded). Will upload her optional video shortly.
  11. F

    WAG First HOPES compulsory meet was today...

    DD qualified!!! Now onto the optional qualifier tomorrow!!!
  12. rosiekat

    MAG Compulsory scoring

    (My question is specific to Level 6, Division I where it matters.) First level 6 meet was this past weekend, definitely some successes and weaknesses. But for the first time, the scorecard had start values marked on it. (At least, I'm assuming that's what SV meant.) I'm trying to figure out...
  13. J

    WAG Can you use USAG compulsory music in optionals?

    Okay, so the USAG compulsory music is awful! But, just out of curiosity, can someone in JO use the compulsory (probably level 4 or 5, since it's longer) music in optionals, but with different choreography?
  14. R

    Parents Strong compulsory vs. strong optionals

    I've been surprised by the number of gyms that absolutely kill it at the compulsory levels and then have almost no upper level optionals, and OTOH, by programs that are only about average with compulsory athletes, but powerhouses in the upper levels. Is this a philosophy a gym usually adopts...
  15. Pigeon

    WAG Compulsory judges, help me settle an argument!

    I'm not even going to go into the back argument here, but... Compulsory judges, this is all about starting position on floor. My understanding is this: Right-handed gymnasts should start to the right of the judges table on the floor, left-handed gymnasts start to the left side of the...
  16. gymbeam

    WAG 2021-2029 Compulsory Program Preview

    Just found this nice document previewing the compulsory skills for the 2021-2029 cycle. Thought some folks here might like seeing it. Also, USAG is recruiting for choreographers to develop the new routines. Here's...
  17. D

    WAG compulsory music

    oh please make us some new music that we can tolerate! Is that too much to ask!
  18. B

    WAG Compulsory Routines Practice 2017-2018

    I'm curious. When does your DD's gym start working on compulsory routines for the upcoming competition season? My DD is a level 4 and I've noticed they don't start learning routines until the end of August, with their first meet in December. They work on the next level skills immediately...
  19. G

    All Olympia Gymnastics Center(L.A) Is Hiring Compulsory Coach- SERIOUS INQUIRIES

    We are currently looking to hire a compulsory coach for Levels 2-5. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY PLEASE Job qualifications: - Looking for long term employees - Flexibility is a must - Must know level 2-5 routines - At least 3 years of coaching experience - Full time position You will be working...
  20. gymbeam

    Parents proposed compulsory skills for 2021-2029

    USA Gymnastics has given a sneak peak at the proposed new skills and “probable” routine sequences for Levels 1 – 5 for 2021-2029. Listed below are the proposed skills and sequences by event for each level. VAULT Level...