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  1. twin2gymmie

    WAG Region 8 New Compulsory Schedule

    I'm just curious, with the change in Compulsory season, how will Level 4 and 5 compete after States in December? Do you continue to compete the same level after competing at States? Or do you just end meet season?
  2. R

    Optional and Compulsory Team Coaches Needed

    Mountain West Gymnastics is seeking highly trained and motivated team coaches. If you are visiting Boise for Level 9 Westerns please contact me to visit our gym. Great opportunity for the right individual. Contact is confidential. Call 208-995-6428 Rick Bonnell / Owner
  3. S

    IGM in Burnsville MN hiring compulsory coach

    IGM is an established gym with a state-of-the-art facility and world class coaches. We are looking for a part-time/full-time coach to work with our growing JO compulsory levels 3-5. Experience a must! Pay is competitive depending on experience. Days/Hours are flexible. Please email your resume...
  4. M

    MAG Compulsory divisions and regional?? How do I explain this to my kid?

    So for the third year in a row my kid has competed level 5. Last year he missed the regional by .5. It is highly likely that he will miss it this year by 1 spot (they are taking the top 9 in all age divisions) again this year. The whole year they were told divisions B is not going to...
  5. D

    WAG This is me saying goodbye to compulsory music....

    Buh bye...... Woo Hoo :cool::D:)
  6. D

    Elite Compulsory

    How long do the meets last?
  7. hawaii_gymnast

    WAG Straddle cast in Compulsory

    We have in the past year made the switch to JO and I have seen a vouple times athletes doing straddle up casts in compulory levels 4 and 5- between 45 degrees and handstand. Judges- should there be deductions if this is done? What would they be? Or is the straddle jump technique allowed...
  8. D


    Yes that's right, at the end of each night this weekend I soaked up that awesome compulsory music one last time...... wow..... only 4 more years. o_O
  9. M

    MAG Compulsory divisions bonus questions

    I am curious how coaches are handling the new bonus/no bonus divisions in compulsory levels. Specifically, how many bonuses are they requiring a gymnast to have in order to compete Division 1 rather than 2, and why, if you know. Also anyone know if a gymnast can loose points on a bonus element...
  10. Aero

    Coaches USAG registration for kids who are scoring out of compulsory levels.

    I have two girls who I am bringing into optionals this year. They competed Xcel Gold last season and did well, one being state champion. I am teaching them the Level 4 and 5 routines so I can take them to a meet and score them out. I am having them compete Level 6 this season. Something I'm...
  11. S

    Parents 3 years on a compulsory level?

    Has anyone heard of this or has your DD done this? I'm wondering how common it is.
  12. Sasha

    MAG New quad Compulsory scoring now lower max?

    Someone correct me if I am reading this wrong.. I just looked more closely at the scoring table for Compulsory routines, and noticed that the base score is now 9.5 instead of 10.0, and virtuosity bonus is only up to .3 (vs up to .5 previous quad). So, with all bonuses, max scores are now .7...
  13. S

    WAG Age for WA State Level 3 Fall Compulsory Season?

    We are in WA state and have recently switched from a gym that competes winter compulsories to a gym that competes fall compulsories. Is the age cutoff date for level 3 the same for both? If I understand the ages correctly, she barely makes the winter cutoff--she will be 6 on March 30. I cannot...
  14. CoachMeg

    WAG Judges: How heavily deducted are Compulsory Beam Mounts?

    I've been having a real hard time getting my L3's to execute the mount like how it's written in the book. My 4s and 5s do it well, but for some reason the 3s are having trouble doing the "whip" motion and passing through the push-up position before putting their knee on the beam. A few of them...
  15. B

    Coaches USA Compulsory Skill List

    Hi I was hoping someone could share please the exact skills that are in the routines for the current Compulsory Routines in USA please. Not Junior Olympic just regular levels program. Many thanks in advance.
  16. K

    WAG Compulsory scores vs Optional

    Hi parents and coaches, Just wondering if it's possible that some gymnasts do not flourish in the compulsory levels but do well later on in the optional levels? Thanks! Kate
  17. W

    WAG Deduction for missing element - compulsory

    What would the deduction be for a completely missing element in compulsories, for example, a missing BHS for L3 or a missing back tuck for L5? The gymnast just doesn't do the skill. FWIW, not my gymmie.
  18. Mrs. Puma

    WAG Switching from righty to lefty half way through compulsory

    Puma Jr will be competing L4 and she told me that half way through the floor routine she switches to lefty! It's about 40 seconds in, after the sissone she takes an extra step and leaps with her left foot forward. She then continues to do the full turn and BWO opposite of the compulsory video...
  19. munchkin3

    WAG Deduction for spot/fall in compulsory

    What is the deduction for a spot on flyaway? Munchie can do it un spotted sometimes, but other times the coach gives her a light tap. Other times it's just the 'fake' touch where my daughter thinks he is about to spot, but never actually touches her. Also, another girl requires a spot on the...
  20. E

    Parents Help: Pressure to switch to Excel and leave compulsory track.. :(

    Hi all, I would love to hear your feedback about the situation we're in with my daughter. She's 9 1/2 and in Level 2 on the "pre-team" at our gym. She passed the beginner and intermediate rec classes within 10 months, and was promoted to the pre-team 6 months ago. Since she was 9 at the time...