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  1. fishchimes

    My silly conditioning technique

    So when I'm doing some strength at home, I often get tired and feel like stopping. Well, today I got really scared while trying to watch a horror/suspense anime (key word being "trying"-- nothing had even happened yet lol). Then I thought, hey, I could get a lot of leg lifts out of that feeling...
  2. S

    Parents Question For Coaches On Conditioning

    I would like to know what type of conditiong should be involved in my daughter's gymnastics classes. I am not a coach but have been a certified personal trainer but now stay home with my kids full time,. My plan is to go back to work in a year when my youngest goes to school full time. Just so...
  3. S

    Parents Hey, this conditioning stuff works!

    Our gym has started an extra class 2x a week to condition for TOPS testing. I took DD to one, but she didn't take it very seriously (much to my frustration:rolleyes:) but her father and I decided that since her scores (and skills) seem to have plateaued a bit that she needs to condition on the...
  4. F

    Conditioning w/ a Grade 2 sprained ankle

    Last night I hurt my ankle while doing a backtuck dismount off beam. My foot got stuck inbetween two mats and rolled. My coach thought it was broken when he saw it but after the pain wore off after icing it I could move it back and forth and didn't hurt to point it but it did when i pulled it...
  5. N

    Coaches Conditioning during injury

    We have a level 7/8 gymnast who will be returning to practice next week with a cast from wrist to elbow. We will have her continue to come in for stretching/conditioning about 2 hrs. per day 4x a week to start. Supposed to be in cast for 4 weeks. We are making a plan for her that will...
  6. ellzgym


    Hey I am a 13 year old Level 5 gymnast. Just wondering if you could give me some conditioning things that I could do at home to increase my strength! Any replies will be well appreciated!!
  7. K

    Designing a Strength/Conditioning Program

    I've seen the recent strength thread but I would also find it useful to have a discussion regarding the designing of a strength/conditioning program as well. What rep ranges should be used? Does the focus of the rep range change as the year progresses i.e. moving from a strength building...