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  1. R

    Coaches Shoulder Strength Conditioning

    Hi there, I've just started coaching again after a long-ish break from it and I've forgotten everything... I need help with some shoulder conditioning that I can make up a conditioning sheet with. Things like chin ups and stuff, but I want to target shoulders. Any ideas would be super helpful...
  2. flippinam

    WAG Knee "Prehab" Conditioning

    Does anybody know of good exercises to help with knee injury prevention? I'm working on creating a conditioning program for my college club team. We have very limited hours in the gym and in previous years have done essentially no conditioning. Last year we had two torn ACLs and a lot of...
  3. G

    Conditioning help plz

    So I was wondering if u guys have a list of conditioning that u guys could give me. I would like some arm and ab conditioning because that is what I am lacking in strength. Bars is my worst event so I think I could better it by getting stronger abs and stronger arms. My legs are fairly...
  4. l&h1234

    WAG New conditioning exercises

    I work at a gym with 9 and 10 yr olds that train level 9 and we try to make their conditioning fun! They are kinda getting tired of the exercises that we have been doing for a while. Does anyone have any good fun conditioning to do with 9 and 10 yr olds?
  5. Jard.the.gymnast


    So, how long does your gym do conditioning in the gym? Do you do conditioning at home? Do you have to do conditioning at home and during breaks?
  6. L

    Parents Conditioning before meets

    My L7 daughter has her last meet of the season before States on Saturday. She was actually looking forward to it. Was getting a new bars dismount, likes this venue, has traditionally scored well there and finally feeling steady on all of her skills. But last night her coach instituted an arms...
  7. JumpingBean

    Parents extra conditioning

    My 8 year old dd just joined a new gym and invited to pre-team a couple of months ago. Before that she was taking rec classes off and on and serious gymnastics was never the goal. Now she is part of a group of girls ages 6-8/9 and seems one of the oldest at almost 9. She is doing well and...
  8. D

    WAG At Home Conditioning for Bars

    OK quick back story. Daughter finishing up L5 in Feb, first L6 meets in March. She is a low hour gymmie. I am looking for what conditioning she can do at home to help bars, specifically getting her kip arms a wee bit straighter (she is close but just a tad bent) and gaining strength for the...
  9. P

    WAG Range and Conditioning like in the UK too extreme?

    Dear all, I would need your opinion. I am in a new acrobatics club (not competitive), but coach is very strict and former Cirque artist with amazing skills. Girls are age 7-14, train 3x2h, mostly floor acrobatics (simple handsprings, cartwheels, tucks) and do shows at school end. Coach wants...
  10. L

    Parents Conditioning with broken foot

    I am putting together different ways to condition with a broken foot. My daughter, L9, will be in a cast for two more weeks and then a boot for three and she is looking for a structured conditioning plan. Any thoughts would be great. Thanks!
  11. A

    WAG Need conditioning suggestions

    My daughter is in her 8th week of recovery from a broken wrist. She has 2 more weeks of no weight-bearing on her arms restrictions and she is going crazy with boredom. Her coaches haven't given her anything new to do during practices so she is repeating a few skills and dance moves over and...
  12. L

    WAG Conditioning for young gymnasts

    I am after some conditioning/body shaping activities for very beginner gymnasts aged 5-7. We have 30 minutes for this and around 20 gymnasts. We usually split so 10 do a circuit and 10 do shapes all together.
  13. Z

    OT Conditioning

    Does anyone know of some really effective conditioning for arms and abs and also to slim down upper thighs and build muscle instead? I've tried so many things especially for legs but all it does is work my quads which i already have quite a bit of muscle on, thanks.
  14. Aero

    Coaches Should I allow my girls to listen to their own music during conditioning?

    This is an idea I've been tossing around ever since my oldest athlete asked me about it (13 years old). She is a very hard worker and is very respectful and responsible, thus I am strongly considering it. However, I know that if I say yes, the other girls will start asking me, too. Before I...
  15. D

    Coaches Boys conditioning schedule help

    Boys gymnastics conditioning question. My boys team currently only goes three days a week as I have responsibilities coaching girls optional team too( and their are a lot more of the then my whole boys team). The boys go wed, sat and Sunday. I'm looking for the most effecient conditioning...
  16. D

    WAG Conditioning Exercise Resources and Random Games

    Any recommendations for places to get conditioning exercise ideas, and also games for multi level gymnasts, particularly short simple games to do spontaneously? Thanks.
  17. Redford

    WAG Back pain during core conditioning

    I have 2 girls who tend to get backpain whenever we're doing core conditioning. This is during hollow rocks, situps and similar. I'm a bit jumpy at back pain as I'm batteling back pain myself, which could have been prevented easily with better coaching. Anyway, we have a few candidates who are...
  18. G

    WAG Rec Class Conditioning

    Hi there I'm hoping someone can help me out! I'm a fairly new coach and have been asked to create an "At Home Conditioning" sheet for my recreational class who do 1 hour a week. I'm an ex competitive gymnast so I'm unsure on what exercises and reps are appropriate for their abilities so...
  19. CoachMeg

    WAG Conditioning as Punishment: Yes or No?

    A few of our coaches are in disagreement on this subject. One coach feels he doesn't want to use conditioning as a punishment tool because he wants the gymnasts to learn to like conditioning and not associate it with something bad. The other coach disagrees and uses it when kids are not paying...
  20. Gymnasticsismypassion

    WAG Weekend conditioning list!!

    What is a good weekend conditioning list for level 4/5?