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  1. Paint A Melody

    WAG Is it normal to love conditioning or hate it?

    Everyone that is or has been in my group have hated conditioning so much that when it's time to condition, everyone starts to complain even more than usual. :p I thought that almost everyone in gymnastics hated conditioning this much, but some of the posts on here make it sound like they or...
  2. Sari

    Coaches Preteam conditioning

    I swear I saw a couple of great ideas for this in a recent thread but I can't seem to find it anymore. Basically, I'm working on developing a new warmup and conditioning program for my preteamers (ages 5 to 9). We do lines for 5-10 minutes, then condition for aproximately 10-15. They currently...
  3. emilykatherine

    WAG Conditioning games

    Me and two other of my teammates are injured and sadly it is team camp week so we come in and condition all practice. which was fine but now they're both getting bored theyre young, 9 and 11, and we are very limited on stuff to do. One girl broke her kneecap and we can't bend her leg in anyway...
  4. MILgymFAM

    Parents Conditioning list?

    My DD is going across the country for two weeks to a summer camp. It's on a college campus, but I have found out that they will not be allowed to use the fitness center. She will be missing the two 30+ hour weeks of team camp (bad timing), and her coaches have warned she will come back month(s)...
  5. K

    Parents important?

    Kind of taking a bit of a poll...opinions... How important is conditioning in gymnastics? Strength training? I've heard some call it the 5th event...agree or disagree? How long do some of your kiddos strength train? I feel as though it would be a bit of an injury prevention this right...
  6. M

    WAG Dips as conditioning for girls - yes or no?

    How necessary do you think are dips for optional female gymnasts? I am a gymnast myself, but never got further than L8. I am still doing gymnastics, but now I coach a lot and LOVE it. I am an assistant coach at a pretty competitive gym. They really prepare the girls well and focus a lot on...
  7. D

    WAG Conditioning help!

    As most of you probably know, I've been struggling with ankle problems since February and shin problems since December (?). We have figured out what they are and I'm on track to be doing 4 events pain free by meet season. However I've been struggling in conditioning. Especially abs and arms...
  8. SweetSecrets15

    WAG What is your summer conditioning like?

    Hey, I was just wondering what different levels/groups summer conditioning is like. So if you could just say what level you're in and what an average conditioning circuit would look like. Like what exercises, how may reps, and for how long. Thanks!
  9. SweetSecrets15

    WAG New Optional & Xcel Conditioning

    So today we did a new conditioning circuit with levels 6-10 & Xcel Platinum. (I'm xcel if anyone is wondering) It was very tiring, but a very creative idea that anyone can take and put their own spin on. You will need a deck of cards. So each suit represents a move. Hearts: Burpees w/...
  10. W

    WAG Just conditioning for 3 weeks?

    Due to some extraordinary circumstances, it is very likely that my daughter could end up doing mostly just conditioning with "a bit" of event work in there for 3 or so weeks this summer. This is not our choice. She is not injured. She finished L5 in December. How badly is she going to lose...
  11. Coachmae

    Coaches Motivational ribbons for conditioning

    Hey all! I don't post much but I'm always reading all the great advice you all have! At my gym we give ribbons to our rec classes for new skills/contests/perfected skills/conquering something hard...All that good stuff! We do not currently have a conditioning/strength ribbon and I was hoping...
  12. Mrs. Puma

    WAG How many hours of conditioning?

    I'm just curious if there's a rough ratio of how many hours of conditioning to total hours in the gym? I assume it may differ depending on the level too.
  13. Acrogymnastmegan

    Acrobatics conditioning

    I go to an acrobatic club and the conditioning we do seems to be general body conditioning instead of more gymnastics style conditioning . As a base, what would be a good conditioning for me to follow at home to improve as I only train twice a week. I would really appreciate any feedback :-)
  14. V

    WAG Conditioning?

    I got to practice with the team for the first time yesterday (I'm in a sort of preteam group) and we did about 45 minutes of intense conditioning! Which leads me to, what does your gym or your DC 's gym do for conditioning? I may just be thinking a lot of running, 100 or so push ups etc are...
  15. C

    WAG HC doesn't talk to me - is our conditioning good? what do you coaches do with your athletes?

    As there have been a few threads about conditioning recently, I wondered if we do the right amount at our gym and what you do. I asked HC about why we do those exercises and numbers, I just wanted to talk about it but he reacted pretty angrily and said he knows what he does. I do think he does...
  16. O

    WAG Conditioning question

    Random question: Is the conditioning included in practice usually adequate for what gymnasts need to be succesful, or are most doing additional conditioning at home (whether coach-assigned or self-assigned)? Obviously this would depend on the program/gym, but just wondering generally speaking...
  17. ZachsMom

    Parents Homemade Conditioning Equipment

    I made my son a mushroom to go at home. He also has a bar (for pull ups, pullovers, etc.), rings, parallets and a rope. He uses these things for basic conditioning and basic skills. He is working now to move to level 5 and needs to get a kip. Any ideas of home equipment and conditioning drills...
  18. Paint A Melody

    WAG Conditioning Targeting Bars

    Which conditioning exercises that specifically help bars that I can do at home? I need extreme help with bars, and I think some of it is strength and not a very good understanding of the positions I need.
  19. G

    Parents Home stretching and conditioning

    I wanted to ask a question from parents of gymnasts. Are your children given conditioning or stretching home work? How do you handle it? Do you like it or would you like to leave gym in the gym and not worry about it during off days? During Christmas Holidays my team had almost 3 weeks off (I...
  20. E

    WAG Creative Conditioning

    Not many of the gymnasts like to do 'just conditioning' are there Creative Conditioning ideas or songs that tell the gymnasts what to do. What does you gym do? Thanks!