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  1. S

    For Coaches XCel Beam Routine Composition Questions + Dance Skills

    Hey XCel coaches, I’ve coached XCel for a couple years as an assistant coach but now I’m the head coach. I’m learning the rules the best I can, but there’s been some things on my mind that I didn’t immediately find answered in the CoP that I was hoping to get guidance on. 1. Can a gymnast turn...
  2. DTAG

    MAG Hiring a dance coach for son?

    Has anyone went outside of their gym and hired a dance coach for their son? My son lacks grace, and when he does his floor routine bless his heart, it’s like a rock out there. Things like sissones and hitch kicks are difficult for him. So, was thinking of him taking some private dance lessons as...
  3. MILgymFAM

    For Parents Doing a happy dance

    My daughter had planned to give up gymnastics if she was accepted into Oxford University for next year, which she was. She hasn’t been able to train since late fall due to covid restrictions, and then with going away next year.. well she was kinda sad about it and has been missing gymnastics a...
  4. S

    For Parents Preventing Dance Injuries in Kids

    In my years of teaching, I’ve seen many older dancers come to me with strained ligaments, tendonitis, knee, ankle injuries and back pain from continued dancing with pain caused by incorrect technique, alignment or just not resting when they should have. These injuries occurred when they were...
  5. shurley

    Head Coach for Cheer and Dance opening at Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio, Texas

    We are starting a competitive, college cheer and dance program for the fall of 2020 to compete within the NAIA. OLLU is extremely excited about the opportunity to have a scholarship cheer and dance program, and we are actively searching for candidates to apply. Candidates must have an...
  6. G

    WAG What are some dance related skills?

    Hello! My little sister is now starting competitive gymnastics and I am so proud, she seems to love it and wants to be in the gym all day. My sister is currently 8 competing Xcel platinum. (After me and my Aunt did some research on Xcel we realized this would be the best option for her). She...
  7. A

    WAG Dance passage XCEL bronze

    We recently completed our state meet and several of our girls had a 9.0 start value on floor. We were told that their dance series did not meet requirements, which I am sure is the case. Some of our girls competed a chasse’, split leap (leaps met angle requirement), followed by a straight jump...
  8. K

    Xcel gold dance series help

    New to this. I see that gold needs 2 dance series moves plus a leap jump. What is a dance series. Can you give me some examples. Thanks
  9. S

    For Parents transitioning to dance from gymnastics?

    DD (11) has been doing gymnastics most of her life and gave up dance at age 7 or so. Of course there is some dance in floor and beam, but it's not the same as a regular dance class. She just announced that she thinks this might be her last season of gym and that she is interested in...
  10. LizAceto

    For Coaches Dance rotation for team gymnasts

    What kind of dance do you do with your team kids? Our pre-team through level 10 have a 30-minute dance rotation built into their schedule once per week. I normally do a ballet barre warm up with them then some stuff across the floor. I'm looking to change it up and seeing what other coaches do...
  11. Flyaway

    WAG Article in Dance Magazine

    This showed up in my Facebook newsfeed. Thoughts?
  12. IreneKa

    OT Off Topic - Competitive Dance

    For those who has any experience with competitive dancing, hypothetically speaking, if an 11 year old gymnast wants to try dance, would she be able to join a team in say a year or two, or would she be too old? Let's say she hasn't had any proper dance training, but she is a gymnast, so she has...
  13. munchkin3

    WAG Lots of dance in choreography, good or bad?

    I have a question for those who have experience, or judging perspective. DD new floor routine has a lot of dance. It is good, and very much reflects her personality and she has plenty of time to really practice and make it good. My question is, does the dance factor ADD to the quality, (and...
  14. htimcj

    WAG What are considered "dance" skills on the beam and floor?

    What are considered "dance" moves on the beam and floor. Level 7 can now have (since sometime last competition season) have one C dance element on the floor and beam. What counts? What have you seen in competition or did you see any c skills in level 7?
  15. A

    WAG Any harm in not-perfect out-of-gym dance class?

    My DD wanted to take a ballet/jazz dance class this summer to prepare for a school-based choir performance group next year. Of course, it couldn't hurt gymnastics, right? Except that there were only a couple of studios within reasonable distance that didn't conflict with gym AND were offering...
  16. rinrin

    WAG "C" Dance Elements

    I was looking at some of the JO Code Of Points book erratas found on the internet, and they mentioned that one "C" dance skill is allowed on beam for level 7. So I was wondering what some "C" dance elements on beam are. Thanks :)
  17. GymRays

    WAG To dance or not to dance?

    How much dance do you gymmie get? I have Xcel silvers and gold for 6hrs a week. Their routines are good but some are missing that smooth polished dancer type quality. The ones that don't have taken dance before gymnastics. We don't have a room to do dance in or designated time for dance per...
  18. cassafrass

    WAG Dance/jump series for 6/7 &/Gold

    My question pertains to both beam and floor for levels 6, 7 and Xcel Gold. I am having some trouble interpreting the cheat sheet charts. I would like to know if there is a deduction for not connecting jumps on beam. Also for floor level 6/7 it says indirect connection is OK for leap/jump series...
  19. momofthreegirls

    For Coaches Dance/Leap Passes for Xcel Gold

    My DD just completed the first half of her season as a level 5, and will finish the remainder of the season as an Xcel Gold. She just learned her choreography this week, and her dance pass is split leap, split leap. I have looked at the requirements for an Xcel Gold floor routine, and the way...
  20. curlygirls

    OT Dance Forums for Job Postings

    I told our gym owners that I could help them post job postings on chalk bucket since they were looking to hire some new rec coaches. However, they gave me a job posting for a dance instructor since they are starting a dance program out of our gym. I know that I can't post the dance instructor...