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  1. A

    WAG What Is the deduction for this?

    What is the dectuction for not having an additional Acro skill on beam for the level 9? Her series is a B to a D She might put one in but - I’m just curious- everything else is up to level.
  2. F

    WAG Deductions for Open Pike vs. Layout

    Quick question how do judges look at deductions for level 9 and 10 if your kids does and open pike vs a layout on bars and vault? Would it be better to do a pike or layout instead of open?
  3. A

    WAG Deduction for vault table height?

    Just curious what the deduction would be for having the vault table at 110 instead of 115 for Level 5? At this point my daughter's vault is significantly better at 110. She still has time to improve. And I know it is totally up to the coach. Mostly just curious if she might end up with a...
  4. K

    WAG L3 spot on vault - deduction?

    (Hi all, I’m new here. Hopefully this will post correctly.) I’m including a link to the video of my daughter’s coach giving her a spot on her vault - The judge somehow didn’t notice the coach had spotted her, so didn’t give a deduction (score given was 8.6). Judge asked coach after if she...
  5. S

    WAG Attire deduction

    The USAG code of points clearly states no spaghetti straps, no backless leotards. We are about half way through our optional season. I’m seeing a lot of backless leotards at competitions. Does anyone know why a gym would chose a backless leotard, and are judges taking the deduction? Or, if they...
  6. Flyaway

    WAG Over time limit deductions

    Does anyone know off hand what the deduction is for an over time limit floor routine in Xcel Gold? I just discovered dd's routine is too long and I'm curious how much that hurts her score. Seems like a silly thing to lose tenths over.
  7. D

    WAG Level 8 beam deduction?

    “My daughters level 8 beam is going well, but she doesn’t quite have her acro skill (fwo) yet. How much of an up to level deduction is it?”
  8. A

    MAG Spotting Deduction

    Anyone know how much is taken off if a coach spots a kid on a skill? Compulsory level if that makes a difference (and not one of the skills where doing it without a spot is a bonus)?
  9. G

    WAG Hair color deductions?

    I am curious would there be any kind of a deduction if a gymnast were to add highlights such as red or blue to her normal hair color?
  10. B

    WAG Level 4 beam deduction question

    Hi all...I have a question regarding deductions for level 4 beam. My daughter has had four meets and her scores have been consistently around 9.0. She looks pretty good, but of course, I'm no judge. For those who are judges, can you tell me if she's getting some major deductions for her mixed...
  11. A

    WAG Level 8 beam deductions

    This is what my Daughter is doing for her beam ( just asking about the acro and dismount deductions she has all the other elements). What will be her deductions for the following : Cartwheel roundoff series Standing back tuck Cartwheel gainer dismount Thank you for your input Take care
  12. F

    WAG Deduction on floor for "cheerleading"????

    My daughter's coach told her after state that she received a .1 deduction on her floor routine for "cheerleading". I've never heard of this. I have no idea what the judge would be referring to. Her floor routine is VERY upbeat and spunky and she's make lots and lots of facial expressions during...
  13. M

    WAG I need help with deductions on a routine

    Hi, I was hoping someone could watch a video of my daughters level 5 beam routine and help me to understand where the ductions came from.... thank you!
  14. S

    WAG Level One Bars Deduction

    What is the deduction if an athlete does a kick pullover instead of a chin-up, dead hang pullover? Thanks!
  15. N

    Parents Deduction for a coach assist?

    Hi all. I have a question I hope some of you could help me out with. Dd has her first level 3 meet coming up. I was wondering about the deduction for a coach assist. Is it the value of the element PLUS 0.50? Is this standard for all assists whether it be for the back handspring or mill...
  16. Nin-Jia

    Hair and Deductions?

    ChalkBucket Hair Hi all, So I had some questions about hair, how to do it, and what the deductions are... keep in mind that my hair is long (to the middle of my back) and pretty thin. My gym does not require a certain style, just up and out of your face. My first question is how I should...
  17. mom2557

    WAG Deduction for spotting L9 bars

    What is the deduction for spotting the pac or shoot over in L9? Thanks!
  18. G

    Hair deductions?

    Hello I am a competitive gymnast and I have brown hair and I really want to bleach blonde at the ends. Is there a USAG rule or will i get deducted at meets for this?
  19. C

    WAG What's the deduction for....

    Level 4 routines. Do these deductions change as you go up? These seemed to be a few things we saw at the first meet this season...and scores seemed quite low. Just curious! Especially on floor. A few kids messed something small up and then lost track of the music or direction and got pretty...
  20. N

    Parents L5 deductions on bars

    What is the deduction for being spotted on flyaway? What is the deduction for omitting flyaway?