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  1. justkeepswimming

    WAG Bar deductions

    For level 5 bars, is it better to connect the routine, and miss the casts to higher than horizontal or pause and cast high enough - regarding deductions? Also, is there a certain amount of time you have to squat on and jump to the high bar without it being counted as a pause?
  2. G

    WAG Beam Time + Deductions

    What is the maximum time for a beam routine in gold and platinum? What are the deductions for taking too long?
  3. pinklemonadeliz

    WAG L7 Floor Deduction question

    Quick question.... Does a small stumble coming out of a tumbling pass count as a fall?? My dd said they counted the small stumble after her second tumbling pass as a fall. She got a 9.450 as it was but she was bummed thinking it would have been a half point higher had that not counted as a...
  4. P

    WAG xcel gold vault deduction question

    is there a deduction in xcel gold if the gymnast performs a fhs vault and the coach sits or stands on the backside of the vault, but does not touch the gymnast? just curious...i saw this at a meet.
  5. Jard.the.gymnast

    WAG Full turn on beam deductions

    When i do my full turn on beam, my bent leg slides from passé to coupe. Is this a deduction? And what other deductions can you get for this specific skill?
  6. CCGymbug

    Parents BWO beam deduction

    What is the level 5 BWO beam deduction? DD keeps going off to the right. She can do it on the floor but misses 50% of time on beam.
  7. M

    WAG L3 floor deductions

    Does anyone know how big the deduction is for moving the feet after landing in the bridge in the handstand-bridge kickover in the L3 floor routine? What about for feet that bounce when landing the backwards roll to push-up position?
  8. esor

    WAG Level 9 Beam deduction/start value question

    Quick back story - my DD had elbow surgery in the fall and we thought her season was shot. But, ends up, she is going to compete this coming weekend on beam and floor at her first level 9 meet. She is so excited even though she knows she will not be super competitive because she has not been...
  9. G

    WAG Is This a Deduction On Bars?

    I dont know why, but recently in practice I have been doing weird squat ons. I have had my squat on for years, not a problem. Now, every few bar routines a will cast to squat on, but i will overshoot it and my feet go past the bar a couple inches, but dont touch. I hold it there a second, then...
  10. amiandjim

    WAG Level 2 bar deduction question

    Hey guys, have a quick question about the level 2 bar routine. I know hooking your knee at the end of the mill circle is a 0.5 deduction in level 3 and had always assumed the same for level 2. I am now hearing their is no deduction for hooking the knee in level 2. Any judges or coaches want...
  11. cadybearsmommy

    WAG What is the deduction for falling out of a turn?

    DD had a really good floor routine this weekend, all except her 1.5 turn went wonky. So unusual b/c she always nails it, usually I'm more worried about the tumbling passes lol. But you just never know. Anyway I was curious on what the deduction is for falling out of a turn? I've heard it was...
  12. Texasmomof3

    WAG Bars deduction question -- level 7

    Dd had a new one this weekend. She she hit her foot on the high bar doing her layout flyaway. So, her coach put his arm out to catch her. She landed it clean, but he did touch her before she saluted. I was told this counts as a fall since the coach touched her. (I don't blame him, he was...
  13. vans2

    WAG Deductions for DD Floor Routine

    Hi everyone! We just had our first lvl 6 practice meet. She's been recovering from partially torn ligaments in her left foot, but I was very curious how much deductions she's receiving due to the obviously crooked front tuck (because she still doesn't fully punch on the left foot anymore) and...
  14. Flyaway

    WAG Which deduction is greater?

    In level 4 bars: connecting the cast to the kip but NOT hitting horizontal, or NOT connecting the cast to the kip but hitting horizontal (in other words, pausing between kip and cast). Dd seems to be choosing between the two options in any given routine. Not a huge deal but I was curious how...
  15. L

    Parents L7 falls and deductions

    My dd was L6 last year but three major injuries. I had hoped she would repeat but the gym moved her to L7. She pretty much has her skills but base line no upgrades. Her first meet was today and it wasn't great. Wanted to ask about deductions. Bars: she did the basic routine. Kip cast HS...
  16. honu

    WAG Deduction for pause in beam series

    My DD plans to compete a BHS BHS as her beam series. Currently, she pauses before doing the second BHS. I am curious what the deduction is for not connecting the two. Hopefully, she will have the connection as the season continues, but it may not be there for the first few meets. Just...
  17. J

    Parents Beam handstand fall deduction

    Can someone explain to me the deduction range for falling on a level 4 beam handstand? What determines whether they get credit for the skill or not, or if they are deducted for both the fall, and a missing element? In this case, the gymnast kicked up to handstand too hard, had both feet...
  18. flipnastic

    Parents Beam deduction question (youngsters)

    my dd had her first meet today (5 y/o level 2). She saluted, walked to the beam and touched it, got confused on what side to start on and walked to the other side, coach corrected her and directed her to the correct side. Just curious if the judges deduct for this and how much? Lol..definitely...
  19. Delia4

    WAG Is there a deduction for this?

    Ok I have noticed that a lot of gymnasts do this. When back tumbling they land with feet slightly apart temporarily then snap them back together during the next skill. They would do it after a roundoff and/or before a backhandspring, but not before a flip or something. Ok so I'm wondering: - Is...
  20. Mrs. Puma

    WAG L4/5 Floor deduction question

    What is the deduction in L4/5 for not hitting 120/150, respectively, on the leaps? Puma Jr is well over 150, but it has recently been brought to my attention that she is stagging her front leg. If my research is correct, this is a 0.1 deduction in compulsories but it won't matter once she gets...