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  1. Canadian_gym_mom

    Is there a deduction for having their legs apart

    on the double back tuck? I was watching the US training videos and one girl had then way wide and Gabrielle Douglas' knees were almost together. Does it make a difference in the score?
  2. A

    WAG elite scoring DEDUCTIONS!

    hi, i have read on usag's site about the scoring, but i couldn't find anything about the specifics for ALL of their point deductions (falls, wobbles, disconnection of skills, out of bounds, etc). i've read that a fall off the apparatus is a deduction of 0.8, then on another page i read it was a...
  3. L

    Best place to find the all deductions for level 3 girls

    Looking for a place online to find what all is deducted for on level 3 girls..any help would be appreciated.. thanks chad
  4. T

    Can you tell me where the deductions are being taken?

    This is my dd floor routine and the past two meets she is pulling in low 9's, where, at the first meet of the season she got a 9.45. Last two meets were in different regions so I don't know if that plays in to it all all. I'd love to know thoughts on where deductions are being taken. Devin's...
  5. K

    Deduction for knee brace

    I competed in a meet last weekend and the weekend before that. At the first meet my scores were (vault bars beam floor) 8.7 8.6 9.3 9.1 and for the second meet I got an 8.2 8.4 8.7 8.9. I thought I did better at that second one and I was wondering why I got so much lower scores this time. I...
  6. All Chalked Up

    Deduction for Brace?

    In competition, can you get a deduction for wearing a brace? I was told that I will get a deduction for wearing my white knee brace in competitions.
  7. L

    Deduction for level 5 beam mount

    Hi - My DD has been suffering from Osgood Sclatters in her knees for over 4 months and it is pretty bad. She still goes to practice every day, but has had to modify her workout. Minimal tumbling, not much running, no deep bending. So, she has not done her level 5 beam mount (legs in V, to feet...
  8. Canadian_gym_mom

    Is there a deduction on bars

    when the gymnast has to readjust her grip on the bar? Like in the middle of a move? Just curious, I was watching some youtube of the olympic test and saw some girls doing this.
  9. G

    Press to Handstand deduction question....

    My daughter is doing a press to handstand on the beam... her arms are slightly bent. Is this a deduction? Her coach doesnt seem to concerned about it, but it seems that it would be a deduction. Any information would be helpful. *** not sure if this matters but she is starting the press...
  10. gymgurl

    Composition vs Artistry deductions

    What is the difference between composition and artistry deductions and what are they for?
  11. N

    Level 5 bars deduction question

    What is the deduction for not connecting the high bar Kip to the cast? For some reason I was under the impression that it was a pretty big deduction. I don't know why I had it in my mind that stopping counted as a fall.
  12. T

    What is the deduction for adding a skill?

    Youngest had a meet yesterday and she hasn't had but two full practices in over 3 weeks and hasn't been on a high beam since she hurt herself. At run through she wasn't looking so hot and my expectations were low for the meet-though her coach said she'd pull it off and she did. They only...
  13. SignHere

    Deductions on Floor Routine

    In my efforts to become a more educated observer of the sport, I have come across a term describing the hand position in the back extension roll as being "staged". I have NOT been able to figure this one out, and I don't really want to bug my daughter's coach. It's also a 0.10 deduction on...
  14. M

    points deduction

    My daughter is in level 6. Is there a point deduction for undergarments showing?