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  1. gymjunkie

    For Coaches Bar Dismount help

    Please share positive experiences of helping a gymnast get over the fear of pulling in on a tuck double back. She had a nice one, but got injured after "pulling in." I did not see the funky dismount to know what went wrong, but it was an isolated bad one. She had no history of doing this in the...
  2. coach1234

    WAG Level 8 Bars dismount

    If a gymnasts competes the routine below, are they allowed to compete this dismount (attached) instead of a flyaway? Kip Cast H/S 1/2 turn kip squat on kip cast H/S toe circle to h/s giant x 2
  3. J

    WAG Xcel Diamond - Bar Dismount

    Is a B dismount (layout 1/2 twist, double, etc) required? I find this odd as a B is typically Level 9? My daughter competed Level 8 last season with a layout dismount, switched to Diamond and noticed that most of the requirements overall are more in line with Level 7/8 skills with the...
  4. GymnasticsVAMom

    For Parents Bars dismount

    My DD said her coaches indicated that her squat on on bars would be her dismount moving forward. I know the straddle was a dismount but I didn’t know the squat on was as well. The only time I’ve seen a squat in is when the gymnast jumps to the high bar or when they are just practicing their...
  5. G

    WAG Tips for a front tuck dismount?

    Does anyone have any tips for a front tuck dismount on beam? I'll go for it but I can never land all the way on my feet, at best it's a low squat. My front tuck on floor is rarely landed but our coaches want us to do an end of beam dismount and I'll never go for a back tuck so this is my best...
  6. G

    WAG bar dismount value

    does anyone know what the current skill value of a Pechstein is on bars? It's basically a front giant with 1.5 twist dismount. Also what is the current value of a double pike dismount on bars?
  7. G

    excel gold dismount?

    hello, I am excel gold, and I don't know if I should compete a back handspring dismount or a roundoff back tuck dismount? please answer.
  8. skschlag

    MAG GymACT dismount Challenge

    This starts in 20 minutes so don't miss it!
  9. ldw4mlo

    WAG L8 beam dismount, 2 ??

    My daughter is currently doing a CW-BT. We know this is not up leve. How much is it costing her point wise min/max? What are her options? She is not a fan of forward flipping. Because I would like to speak about it with her and not say what other flippy options do you have.... TIA
  10. hsgymnast333

    WAG Back Hip Circle and Sole-Circle Dismount Help

    Hi, I’m new to gymnastics (a few months in). I’m supposed to be competing bars tomorrow, and I’m really nervous. Today, I was trying to do back hip circle and I just kept stopping. I would just cast and not do it. I only did a few and I was on bars for two hours. Also, I can’t do a sole-circle...
  11. P

    WAG Beam dismount question-copper2

    Good morning! Please excuse my "newbieness". I know very little about gymnastics. I have scouted the internet, YouTube, this site and the rule book and cannot locate a conclusive answer to my question. I'm hoping someone can help. My daughter is in USAIGC gymnastics. She is competing at a...
  12. S

    WAG Platinum beam dismount options

    DD has recently been struggling with front tuck beam dismount and I am wondering if there are other non-salto Platinum level beam dismount options we could substitute, if needed, for State next weekend? Worst time ever for a mental block on a skill she has been doing for years....
  13. Mom2Chickadee

    WAG Another Level 6 Bar Dismount Question

    Last night DD and I were talking on the way home from the gym and she mentioned an old teammate wasn't doing a fly away dismount (level 6) on bars but something else that "met" the dismount requirements. Is this possible? I quickly looked it up on-line and the requirements are "salto"...
  14. R

    For Coaches Bronze Bars Dismount

    Is the underswing dismount (current level 3 dismount) still acceptable for bronze? Im confused about this based off of what I'm reading in the code of points book and a handout I received at a recent training. Also, if still acceptable, does it have the same value as cast off to stand?
  15. Starfly

    For Coaches Level 7 dismount

    If a level 7 dismount does a RO back tuck as a dismount, does the RO still count as a flight skill for the special requirement? (We had an issue with a skill once that the judge deemed was part of the mount and not an acro, so I want to check on this before I give the go-ahead)
  16. John

    WAG Beam dismount

    Is a roundoff full allowed in level 7? Short and sweet.
  17. G

    WAG Level 9 Beam Dismount

    For level nine dismounts, are you required to do at least a full twist? Or is this just one option that fits the requirement? Also, what would the deductions be for doing only a roundoff back tuck?
  18. T

    Newbie from germany - help at pbars somersault dismount & floor Jump bwd. with ½ t. to roll fwd

    Hey guys, I'm a 23 years old gymnast from germany and I hope I can learn a few things from you guys. I started gymnastics, when I was 21; I know, its like superlate but I'm trying my best ^^ I'm here because we don have a gymnast-Forum in germany, my coach isn't the best and I'm far away from...
  19. Sarah_the_gymnast

    WAG Help working my toe on front off dismount?

    Title says it all ^ I'm trying to learn a toe on front off dismount like so: Suggestions? I can do the sole circle part correctly according to my coach, but apparently, I don't open enough. I've heard arching a ton helps. Can anyone find any other things that might help me? When I'm on...
  20. L

    For Parents Bars dismount fear

    My L7 was injured much of last year and I had hoped she would repeat L6 but the gym pushed her forward. As a result it feels like she's never quite prepared for meets. She has consistently had problems with her bars dismount. The first meet she released too late and over rotated and missed her...