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  1. Gymtastic

    Sole Circle Dismount

    I have several level 2s in my class who simply CANNOT keep their feet on the bar long enough to execute a sole-circle (straddle, not pike) and this is when their feet actually make it to the bar :) Their feet instantly drop off. I am using the drill where you lower the bar and have them jump...
  2. J

    Roundoff Dismount Progressions

    What are the progressions for doing a roundoff back salto dismount on beam? I just recently got my roundoff on the low beam and changed my current routine to a cartwheel (from my knee) backtuck dismount-which I fall off on way less than what I had before in my routine, although I know I throw...
  3. Ingymmom

    Level 6 UB Dismount

    For the USAG JO level 6 routine the dismount on bars is a flyaway. Some coaches teach a tuck and some a pike flyaway. I wonder if there are separate benefits to teaching one or the other, can anyone comment? TIA :)
  4. M

    Parents Emily was working on and has the level 6 beam dismount now:)

    Our new gym is working the new skills and I am thinking for the 2 sec hold for the level 5 handstand, they were having the girls work on the level 6 beam dismount. Our old gym would never have a single level 5 work this skill until they were level 6s so I was shocked. I was really shocked that...