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  1. Kcanflip

    WAG Double blocking on level 4 front handspring vault?

    Does anyone know the penalty/deduction for double blocking (hands touching vault table twice) on the level 4 front handspring vault? And also, thoughts on why this happens?
  2. aerialriver

    Double mini rules question

    I cannot for the life of me fine the book of rules for USAG T&T anywhere in my gym. We have a meet coming up and I want to compete level 9 on DM. I need to know if you can do 2 mounter passes or if you HAVE to do a spotter and a mounter pass. On the sheet it say 1 mounter pass required but...
  3. 3gymgirlsmom

    For Parents Double buckle grips

    What is the cheapest place to get some, my dd needs new grips since her old ones are too small
  4. W

    WAG Double back dismounts off beam

    What is a double back anything dismount off beam worth or what level is it? Does it matter if it is a tuck, pike, et cetera. I know there are A, B, C, et cetera skills, but I don't have a list.
  5. K

    For Parents Hyperextended (double jointed?) arm

    My daughter broke her arm at the elbow 2 years ago, had pins placed, and wore a cast for about 3 months. She recovered well and regained all range of motion and strength quickly; and her surgeon said he didn't foresee any long term problems resulting from the injury. She hasn't had anymore...
  6. Aero

    WAG Standing double back tuck beam dismount?

    I was thinking "what if?" about this earlier and I wanted to get some community advice to satisfy my curiosity. The idea is performing a standing double backward tucked somersault off the end of the beam as a dismount. Perhaps some of the knowledgeable people on here can enlighten me. My...
  7. F

    WAG Twisting issues when going from 1.5 to double twist

    DD is having troubles when she attempts a double twist. She's competed a 1.5 since March or so and does it well. She's landed a double ONCE, about three months ago. Now whenever she attempts the double, she can't even eek out a 1.5, and looks like a floppy mess and lands on her back in the...
  8. Flipomaniak

    WAG Double tuck=Double pike?

    This is true on floor but what about the other events? Is a double tuck dismount the same as a double pike dismount on beam and bars? Which do you personally (gymnast, parent, coach...) like to see best?
  9. twisting007bigflip

    Quad twisting double layout

    2013 2009 WHAT?? Is this seriously possible? A quad double? On floor? Holy smokes. I know on trampoline it's a miller +, but this is the very first one that *i* have ever seen this attempted on floor (a rod floor, but still!) Crazy crazy crazy hard. I bow down.
  10. M

    WAG Double tuck/pike vs. double full and one more thing...

    My daughter is competition ready on her double tuck and is close to being competition ready on her double pike. But she is still having trouble with her double fulls. I can see where the dynamics of the double tuck/pike is very different from double fulls. So I think being able to do one does...
  11. V

    WAG Double back position

    I finally got to see DDs double back on bars last week and I think (in my own naive mind) that it looks pretty good. She had a small hop on the landing but otherwise stuck it. However, her coach told her that they need to be higher. The first flip was definitely higher than the bar and the...
  12. gymlover

    WAG Double twisting double layout

    What is the point of the double twisting double layout? It is the same value as the Silvas and it is way harder! Only 2 gymnasts are competing it at this point. Moors and Skinner. So why don't they just compete the Silvas instead? R they waiting for worlds to let it be named after them?
  13. K

    Double Tuck

    I've recently started doing double tucks into the pit and I get confused about where I am in the air. Any ideas that may help???
  14. P

    Double back somersault

    Hi Could anyone give advice on how to learn to do a double back somersault. At my club we don't have a foam pit. Thanks :)
  15. Gymnastisism

    Knee Pain From Double Mini

    High I've been experiencing really bad knee pain from jumping (and landing) on double mini, especially when I do front somi or barani mounts. The pain in my knee gets so bad that after training I can't walk and the next day I find it hard to climb stairs. I ice my knee and the pain goes away...
  16. All Chalked Up

    First double mini practice

    I offered to help set up the double mini after coaching today & in return was allowed to take the class. I've been bouncing on tramp a fair bit at open gym, so I took them up in the offer. It was my first time on the double mini. AND ZOMG. WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE? I loooove double...
  17. Mandiotr04

    Looking for used string bed for trampoline, a double mini, and floor

    I am a mom/new coach trying to help out a gym nearby to start a TNT program. There is no one within 3 hours of me who does it! I just took my two small daughters to their first competition to try it out and they loved it so much that they want to drop gymnastics all together! All we have is a...
  18. Flipomaniak

    WAG Piking double layout dismount!

    So I'm working double lay out off bars and its not working so well. They look like open double pikes and my form is nice and all but it's not layed out! How can I open up my hips? I'm like in an over hollow... Please help! Thanks!
  19. tooootsie

    WAG Double Jointed... Help!

    I wasn't sure if I should post this here or parents area. But I figured gymnasts would know. My 6 y/o DD is double jointed in her elbows and her shoulders. She has recently started saying her shoulder is hurting, and I am unsure how she can stretch the right way to help her. Also I worry...
  20. T

    Any drills to bring out aggression on double mini?

    I just watched a Youtube video of Austin White on Double Mini, paused it, and watched the transition from the floor to the apparatus frame by frame. He does not jump up onto the DMT. He picks up his feet out in front of him, knees bent, with his butt at DMT level, and as he hits the front of...