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  1. billise

    For Parents Double Leg Kickover???

    While working on floor tonght, DD's (age 6, pre-team) coach had the girls do a backbend, then, instead of kicking over one leg at a time they used their core to pull both legs up and over at the same time (looks like it should be physically impossible to me :)). I was pretty impressed when DD...
  2. I

    WAG Double layout beam dismount

    Catalina Ponor training a double layout off beam!! Catalina Ponor training Double Layout Dismount of Beam - YouTube
  3. UTMom2three

    Double Mini Shoes? What does my Tumbler need?

    My 9 year old Level 6 Tumbler will be competing Double Mini for the first time this year. What type of shoes does she need? 1st competition is coming up, and i am going to have to order them. She will be the 1st one competing DM from our Gym, so its a learning process for all of us.
  4. 2

    WAG Double Back!!

    So proud of my 12 year old - she landed her double back PIKE for the first time without the coach on the floor! Such a thrill for me, but her response, "It's no big deal mom, I've been ready for awhile. We were just being safe until now!" Big skill for a little girl - can't wait to see the...
  5. W

    WAG Double back! (on the tramp)

    DD did her first double backs over the weekend on the tramp. It probably took 10 minutes of the coach telling her to do it before she got over the excitement/nerves/etc and tried it. Still has to move to the tumble track and eventually the floor, but it was fun to watch. She spent the rest of...
  6. Flipomaniak

    WAG Double tuck help?

    My double pikes are perfect, nice and high and great form. My double tuck, not so much. Ugh I can't figure out why... Everyone I know is the other way around. My double tuck travels too much and I either land short or fly backwards... By am I doing this?? Can someone help?
  7. fliptwisttwirl

    WAG Double Buckle Grips? Or maybe not? Help!! Fast!

    I just got new grips over the summer (us glove velcro) and they're already wearing down alot. I'm thinking about getting double buckle grips but I don't know if that would make any difference. Reguardless..I need new grips VERY soon. Season's right around the corner. I'm about 115 lbs and...
  8. B

    Need Help With Double Twist

    I've been doing full and a halves for almost a year now, and they're fine. Decently high, the twist is fast, etc. But whenever I try a double, all I do is a bad 1 1/2. I have a lot of momentum going backwards(I always have to roll out of it, which never happens on my 1 1/2's), and the twist...
  9. JBS

    Philip Boy ankle injury...vault...double front half out

    How bad is Philip Boy's ankle after both his vault and high bar landing? Will he be able to continue?
  10. henrik541

    Overrotating on double backs?

    HI! Before you start asking, this thread shows a video about acro, which is like the definition of gymnastics in my country, but applies to every gymnastics discipline that uses double backs. Double back tucks are very common in acro, artistic, tumbling and trampoline, and I've seen a lot of...
  11. Canadian_gym_mom

    Is a double twisted yurchenko vault the same

    as an Amanar? And Amanar is the person it is named after? Stupid question probably, but it's not like it will be my first (or last!) on this forum and elsewhere, lol.
  12. JBS

    Getting a Double Mini Today!

    I'm happy to say that we are picking up a double mini today. Buying a Eurotramp used from another club. Very exciting...just wanted to share. Our T&T program is growing's a blast!
  13. S

    Double flipping pass

    What are the possible options for double flipping pass at level 8? My dd has done to whip back tuck but she will no longer do those. This year it is double punch front which she has been barely making second one. She has also done punch front ro back handspring back tuck.
  14. Canadian_gym_mom

    8 year old dd did a double back tuck yesterday!!!

    Oh, on the trampoline in the bungee harness, lol! Thought that would get you all upset and ready to chew me out. :) They had about an hour of playtime yesterday afternoon after some pretty hard conditioning. They were "peter pan" flying and having a ton of fun.
  15. G

    MAG Developing double leg circles

    Hi Guys Saw this coaching video on British Gymnastics website British Gymnastics and thought that due to the amount of interest the old leg circles get it might be of interest to some of you!
  16. Azgymmiemom

    Double Trouble...wish us luck!!!

    Just got home from setting up for our hosted meet tomorrow, levels 4 thru 10. I'm in charge of retail, and this year we have some really cute stuff! I'm really excited to see how it sells. My ds has a meet at noon( he's ready to go!), and my dd is competing her first level 6 meet tomorrow...
  17. G

    Which is harder,full twisting double layout or double twisting double tuck?

    I know both are G elements but is one harder than the other? In the 2008 olympics I saw a few double twisting double tucks but no full twisting double layouts.
  18. flipper's fan

    Double full

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="M4H00809 - YouTube" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  19. C

    Double Popping on FHS Vault

    I have a gymnast who is double popping on vault. She had a great HS flat back last year. We have a prota-vault that goes into our pit and she doesn't do it on there. Once she gets to the table it's like she double pops and she almost get stuck in her HS. Any tips or advice on this situation I've...
  20. gymgurl

    If i see one more yurchenko double twist.....

    Okay, i am aware that it is a very high scoring vault but its infuriating every single person except for the occasional exception competes this vault and its just driving me bonkers!! What do you guys think of this vault?