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  1. B

    For Coaches New Aspiring Level 1 Coach - Flexibility / Conditioning drills.

    Morning I just thought I would ask here for some friendly tips. First, I'll do a quick intro - Currently a parent of a 4/5 year old boy who is really interested in gymnastics, always watching people on Youtube doing gymnastics or ninja tricks. So, I'm taking him to classes, well I was there...
  2. L

    WAG Speed drills

    Hello, I really want to improve my speed, especially for vault. Any drills I could do at home to help with speed and explosiveness?
  3. T

    For Coaches Preschool drills

    I'm revamping my gym's preschool lesson plans. What's your favorite drills for each event? I need at least three new ones for each event. Bars, beam, floor, vault. Thanks for your ideas in advance!!
  4. M

    WAG how to get free hip to handstands - drills/tips

    I have my free hips I just want to make them a little better and to handstand
  5. Mom_of_twins80

    WAG Vault running drills (studder step)

    My daughter is a level 7 (1st season) age 11. She has been doing her Yurchenko for a couple of seasons, but just recently (her coach thinks since her block) has started studder stepping. Surprisingly, she can still get some height off the Vault, but is landing almost with her feet under the...
  6. G

    WAG Landing drills

    Are there any tricks to sticking the landing? I always hear it is air awareness - but what can you do to increase air awareness? Any helpful drills that can be done? Thanks.
  7. M

    WAG Cartwheel, working on Quarter Turn Drills

    I am working on the Cartwheel. In breaking up into pieces, One thing lagging my cartwheel is able to a T Lever drill, which I have been working on. I could hardly do that balancing, however now my balance has increased greatly over 2 weeks. After that, is the quarter turn. Does anyone have...
  8. G

    WAG High bar kip drills

    I'm trying to get my high bar kip but because of COVID I am unable to practice. I have a bar at home but not uneven bars so it's not the same as high bar kip. Does anybody have any drills that could help me get it when we get back to the gym?
  9. W

    For Coaches Drills + Tips for teaching backhandsprings to Taller Girls as a shorter coach?

    Hey all! I've been assigned to do privates for 3 13 year old dancers that are trying to transition to cheerleading (main goal is to get backhandspring) and they are all over 5'6" while I am 4'10". Most of my experience is with preschoolers so I was just wondering if there were any tricks or...
  10. G

    Drills and tips for a front flyaway

    Drills and tips for a front flyaway
  11. Floragym

    Back layout drills

    I’m looking for some drills to improve my back layout because it’s not the best and I really want it to be better. One of the main problems is that Im not getting my hips all the way around and throwing my head back at the beginning of my layout.
  12. KSLaura

    For Coaches Social distancing games and drills

    Hi- As our gym is preparing to re-open, I’ve been trying to come up with good games and drills to keep kids (particularly young rec kids) at appropriate distances. I have a few ideas, mostly involving each kid at a station with a panel mat. I was also thinking about incorporating hula hoops for...
  13. JBS

    OT Home Gymnastics Strength / Drills / Things To Do (Instagram / TikTok / etc)

    Ok... here is a little game to get everyone going. Basically... the object is to make this thread as long as possible. Link to social media posts of things that gymnasts can do at home to be productive. The post must be a video post so everyone can see what to do. Just copy the link from...
  14. CoachKay

    For Coaches Front and Back Tuck Drills

    One of my athletes whom is competing Level 3 this year I can tell has a lot of potential. She’s fearless and her picks up on things extremely quickly. My goal is to get her to level 5 next season. So I have to start teaching tucks on floor. I coach mainly through progressions and drills, I only...
  15. A

    WAG Frequency of Drills

    Drills before skills, right? So how often should drills be practiced so that their benefits can take effect and be applied toward the skill? Also, after the skill is being executed, should drills for that skill cease or be completely eliminated? Thank you!
  16. CoachAngel

    WAG Clear hip drills?

    Hello all! My gymnasts are working clear hips, and the part they're struggling with is learning to swing them and ride their momentum. They're gripping onto the bar so tightly they can't shift their wrists! They don't need to hit handstand yet, and we do a few drills for these, but I'm hoping...
  17. G

    For Coaches Drills for higher casts.

    My girls are really struggling getting their casts high enough. Any advice?
  18. Sari

    For Coaches How to introduce the concept and benefits of drills to gymnasts (and reluctant coaches)

    I've recently started coaching a group of team gymnasts with ages ranging from 6-16 years old. The other coaches barely use drills. They're more the type to say "Well of course her roundoff is still crooked but let's just let her try to connect a back handspring to it" or "Why do you need to...
  19. CCGymbug

    For Parents Does anyone have BWO drills for beam

    So my bean continues to struggle with the BWO on beam. She is able to do the BHS on the high fatter beam and standing tuck but her coach wants a consistent BWO. Dd has so much power anf combined with her ADHD just cant seem to consistently slow herself down and usually launches herself to side...
  20. Geoffrey Taucer

    For Coaches Favorite drills 2017 (video)

    I put together a montage of some of my favorite drills. Hope y'all find it helpful!