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  1. J

    Round-off drills

    hey everyone my mom needs help on how to teach a good round-off it is hard to get the gymnasts to keep their arms at their ears does anyone have any good drills to help teach a good round-off??
  2. B

    Handstand drills

    I have a question about handstand drills. Everything I've seen about doing handstand drills against the wall suggests facing the wall. I'm wondering about doing them with your back to the wall. Does it matter? Is it just preference or is there some reason to do them belly to wall?
  3. L

    endo drills

    does anyone have any good drills or preps for endo's on shiney or wooden? The gymnast hoping to do one is still quite young so simple drills would be easier!! Thanks!
  4. Geoffrey Taucer

    Need some good front handspring drills

    One of my guys is having a lot of trouble learning a front handspring on floor. He pulls his chin in and breaks his shoulder angle, and because of this can't get a decent block. I've tried a number of drills I've seen work in the past, but none seems to be doing this kid any good. Anybody got...
  5. K

    Coaches Heel Drive Drills

    Hi, am having a lot of difficulty with my older level vaulters with their heel drive. I have a few drills, but alas seem not to be working well. Has any other coaches got any thing I could try. Thanks:p
  6. L

    Stalder drills

    One of my younger girls is hoping to include a stalder in her bars routine this coming September, its quite a big skill so i though we had better start working it now, I have a few drills at the moment but not very many, does anyone have any good ones I could use? I'd specifically like to start...
  7. I-Heart-Beam

    Yurchenko vault drills

    I have the ugliest yurchenko full ever. If I stick it, it has no form or neatness or anything, and if I come anywhere close to form during the actual vault, I never stick it :mad:. Does anyone have any tips? Coach won't let me move onto the one and a half until I land on my feet every time I...
  8. C

    any good clear hip to handstand drills

    I have a level 7 who either shoots too soon into the handstand or never shoots at all. We have three weeks till meet season and she has yet to hit the handstand. Any advice on what to do or any drills that my prove helpful would be much appreciated. Also she casts up to handstand with her...