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  1. M

    WAG Kip drills for strength

    My DD is trying to learn her kip. The coach mentioned that she needs to build her forearm strength to be able to hold on to the bar for an extended period of time. What exercises could she do at home to work on this? It would be preferable to do some exercises that we could do together so it...
  2. C

    WAG Best side aerial drills?

    I keep getting calls to do private lessons with dancers who have a side aerial choreographed into their solos, yet can't do it yet. I always feel a ton of pressure with these privates. So, what are your favourite side aerial drills? I usually teach them to my gymnasts slowly, over time. However...
  3. C

    WAG most effective drills for learning front handspring

    Have you as parents or coaches seen better/quicker results with front limber drills or front headspring drills? My DD's coach is doing front limbers with them and then progressing straight to the FHS. My DD has her limber pretty consistently but seems to be missing something in translation...
  4. catou

    Coaches Tumble track drills

    Hi every one! We're going to start training in our new gym in january. For the first time, we'll have a tumble track. There will be a vault table at the end of it. I coach gymnasts who are about level 4-5 in the US. I'm looking for drills to do on the tumble track, especially ones that can be...
  5. vans2

    WAG Tips, stretches, drills to straighten back leg on beam split jump

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone had drills or stretches etc to help straighten out my DDs back leg on her beam split jump. She's lvl 5 and seems to always have a bent back leg. The coaches tell her to just straighten it but she can't. She's a very strong, powerhouse gymnast, but not...
  6. N

    Coaches Organizing Drills/Resources

    Does anyone have a great way to organize drills and notes they have? I have a few physical things (notebooks, binders, etc) and electronic things saved on my computer but I'm hoping to find a way to make it easier to find and review drills and tips.
  7. coach1234

    WAG Front handspring vault drills

    So some of my girls have really strong vaults going over the vault table confidently, but others are still on handspring flatbacks on mat stack as they cannot get their feet moving fast enough and they either stick their bottoms up and go up in a big pike shape or don't even get up They need to...
  8. I

    Coaches drills for front tuck half

    Some of the recreational girls I coach want to begin learning front tuck halves, however, I have no idea how to go about teaching them the twist. Any drills or advice would be appreciated.
  9. SweetSecrets15

    Coaches Drills to get beginners to jump on beam

    So I've been helping teach a beginners class since April and week after week the girls jumps on beam haven't changed. I'm finally taking over the class and really want to help them improve. I know they are scared, but they are literally jumping one cm off the beam. I was just curious if they're...
  10. coachmolly

    Coaches Favorite Splite Leap Drills

    I have a group of girls struggling with split leaps and am hoping some of the coaches here can give me some new ideas for working with them. Most of the girls have the basic idea, they have been working them for quite some time now, but unfortunately the problems they are having are all over...
  11. S

    Coaches Front Handspring Vault Training and Drills

    The last time I coached, we were still using the horse. I've got some kids training Level 4 now and I would like some help with introducing the handspring vault. They have the run and the hurdle (mostly) down well. I'm having trouble getting them to block off the table. They are jumping...
  12. J

    WAG Vault drills!!!!!!

    I had a meet this week end, i got all 9s except vault (8.3). What can i do at home to make my vault better. The main problems are my hands aren't high on the vault and I'm piked and my hands stay on to long.
  13. S

    WAG Split leap floor and beam drills?

    My team is relatively weak on their split leaps and split jumps on both beam and floor. There are several problems. I have several that have good height and good split but their legs are bending getting the split position. Kind of a stag but it's certainly not a lift straight up with front or...
  14. C

    Coaches Sole circle drills?

    Anyone got any good sole circle drills? I've got a kid who can do them in straps easily and can do it on the real bar when I spot only her knees, but doesn't quite get around on real bar. Any help would be great, hoping she can get this for zones next weekend! Thanks
  15. W

    WAG Solo drills for giant/baby giant

    Hi all- I've looked through the skill thread for giant/baby giant drills but it looks like a lot of the really good ones require a coach to spot. Does anyone have suggestions for drills (especially to encourage strong tapping and correct timing, and discourage arching over the top) that a...
  16. F

    Coaches Always looking for more drills

    Hi everyone, I am in charge of the Rec lesson plans at my gym and we try to have a video or new drill almost every week for coaches to try with classes. I also coach the pre team kids and can always use new drills for them too. The thing is sometimes I get stuck and cant find anything new. I...
  17. SSGZ

    Coaches Pommel/Mushroom drills

    The mushroom/pommel seems to be the least favorite event for our level 5 and 6 boys to practice- no matter how much we try to motivate they like to sit more than circle. I would love it anyone has any fun drills to encourage the boys to try harder during practice. We have done circle...
  18. J

    WAG Cartwheel drills for 4 year old please!

    My DD is so close to getting her cartwheel but something isn't clicking! I have tried telling her to keep her legs straight, keep arms straight, kick harder, bring legs up faster, lift hands up quicker etc etc and she is improving but very slowly. I feel like she's hit a wall with it, in her...
  19. gymnast-mac

    WAG Help with cast handstand and drills

    Hi all! I know that this must be a common topic, but I have looked through many forum threads and just didn't get the answer I am looking for. I am working on cast handstands at my gym, and my coaches say that I am strong enough to do it, I just don't know how. (I'm doing it in straddle). I...
  20. B

    WAG Favorite yurchenko drills?

    I have a group of level 4s and 5s whose handspring vaults are coming along very well. We've been doing the same yurchenko drills as side stations for quite a while now. We have a 5 week break from meets coming up and I'd like to get some new drills to keep it interesting. We've been doing...