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  1. B

    Coaches Gym coaches Facebook page: clearhip drills

    Someone posted that they've been teaching cast handstand to back hip circle then cast handstand to clearhip and that it was magical. Think it's worth trying?
  2. Paint A Melody

    WAG Back Handspring on beam drills

    I am working on getting a back handspring on beam, but I need to get it pretty quickly if I want to compete Platinum. Are there any safe, easy drills I can do to work on it at home? I don't have any mats or anything at home.
  3. SXS524

    Coaches Gymneo Drills

    Hi, So I've been working on cartwheels with my development gymnasts (6-7 year olds who recently upped their training to 5 hours a week) and noticed that whilst they have straight legs, finish in a lunge etc they're not perfect- some of them are slightly piked, some arched and some are slightly...
  4. R

    WAG Could I ask coach to skip certain drills to minimize injury?

    DD is prone to a toe injury on her foot which happens whenever she jams her toe it bends forward. Usually happens when she is jumping up and forward to land on her feet on a stationary object (block, vault etc.). And it happens when she is tired so she can't always get the height she needs. It...
  5. S

    Coaches Tsuk Drills

    When is it appropriate to start flipping Tsuk drills? I have some level 3s and 4s who have been working Tsuk entry pull to back into the foam pit (hands on the end of an in ground tramp) and some were having to stop themselves from flipping over and their block was great. it appropriate to let...
  6. K

    WAG PLEASE check: my home drills!

    So guys, I really need your advice. As you might know, I am already 21 and not that lucky to be on a team, so I need to work out hard at home in order to make my dream of being a good Level 7 gymnast in 2 years true. I am at the gym only 3 times a week for 130min each, because there is no...
  7. L

    WAG drills for cast HS

    I have not started learning cast handstands yet but I will be starting in about 3-4 months. Is there anything I can do at home or in the gym to strengthen the "right" muscles that will help me to get hit the handstand faster once I start learning? So far, I can do about 10 pike push-ups, I can...
  8. B

    Coaches Need new clear hip drills

    We've been working clear hips for months now and they're only sort of getting better. We've done lots in the strap bar, lots spotted, and lots to the wall. Most of them are beginning to come out at horizontal, 3/4 with a spot and handstand spotted on straps. I'm hoping for faster results. Anyone...
  9. B

    Coaches Need new vault drills

    We started over on vault after states (early April). We've worked sprinting, longer hurdles and preflight angle a lot. I've been asking them to do handstand hops to their backs over the table (hands on table, pop to handstand on mat higher than table, fall to back) a lot. Some of them are...
  10. S

    Coaches Kip Drills (Stem Rises?)

    We worked on kip drills last night and I had them do some stem rises on our preschool bars. I had them show me a table top position, then bent their knees and shoot up to a front support on the high bar. My question is, was I wrong to have them start in the table top position? Should I have...
  11. Optionals United

    Coaches Stride Circle Drills

    Hey guys, I recently started coaching(well not so recently, like 7 months ago.anyways:)) and my level 2's are starting to work on stride circles. I was wondering if anyone has any good drills or recommendations for teaching them. I have never taught this skill and kind of lost on how to guide my...
  12. coachmolly

    Off Tramp Drills

    I'm starting a new trampoline class- all kids are beginners but a pretty wide range of beginner. With only 1 trampoline, it's hard to keep the kids busy during waiting periods. I've taught trampoline before, but as part of a T&T program, so could add tumbling drills into the mix for off-tramp...
  13. All Chalked Up

    WAG Piked tsuk drills

    Once my nose/cheekbone have healed & I'm allowed to start training for real, my coach wants me to do piked tsuk instead of tuck to avoid aforementioned injury. Getting good height was something I struggled with tucked tsuk, and where pike rotates slower I know it will need even more height to...
  14. M

    WAG straddle press handstand drills

    my DD is working on press handstands. she can press into it from standind easily and can hold a straddle support for about 30-40 seconds. but she can't press out of it! It seems she just can't lift and put her body up! DD can do about 15 leg lifts on a free hanging bar, on stall bars maybe 5...
  15. G

    WAG What drills/conditioning can I do at home to improve my gymnastics?

    I will be out of the gym until summertime, but I will be able to keep my skills I was working on because my muscle memory for those skills has lasted several years without a gym. But I want to work on new skills without doing the actual skill so I dont hurt myself. What are some drills/condition...
  16. L

    WAG Standing splits and walkover drills?

    Hi! I have good front splits (oversplits of about 4-5 inches) and also my middle split as well as great shoulder and back flexibility. I was wondering what you need to be able to hold your leg up when you are in a bridge and going to do a walkover. Or if you do a scale and hold your leg up in...
  17. G

    WAG Drills for more powerful tumbling

    So I am an xcel gold gymnast and my two tumbling passes are round-off back handspring and front tuck. These don't fit the requirements for floor but I am a horrible tumbler so my coach allows me to compete because I have the requirements for all other events. I used to be able to do these passes...
  18. C

    Coaches Any cool warm up drills for my 1 hour classes!?

    I love to start my classes with a fun warm up and I'm looking for some new ideas! Would love your help! :]
  19. G

    Coaches Leap drills

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. ;)
  20. H

    WAG Blocking Drills?

    I am currently trying to get my handspring full on vault. I can do a handspring pretty well beside the fact that my block isn't very good! My coach told me if i can learn to block better i would actually be able to do the full twist out of it, but I can't seem to get myself to block! Is this...