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  1. G

    WAG Easterns / Nationals Locations?

    Does anyone know where Level 9 Easterns or DP Nationals are supposed to be in 2023? I am surprised nothing has been announced yet. I feel like some gym has to know they are hosting.
  2. Jard.the.gymnast

    WAG Good luck to everyone competing at westerns/easterns!

    Good luck to all the gymnasts, parents and coaches attending westerns and easterns this weekend!
  3. twocurlygirlz

    WAG Easterns 2019....

    Anyone have the inside scoop on where they may be located?
  4. Ali'sMom

    WAG Easterns - live scores?

    Does anyone if/where the scores for Easterns will be posted? Thanks!
  5. amiandjim

    WAG Easterns vs Westerns

    So I have been following scores at level 9 nationals this weekend (our smallish team did AMAZING at Easterns!) and a thought occurred to me. I remembered a recent thread where we discussed scores and how many 38/39 scores there were, etc...So, I noticed that in 2 days there hasn't been a single...
  6. D

    WAG Good Luck At Westerns / Easterns everyone!

    Go region 1 !
  7. Kidsgym


    Trying to have a plan B for Easterns. Plan A : diving with one of gym mom buy her son just got injured yesterday. We were going to leave Friday and come back Sunday. Anyone driving ?
  8. Ali'sMom

    WAG Qualifying for Level 9 Easterns

    Can anyone tell me what the qualification is for Easterns? Thanks so much!
  9. S

    WAG USAG Level 9 easterns

    Does anyone know how a gymnast qualifies to USAG Level 9 easterns from their regional meet? Can they go for events specialist or only AA?
  10. N

    WAG L9 Easterns location?

    Anyone know where Easterns will be this year? Can't seem to find it anywhere….
  11. F


    Good luck to all of the kids going to Easterns this weekend! DD met some great girls at national stream Cup, several who are going to Easterns. We wish them all well and will be thinking about them! Us we'll be competing at, and meet directoring at our own meet for the next three days.
  12. D

    WAG Getting to NIT/NAT Westerns / Easterns emails, spin off thread.

    Hi everyone, This thread is in response to creating a new balance of athletes in each regions. Currently some regions are literally 4 times larger than others , yet each region has close to the same number of national spots. (example, region A has 200 level 10's, region B has 50 yet both...
  13. Canadian_gym_mom

    Off to Easterns!

    At the airport now.... Dd flew out this morning at 7:00. I hate to fly so this is my biggest challenge for the weekend, more than nerves watching dd compete, lol! She has such a busy day tomorrow, at the gym from 9:00 until 8:00 at night. I hope she holds out and doesn't let the fatigue get to...
  14. Canadian_gym_mom

    WAG Anyone in Canada "in the know" about Easterns this year?

    Gym Score Depot has it as the weekend of May 10th in Newfoundland, and OGF's calendar has it May 3rd in PEI. I did hear last year it would be in Newfoundland, but maybe something has changed? Thanks.
  15. Canadian_gym_mom

    Easterns results!

    Well, dd made finals! That was her main goal, to make it to finals. She qualified in 6th place and finished 6th place overall! I am over the moon proud of her. She, well, she is upset that her teammate did better than her. More upset that this particular teammate rubs it in her face that she...
  16. J

    Alternate spots for Jo Nationals/Easterns/Westerns?

    If a competitor has to drop out of Nationals for some reason, how does their spot get filled? Does it automatically go to the next alternate in the region that the gymnast dropping out is from? Or does the spot go to the highest scoring alternate, regardless of region?
  17. Canadian_gym_mom

    DD was first alternate for Easterns for tumbling

    and last night we found out she made it! And we had about 30 minutes to decide if she could go or not. AND when the coach called me, she had ALREADY TOLD dd that she made it, and they just needed my permission. Over $1200 for just her to go, not including spending money or lunches and...
  18. mpkbt

    Parents Westerns/Easterns

    Anybody going? My dd qualified! She placed 3rd in her age group. She is so excited to get the free leo and warm-ups! It is only costing us $2000.00 for that free leo!