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  1. C

    For Parents Bar routine question level 10 or elite

    Hello! Can someone tell me what bar skills are required for an optional routine at an elite qualifier meet? If you could also include the letter/score with the actual skill name that would be so helpful. Right now she has a stalder, toe on, Maloney, pirouette & is working on a pac ( sorry hope I...
  2. G

    For Parents Gym Decisions and Need Advice

    My Daughter is six and very strong. She’s been training for TOPs testing when she turns 7. She is at a small gym with great Elite results. They qualified more kids than any small gym in the country. However, we have been upset lately with the gym for decisions regarding holding back team girls...
  3. G

    WAG Elite level hours of training

    So just curious as to how many hours elite level gymnasts (jr and senior elite, Developmental Team athletes, etc) are training per week
  4. waterbreathinq


    Is it possible to go elite through the Xcel program?
  5. L

    WAG Elite vs Div 1

    I'm curious what the talent "gap" is between a child who is spotted to have enough talent to go the Elite route, or tracked to "just" go the college route. In my no-nothing, but trying to get educated, head, I would think the gap is very narrow. For example, how could a coach say of a 10 year...