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  1. akariflipz

    NCAA what is my chance of being a college/elite gymnast? (honesty please)

    I'm 13 and I started gymnastics when I had JUST turned 8, and at that time I already was self taught and was about level 3. Fast forward to today and I'm probably like level 8 or 9 but I'm competing xcel platinum and sort of repressing my higher level skills for this competition season. I can...
  2. I

    WAG Elite

    I am.so confused when it comes to elite ... so my question is. If you qualify elite compulsory with a 36 or higher.and you compete at optional but don't qualify do you have compete at compulsory again the next year?
  3. G

    For Coaches training hours for TOPS and elite pathway gymnasts?

    For any coaches/clubs who have elite pathway programs, training TOPS gymnasts or are training young gymnasts with a lot of potential, how many hours do your girls train a week? I have 5 girls on my team (ages 6-8) who seem to have a lot of potential and i’m trying to get a sense of what it takes...
  4. S

    For Parents Spin Off The "Confused" Post, Question about Elite Training

    I'm just curious for more information after reading through the "Confused Myself" thread. I'm not really interested in doing junior elite with my 8yr old (level 4) but I do wonder if she may want to do senior elite someday. Is it possible for a child to go elite in a town with no elite gyms? I...
  5. C

    For Parents confused myself.. (US Elite Athlete Geography)

    Hi I am new and tried to learn more about compeition. I tried to research about America Hopes or Classis or Cups compeition and noticed most most athltes from West or South West... I do not see any one from East?? How did they choice athltes?? I am confused myself... if anyone know about...
  6. G

    For Parents Featured Young Gymnast - TOPS Elite track

    Hello! So when we started, we knew nothing about gymnastics. Our 3 year old daughter seemed to be naturally inclined, so we signed her up for gymnastics and she began on preteam. In the next year she excelled and became incredibly passionate about gym. It was obviously exciting watching her...
  7. Em09

    WAG Junior Elite is so confusing!

    I don't desperately need to know this or anything, just want to know because I like knowing everything when it comes to gymnastics. Do Junior Elite gymnasts compete a compulsory and an optional routine until they achieve the required compulsory score and then drop it? Is that right? Answers...
  8. PeanutsMom

    Anon What level should elite qualifiers compete?

    I have a question. I know many gyms train up and compete down, but if you made an elite compulsory qualifying score, but competed level 8 for season doesn't that just mean you should be competing at a higher level? One of the gyms in our area qualified 3 kids. 2 of the 3 were competing in elite...
  9. Anonymous Post

    Anon Nashoba Elite?

    If you’ve heard of it, what are you’re opinions about Nashoba Elite Gymnastics in MA? (I have also heard it called Nashoba Gymnastics Academy)
  10. DTAG

    MAG Elite Team Cup/Winter Cup

    Thought it would be fun to start a thread on these. Anyone watch podium training tonight? Region 3 was looking strong. Hoping Region 8 comes through and makes a great showing, they were also looking good, (I'm biased). And question, is Winter Cup basically the same as ETC, just for the older...
  11. mom2557

    WAG Did they just lower the hopes/elite qualification scores again?

    I just heard that hopes/elite qualification scores were lowered again? Does anyone have any info?
  12. JBS

    For Parents Pros & Cons of the "Elite Path"

    If your child has participated in any part of the elite programming... TOPs Hopes Camps - TOPs / DIC / DC / National Team Jr. or Sr. Elite Future Stars (MAG) Other countries too What was your child's experience and what were the pros & cons? What path did they take? Let's hear more about how...
  13. JBS

    WAG Featured The Future of Elite

    Has elite gymnastics lost some of its lure? Read on and give us you opinion.
  14. JBS

    WAG GOLDEN: The Journey of USA's Elite Gymnasts

    This is premiering on June 27th. Let us know what you think of it.
  15. gymmomv2

    For Parents NJ Gym with Elite Path Recommendation

    I am new to this forum and would really appreciate your advice on how to find a suitable gym in NJ for my 9-year-old daughter who is currently at Level 7. Her level 6 season was cut short last year due to COVID and she has been struggling this year. After a lot of conversations and...
  16. O

    WAG All DUTCH elite coaches non-actif

    In the last weeks, Dutch ex-gymnast have come forward with stories of abuse, after Athlete A came out, saying this happened in T he Netherlands too. After gymnast testified without saying any names, former coach Beltman has spoken up about how badly he treated gymnast and how sorry he is. He...
  17. yahboygrimmjow

    OT can elite gymnasts do V-Flares??

    this is one is atleast 10times harder than normal flares.... here how vflares looks like:
  18. F

    For Parents Metroplex Challenge Elite Qualifier

    Lily competed in her first elite national qualifier where she achieved her score needed to officially qualify as a junior elite gymnast! Here is a link to her YouTube channel with her videos from that meet. Thank you to all who have followed her journey so far!
  19. M

    WAG Elite gymnast

    What is the definition of an elite gymnast? Are girls considered elite once they reach a certain optional level or do they need to go beyond that and try out for the title of elite. I did look around online but what I saw wasn't very clear or maybe I didn't look in the right place. Thanks!
  20. J

    WAG Junior Elite National Team

    Was just watching the U.S. Championships and it got me wondering what competitions come next after making the junior elite National Team? The Seniors have the Worlds coming up in October but what do the juniors have to look forward to? Where exactly, what major competition, will they be...