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  1. R

    Parents gymnastics equipment that keeps arms up toward ears?

    We had a new girl join our pre-team. She just turned 5 and her arm placement it up at her ears all the time. Girls that are 6 and 7 are still struggling with this. I asked her mom and she said they just came from a gym that used some sort of apparatus or tool to train the girls to keep their...
  2. notthatmom

    Parents Training equipment suggestions

    Hello all, For summer training, DDs gym has sent us a list of items they will need. Ankle weights are on there as well as therabands....does anyone have suggestions on the best type to get/where to get them? (My DD is 7 if that matters for size). The only other thing on there I need help...
  3. bogwoppit

    WAG Home insurance and home gym equipment

    A recent thread has me thinking. If you had a home gym, bars, beam, maybe a tumble track or a trampoline, your child gets badly injured, catastrophic injuries. How would home insurance deal with this? Obviously the home owner would be at fault and would have to sue themselves in order to pay...
  4. Goldmedalgirl

    OT Home equipment?

    I was just wondering how everybody feels about gymnastics at home. I did not have that much home equipment growing up but I did have a little beam that was low to the floor, and I had a panel mat. What do you guys think about home bars, beams, mats, and more?
  5. D

    WAG Does different equipment at meets make a difference?

    Before I begin, can I just say I would appreciate it if no meet names were mentioned, because I would like to keep this thread on a friendly basis.:) As the meet season is now in full swing for many of us, I couldn't help remembering a few meets we went to last spring, where the equipment...
  6. SKGymnast

    WAG Home Equipment

    Does anyone know where to find high quality gymnastics equipment
  7. S

    Parents Equipment for optional levels

    How much of a disadvantage for an optional gymnast is being at a gym where they aren't able to put in a channel bar, nor a tramp bar. I notice our gym's weakest event is bars in the optional level. They are in the earlier stages of developing their optional program with only 1 gymnast reaching...
  8. BPD304

    WAG Home Equipment

    I had a question in regards to thoughts on buying a beam and or a single bar for home practice. It seems lots of our level 3 gym parents have bought one or both for their girls and older girls have at least a beam. I don't have either but am feeling like maybe my oldest is behind because she...
  9. ZachsMom

    Parents Homemade Conditioning Equipment

    I made my son a mushroom to go at home. He also has a bar (for pull ups, pullovers, etc.), rings, parallets and a rope. He uses these things for basic conditioning and basic skills. He is working now to move to level 5 and needs to get a kip. Any ideas of home equipment and conditioning drills...
  10. Grant W.

    Coaches Equipment Purchases

    Good morning all! I am in the process of starting a new club gym and I was wondering where do you all find quality equipment? I know that I should be on the look out for gym closings and stuff like that, but is there a website that ya'll frequent to check on different sales? Thanks for your help!!
  11. Gymgem05

    WAG On equipment fall??? (Video included)

    Is there such a thing? What is the deduction if so? DD claims it is .5, same as a complete fall. She said the beam was brand new and there was too much resistance so her foot just quit turning! Lol. This was her second level 4 meet.
  12. P

    WAG Adjusting to new equipment

    Since moving to a new gymnastics club, I have progressed quite significantly due to the great coaching and the amazing facility. Moving to the new club saw my first experience of a foam pit and many other privileges that I hadn't had before! Overall I love the new facility, however there is one...
  13. Orangesoda

    Parents Home equipment

    I'm considering buying a piece of equipment for my 3 and 4 yr old daughters to play/practice on at home. What will they get the most use out of? A bar? Beam? A certain mat? The 4 yr old almost has her pullover and back walkover - just to give an idea of skill level. Thanks for the opinions:)
  14. Aero

    Coaches Got new equipment and need ideas.

    So recently I convinced my boss to buy me and the gym some new equipment and some of it came in yesterday. It was like Christmas! :D Anyways, we got a Forster bar and some 1 ft and 2 ft fun sticks, along with some ultimate straps and an awesome floor bar, all from Tumbl Trak. We're also getting...
  15. K

    MAG Dangerous Equipment

    WARNING: Rant ahead. Ok, so my gym literally has the WORST floor I have ever tumbled on. It's normal blue gym carpet on top but the foam is worn out to the point that the edges are starting to flake off and look like pit dust, the wood is cracked in multiple places because we have some good...
  16. Tally Ho

    Second hand equipment

    Me again! Feel like I'm on here all the time at the minute! We are looking for second hand equipment if anyone knows of any clubs that are selling anything or replacing old equipment?
  17. E

    Parents What is the strangest piece of gym equipment your dd/ds asked for?

    Both dd's went back to gym last night after the Christmas shutdown, both dd's enjoyed it and had a lot to say after we left the gym, youngest dd told me that they were doing front somersaults by bouncing along the trampoline (build into the floor) and then doing a front somersault into the pit...
  18. 2G1B

    Parents Would this work for kids? Exercise equipment

    I was searching through the upcoming Amazon lightening deals and came across this one: My kids have...
  19. T

    Coaches boys equipment.

    does anyone know where a good place to find a used boys ring tower or other equipment would be? our gym is located in Spokane,Washington
  20. Ariana's_Mommy

    Parents Making own gymnastic equipment...

    So, in our house little Miss. Ariana has a birthday Dec 17th and the following week is Christmas! Can you guess what she wants?? Why yes, a beam, junior bar, rings, mats, oh my the list!! So, I have been looking into prices and oh my are they high!! My husband is a great carpenter and mentioned...