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  1. S

    home equipment?

    Hi there, Just joined here and had a question about where to find home gymnastics equipment? Looking for affordable pieces that my kids can enjoy-mainly some mats and maybe a beam that is on the floor. We live in the Cleveland area but would appreciate any good internet sources as well. Thanks...
  2. L

    Where do you buy equipment?

    Just looking for ideas where you buy equipment from. I am looking for preschool equipment for my son who is going to be doing at home therapy with a therapist coming to the house. I am wanting balance beam, lots of mats, ladder, shaped mats, monkey bars ect all for inhouse. Thanks feel free...
  3. lannamavity

    Coaches United Athletic Equipment

    Okay, is there anyone out there who has competed on United Athletic Equipment recently. I had kids compete on it a few years ago, but it looks like they have changed their bars and vault table since then. The bars always spread like Speith Andersen bars (nighmare), but it looks like the...
  4. I

    Fundraising, Spring floor, and placement of equipment

    Hi there. My daughter is a 5 at a local growing YMCA program. Currently the gym has only a strip spring floor, but it seems the gym has room for a full floor. Any advice on successful fundraising would be greatly appreciated. Also, just wondering where we can go to get help with the best way...
  5. M

    Coaches equipment safety

    Could someone tell me the safety regulations for uneven bars? Such as the proper distance from the wall, types of mats and how far from the bars on all four sides, and safe distance from bars for other equipment or items such as benchs. Is this regulated by USA gymnastics? Thanks:confused:
  6. P

    Equipment Questions

    Our Bars are in need of refinishing. Can i just sand them, filling a small gouge. Should they be sealed? varnish, Oil?
  7. Geoffrey Taucer

    Places to buy equipment

    What's a good place to buy gym equipment? The main thing I'm looking for is pommels; we don't need a new horse, we just need to replace the pommels on the ones we have. I can't seem to find anywhere where I can buy pommels without buying the whole horse.
  8. P

    Equipment Questions

    How do i get the foot smell out of our floor rolls. They get rolled up and stored three times a week. Also has anyone recovered a beam, big job?
  9. Z

    OT Clearing up an equipment question

    I was talking with someone recently regarding pommel horse. in the discussion, they were talking about the special uniform pants that the boys and men wear. for lack of knowledge, they referred to the pants as "feety pajamas", as they somewhat resemble them, since they have feet attached. I am...