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  1. Rehab

    For Coaches Fears problem

    We are from Egypt my daughter is playing gymnastics since she was four now she is 8 she was always one of the low moderate girls she is not that bad but she is not that good because of fear she has the power and muscles to do well but she is always afraid in this stage her coach told me that she...
  2. gabs

    WAG Fly away fears

    I have all the foundations down but im scared of letting go. Does anyone have any drills that can help with that
  3. E

    For Parents Fears

    My daughter has never had any fears. Level 7 10 years old. With the break form Covid and a growth spurt now have some. She is working through them. I’m wondering if now being fearful and cautious holds them back from trying bigger skills in the future.
  4. L

    For Parents Fears

    Kid has fears, won't talk to coaches. Should I a) stay out of it and let the chips fall (not falling well...both short and long term in hindsight) b) email HC c) something else?
  5. G

    For Parents Fears coming back

    I was out with a knee injury for 6 months then got cleared the week we went into lockdown. I am nervous about going back since prior to my injury I had a bad men block in going backwards. I am worried my coaches won't understand and I will be behind and worst of all not spotting. Any tips on...
  6. E

    For Parents Fears

    Hi. Well, I am new to fears. My daughter is 10 level 7. She has never had a fear. Since the time off, and starting a new gym, she is now balking at back tumbling on beam. She is now back to doing her bhs on high beam, but fearful of her connection. She will do 5, with mats underneath, them just...
  7. J

    For Parents Vault table fears

    Hi again! Now that Susie* can kip, her next hurdle is that vault table. Going from the level 3 flatback on a mat to the giant table is rough. Did anyone else watch their kids struggle with this? Is it just a time thing? Besides the table she also struggles with punching in general (on the floor...
  8. G

    WAG Good LONG video talk about mental blocks, fears, anxiety etc

    I just came across this video that actually made my day. It's good stuff, mostly things that I already knew and that are repeatedly mentioned on this forum too, but you can never think about these issues too much. I want to be the coach that has the tools to help an athlete to overcome all these...
  9. Q

    WAG Vault Table Fears

    I grew up vaulting on the old horse (not particularly well, admittedly, but basically competent), but that was 20 years ago. I never actually competed as a child and I completely missed the transition from the horse to the table. I'm having a lot of trouble adjusting to the table. It's an issue...
  10. B

    For Parents Apps for fears and mental blocks?

    I was wondering if my level 5 could try some type of meditation app that might exist to help with fears and mental blocks. She is hesitating and "refusing to do" backwards skills particularly on beam. Not out of defiance, just out of fear. No injury just scared. She tends to generally lack self...
  11. N

    How to get over flipping fears

    Hello! I was a gymnast for a few years (I still love the sport and admire people like Simone and Aly) but now I am doing cheerleading since the gymnastics team at my school was very competitive. However after I quit gymnastics I took a whole year off for a break. I didn’t do any sport that...
  12. Texasmomof3

    For Parents Doc Ali/Fears and Blocks

    (Note: I could not find any results on search, but I know this has been discussed at length. Please feel free to tag me in the correct post if anyone has it.) My daughter is 14 years old, currently training level 8. She has never had a mental block before, but she is typically one of the...
  13. NY Dad

    For Parents Overcoming Fears

    Generally speaking do kids that are fearful remain that way or are kids that were once fearful sometimes become less fearful over time? My dd (currently 7 years old JO2) was relatively new to rec gymnastics maybe about 2 years ago when she saw a friend fall off bars with an ugly elbow...
  14. NY Dad

    For Parents Normal Fears? Doc Ali?

    My 7 year old is level 2 pre-team. When I spoke to her coach a little over a month ago and he mentioned that she had some fear issues. When dd came home from gymnastics today she mentioned that she's scared with bars (she mentioned some skills but I don't remember the specifics) and her BHS...
  15. Mommyo2az

    WAG Flyaway fears

    I know there are many topics on this,but I just want to vent! My DD just got over BWO on high beam block/fear and literally 2 weeks later cannot let go for a flyaway! This fear has gotten so bad that she has said she wants to quit gymnastics and is very teary going to practice. I feel so...
  16. L

    WAG Suggestions Needed - Moving Giant from Pit to Real Bars when gymmie has fears

    As most of you know, my DD made a tremendous comeback from a broken tibia and fibula. She has had a great 1/2 season and has all of her level 7 skills back. She is even doing tsuk drills, which I thought she would NEVER do. However, about 10 months ago while she was in the midst of...
  17. Orangesoda

    WAG 6yr old fears? Typical?

    Hey there. I haven't posted in awhile. I have a young 6yr old on pre-team. My understanding is her coaches are planning to have her compete L3 next fall. She'll turn 7 during the season. My question regards fears at this age. Is it normal to have them? Or is it possibly an early sign she isn't...
  18. meganliz77

    For Parents Backward beam skills...fears?!

    My DD has recently been struggling with back walkover and back handsprings on beam, as well as vertical handstand and cartwheel there for awhile... She has never done a BHS on beam without a spot but was willing to try and could get it with spotting. I literally watched her body refuse to go...
  19. NutterButter

    For Parents Fears and Not Trusting the Coach

    I’m wondering if anyone has BTDT and/or has any words of wisdom for me. At the beginning of the year my DD started having fear issues on bars. She was scared to giant although apparently they are strong and beautiful on strap. Over the next several weeks she lost her baby giant and cast...
  20. D

    WAG Help with fears

    What do you do for fears? I'm 14- and suddenly... I'm scared of so much. Only 1 of these skills I have fallen on, the rest something just tells me "don't go." I'm scared to vault (front handspring over the table), cartwheel on beam, handstand to vertical on beam, punch fronts on floor...