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  1. L

    Who is still paying their gym fees?

    Please feel free to make comments but I don’t want this to turn into an ugly debate. My gym assured team that they would make it financially make sense for us. But the creative math needs to be updated each month of the quarantine and this month they didn’t send out any communication; they just...
  2. K

    For Parents Competition fees/expenses

    I am in sticker shock at the annual competition fees at our new gym. (Boys Level 8/9/10 *athletes ELEIGIBLE for Nationals $2250) Our previous two gyms did fundraising to offset expenses and coach travel. Curious how much other parents are paying in the DC/MD/VA area if you guys don't mind...
  3. G

    For Parents Team growth and fees

    We have a great booster club (501c3). Our biggest fundraiser is a meet, which has raised enough in years past to cover coaches expenses for the entire year (parents only paid meet entries). Our team has doubled in size the last 2 years, but the meet profit has stayed the same. We are left...
  4. e'smum

    For Parents Competition Fees

    Just curious if alcohol and paying for family to fly to a meet is allowed or if there is a law that prohibits alcohol and any charges not related to the competition (ie - flying kids and a parent). TIA!
  5. J

    For Parents Sorry if it's been asked before... Annual cost of coach's fees? (booster and non)

    I searched the archives and couldn't find an answer to this specific question, so hoping you can help: I am wondering what people pay at various gyms specifically for coaches' fees for meets. So if you think of tuition, meet registration fees, your own travel, uniforms, etc. separate, how much...
  6. notthatmom

    For Parents Coaches Fees?

    How would you explain what coaches fees go towards? I'm trying to explain it to my husband but I don't have my team contract with me. Is it different for every gym? Thanks!
  7. MaineDad

    WAG Question about coaches fees for TOPS and Development Camps

    First post! I have nowhere to turn to get any answers to a lot of the questions I have that go beyond JO questions because I'm from Maine and as far as I know we have no gymnasts that have ever made it past the JO program. Last year my daughter made the TOPS B team as an 8 year old and we got...
  8. M

    For Parents Meet fees?

    I have a question about meet fees. First let me say that I like my dd's gym and I have no plans to leave anytime soon. This isn't a huge deal, but sometimes I do think they are a little aggressive in their fees. Anyway, I noticed something recently and I was wondering if this is normal or not...
  9. L

    For Parents USAG membership fees

    Hi. My first time posting and I've tried looking everywhere before asking here. What does your gym charge you for your USAG fees? I see online the cost of an athlete membership is $54.00 but our gym is saying the fee is a bit higher than that and i can't understand why. Please enlighten me if...
  10. proud-gym-mom

    For Parents Coach's Session Fees

    I wanted to get some input from other parents and/or coaches, especially those in booster clubs where the booster club coordinates the payment to the coaches for attending the meets (travel expenses and session fees). I'm interested in what your pay policy is specifically for the time they spend...
  11. ivyagogo

    WAG Gym Fees Question

    When your gym closes, say over Xmas break for two weeks, does your tuition stay the same for that month or is it a little less?
  12. P

    For Parents What are your yearly gymnastics fees?

    I have seen some threads on "how much for training hours" but not on the total price per year. We are just starting out and I've seen the list of team training fees but I don't know what to expect as far as meet fees and other team expenses in the first few years or later on for that matter...
  13. M

    WAG Coaches Fees

    I have recently become President for my daughters booster club. This year the booster club has taken over coaches fees. My question is does each girl on the whole team split the coaches fees equally no matter what level they are on or does it depend on level and how many meets that level is...
  14. Aero

    WAG Coaches Fees. Why?

    So I've learned that coaches charge a coach's fee from the parents in addition to the registration fee for each meet. Can someone tell me why? How do I explain to my girls' parents what it is? I really don't know myself, and I want to be prepared when I tell them that they're going to need to...
  15. G

    For Parents Hours/tuition/assessment fees/leotard

    What level is your dd, how many hours do they go a week and what are the fees? Also, how much is the competitive leo (not including warm-up)? My 8 year old is working on level 5 skills (competed level 4 last year). We don't know what level they will compete next season until September. She goes...
  16. JBS

    WAG Everyone Pays Same Amount - Booster Fees

    Here is a excerpt from the Twistar's Gymnastics Handbook...anyone at a club that operates like this? What do you think of it? http://www.twistarsusa.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/2013-14-Handbook.pdf
  17. M

    WAG Coaches Expenses and Fees

    When reimbursing coaches for their travel expenses and session fees, has anyone ever issued a 1099 for the session fees as non-employee compensation? We pay our coaches expenses from our Booster Club fundraising revenue. Any information and industry standards would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  18. S

    For Parents Meet schedule/fees/booster club questions. Help!

    Long story short. Gym is VERY new. It's been open only about a year. This year our team is very small. Only 7 girls. We also have a newly formed booster club (6 moms total) who have been fundraising like crazy. We have raised a significant amount of money since September. Next season we will...
  19. S

    For Parents losing out on meet fees

    I am just wondering if any gyms return meet fees for injured or sick gymnasts. Luckily this has only happened to us twice in 7 years. So we lost out on $85 ( due to illness) and then today (due to injury) $70. I am pretty sure our gym not not refund either. Perhaps it would be nice if a half...
  20. M

    WAG Competition fees

    I was wondering how many meets most gyms do a year and what are the competition fees. We do 8 plus an in house starter meet. I paid around $1400 this season. The leo was $150 and the warmups $120. I was told by a mom at another gym that her daughters fees were $800 and the Leo, warm ups, and gym...