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  1. GymBeeMom

    For Parents Need help-underwear question

    My dd has always gone commando under her leotards. She has always been more comfortable this way, but she is getting older and I feel like her silouette is looking a bit too...let's just say it's time for her to start wearing undies with her leo. Justice used to make great high cut string...
  2. G

    For Coaches Puberty and periods

    I coach a group of girls who are 12-13 yo. I recently made the girls fill out a questionnaire about their strengths and weaknesses, fears, goals etc because it's not always easy to get those teens talk to you. There was also free space to write about any worries, ask questions and tell me...
  3. S

    WAG What to wear under a leotard

    My friend's daughter is 13 and she recently started gymnastics, her coaches asked her to start wearing leotards to practice and my friend asked me what should she wear under her leo. Please answer
  4. R

    For Parents Delicate situation, once they hit puberty.

    so the no underwear thread got me wondering. what do you do if your dd has her time of the month on competition day? and the whole shaving thing. uggggg. it just doesn't feel right for my baby to have to shave.:eek:
  5. H

    For Parents Underwear and leotards

    My 6 yo DD insists that you aren't supposed to wear underwear under leotards. She says that gymnasts don't wear underwear under their leotards. I say they do, but what do I know? I never did gymnastics. We've done it both ways...but I thought I'd ask you guys. Underwear or no under leos?
  6. P


    what kind of underwear do you guys wear and how do you not get points taken of if your underwear is shown during a meet? nude colored underwear and what type of bra so your straps wont show no sporties!
  7. bogwoppit

    All about periods

    This thread is for information purposes only, not for discussion. If you have any links to add or wish to write a piece to add just PM it to me. Future posters about periods will be directed here and threads will be closed. The first few links are specific to gym, the next are all about...
  8. N

    What to wear under leo ?

    What do most gymnasts wear underneath the leotard? Do they wear underwear and sports bras? I know there are some deductions ...are the deductions only if they are sticking out or even if they are seen through the leo? Thanks!