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  1. meganliz77

    For Parents 1st meet of the season tomorrow...Gym momma nerves!

    Wow! That came up quickly!! DD has her first meet of the season tomorrow! I swear I get more nervous than she does :) I doubt that will ever change. And I'll be more than happy when she is done with that darn mill circle! The only skill that still is on again/off again...First 1/2 of meets at...
  2. ascarter1

    WAG First meet

    I am just curious when is everyone's first meet. My dd is a level 6. She has a practice meet in November and her first meet is in January.
  3. L

    WAG Advise for mom for first meet

    DD7 is coming up on her very first LVL3 meet! I’m looking for advise from moms and coaches on things to say and not to say before and after the meet. Particularly after, if she performs lower than her expectations or where many of her other teammates get medals and she doesn’t. I know the...
  4. S

    WAG first meet after being out with an injury

    My DD has her first meet since beginning of December this weekend. She was out with an elbow injury. She just started back training routines and skills a few weeks ago. Prior to that she was doing only limited conditioning. She's still not fully back (elbow not ready for full impact skills)...
  5. 3gymgirls

    For Parents First meet tomorrow

    My daughter is competing in her first meet tomorrow. She is competing in Amerikids level 1. I know this is a recreational level, but it is the path most of the gymnasts in our gym follow, and we have girls clear up to level 10. Regardless of the level , we are excited for the first meet!
  6. amblan01

    First Meet Nerves

    Any tips? I'm 14 and will be 15 in July so obviously I'm old for level one which is the old level 2 in Amerikids. I've never done this before so I'm nervous. I just don't want to mess up. And I want to win! But of course I won't be upset if I don't medal. I started again late so I'm getting into...
  7. emilykatherine

    WAG First meet

    It sucked.... Missed my connection on beam, ended really early on floor, shoulder hurt during vault..... Hope next weeks meet is better
  8. StringBean'sMom

    For Parents First meet today!

    Trying to contain and maintain excitement for my girl's first (ever) meet today - we are in the LAST session! She is so ready to get out there - hoping she has a fabulous and fun afternoon, and doesn't go nuts waiting until so late today!. Wish us luck!
  9. skschlag

    MAG First Meet over

    Whew. We survived. D had a great time, and his team placed 2nd!! They were all so excited :) D had an ok meet. He did really well on some things, and let's just say, some things ahve a way to go! They started on floor, where he scored either an 11.1 or and 11.3 (I can't remember) which was...
  10. A

    First Meet! Any tips?

    I'm having my first level 4 meet in a few weeks, and I'm super nervous! I'm afraid I'm going to mess up, forget my routine, or just straight up embarrass myself! Here is my question : Any tips on first meets? Thanks :D
  11. L

    For Parents First meet gift?

    Hi Moms! My daughter has her first meet ever in a week and half and I'm hearing that a lot about special gifts parents give for the first meet of the season. This is her first meet ever and she is very excited and nervous. I think a gift is a great idea but I don't know what to get! Any great...
  12. G

    WAG First meet of the season is all done!

    First meet of the season is done and out of the way. DD did a great job. L3 7-8 year olds she placed 1st on bars and 2nd on everything else. 1st AA. She is beyond thrilled and is more motivated than ever to get that kip that is "this" close so she can move up to L4 mid season. I'm so thankful...
  13. AlexsGymmyMom

    For Parents First Meet of the Year - Tonight - Judges Cup

    My DD has her first meet of the year this evening! I am nervous for her because she wants to make the national judges cup team for our state. Last year it only took a 35.6 or so AA to make the team. They take the top 5 or 6 from the state to nationals. I don't think some of the larger gyms...
  14. GymMom&Coach

    For Coaches When was your first meet?

    When was your teams first meet this season, and how many do you have per level? We are on the East Coast. We are STILL waiting ;p (im so excited and inpatient) our first meet is Nov 2/3 for my L3,4,5,6,7 We only have 5 meets, plus one homeshow, and states. I feel like this is not enough for...
  15. E

    For Parents First Meet Report..

    Oldest dd had her first meet this weekend, she competed Trampoline on Saturday and Floor, Beam and Vault on Sunday. All I can say is WOW what an experience, she had a fantastic time despite being so far away from home - 300+ miles away. Dd got 4th place for Trampoline - missed out on her first...
  16. billise

    For Parents Great First Meet!!!

    DD (age 6, level 3) had her first meet. She was so excited to hear her name called for 11th place All Around during the awards ceremony (she said she "never ever" thought her name would be called). Of course she didn't realize that was 11 out of 11 in her age category :-) We are so proud of...
  17. momto8in10

    For Parents First meet of the new season today!

    The girls had their first meet today; it was so much fun :-) I would definitely say that the judges are scoring tougher on the new routines, as I saw in an earlier thread. The scores for our girls were lower than last year, overall, yet we placed higher as a team. Lots of 8s, where we saw more...
  18. GymMom67

    For Parents First Meet Report

    We had our first meet today. It went pretty smoothly, considering everything was new to everyone, including the judges. My DD did pretty well, with the exception of beam. She had one balance check after another. She said something about their beam being hard, but soft at the same time? LOL...
  19. E

    For Parents First Meet in October and its a travel meet..

    My oldest dd has her first meet in October and it is a travel meet (around 250 miles away), it will require a hotel stay (being sorted out on our behalf - we just have to pay) and dd will get her first club/competition leotard. We have a meeting up and coming to discus details and have been...
  20. Ariekannairb

    For Parents 1st Meet Report!

    My girl had her first meet today! Started a bit rough with nerves causing a minor melt down but she did great getting it back together and regaining control. She had a fantastic floor routine but got ahead of the music, excellent vault, bars was as expected though she did get her mount and...