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  1. All Chalked Up

    First Meet!

    For a first meet, not bad at all. Judging was super tough though and I was injured, which is never good but I pulled through. Qualified for Provincials! I had a really big age group- 40 girls - from numerous provinces so I'm satisfied with how I did. Floor- 11.250. Pretty good considering I...
  2. R

    For Parents Nervous about DD's first meet!

    My daughter is 7 years old and just joined the gymnastics team at her gym. She was on "pre-team" and was asked to work out with the team, and before I knew it she was asked to compete in the upcoming meet and is now a member of the team. The gym owner recommended that she participate in the...
  3. T

    DD's first meet!!!!:)

    DD had her first meet this weekend. It was so much fun! :) She's in level 3. Poor thing was so nervous before her first rotation that I was scared she might not do it. But she pulled herself together and did great. :) Her scores: Floor- 7.7 Vault- 7.0 Bars- 6.0 Beam- 7.3 We were very happy...
  4. thefellowsmom

    First Meet Went Great - So Proud!

    The Fellows' first meet went so great. Well, once we got there but that is a long story. She had a great time and felt really good about everything. That night she told me she wished she could wake up and do it all over again. I don't think we could have asked for anything better. This was...
  5. skschlag

    MAG first meet over

    Well, we survived our first meet of the season. Derek had a solid meet..some things to work on, but still, did great. And.. He placed 1st in the AA :) This is his first AA 1st place and he was so excited. His team placed first too. Now to get ready for the next BIG meet :)
  6. skschlag

    MAG First Meet Coming Up

    The season is finally starting. Derek is so excited :) His first meet is Saturday. And, of course, he comes home from gym last night SICK! He actually called us from the gym, left, came home, and went to you know he was sick. Here's hoping it is really short lived. He is so...
  7. thefellowsmom

    Here We Go - First Meet Ever!

    This weekend will be The Fellows' first meet ever (Lv4). It is a small invitational and the coaches are telling them it's kinda like a practice meet. They didn't do a mock meet or bring judges in so at least they aren't laying on the pressure. For the past several weeks she has seemed nervous...
  8. G

    1st meet of the season - L8

    DD competed L8 most of last year, so she is kind of a 2nd yr l8 Bars: Big disaster. Low bar looked great (pirouette, high free hip, hit the handstands etc) Casted almost to handstand and missed her giant. Got back up went over on her handstand, tried again same thing. Then did a cast to...
  9. 2

    2 meet reports - Level 8 (1st meet) and Level 4 (3rd meet)

    Hi Everyone! Crazy gymnastics weekend for our family - my gymmies competed back to back on Sunday so we literally spent 10 hours at a gymnastics meet! I'll start with little dd because she competed in the morning... I'll start by saying her goal for the day was to get an 8 on bars since she...
  10. M

    1st meet ever under our belts!

    My daughter had her first ever bronze prep op meet. What a blast, it was really fun to watch all the girls from her team. And they won--yeah!! My daughter had some shining moments and some problems, am I ever proud of her though! Scores ranged from zero (scratched on vault, that one...
  11. C

    Back from 1st meet

    Well after being injured first with shoulder then with knee DD finally competed Today at her first meet of the season. She has only been practicing all the events for about 2 weeks after 8 weeks off. She did great considering. V - 8.90 7th place B - 9.10 - 1st place Be - 7.65 fell and didn't...
  12. C

    0.o Judging my first meet.

    That was fast. I passed the judging test for tumbling levels 1-7 about a month ago, & I'm already slated to judge a meet this weekend. EEEeeeeeeek.
  13. coachmolly

    First Meet as a Coach- Yikes!

    So in my years of coaching, I've always managed to be the in the gym help that doesn't need to go to meets and participate in all of the stress (oops, I mean fun...) associated with the process. I'm pretty comfortable playing a background role in most aspects of my life, so hearing all of the...
  14. D

    First Meet Ever Tomorrow :)

    DD has her first meet ever tomorrow (L4). If you could throw some good luck her way, it'd be much appreciated. She is SO nervous! (And so is Mom, but trying not to let it show!:cool:) Thanks and good luck to any DD/DS's competing this weekend!
  15. S

    L7_ First meet complete

    Wow. What a week it was leading up to it. She had the "eye of the tiger" 2 weeks ago. Then a fall on giants leading to a text last Thursday...."I fell and I am scared I don't want to do it". Without ever telling her she had to we consoled and listened. Then I told her if you don't want to do...
  16. UnoMas

    Leaving for first meet of the season tomorrow!

    We are leaving for the girls' first meet of the season tomorrow after school. The girls compete in the same session on different sides of the gym at 8am Saturday morning. Should be interesting! I have to have 2 heads of hair done at the same time! Older DD is very nervous about beam. I am...