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  1. D

    MAG Tight Hamstrings

    My 8 year old is suddenly having a lot of trouble with slightly bent legs. The coach says he is getting tight in his hamstrings despite stretching at gym. I asked my son about it and he says it does feel tight. His groin is also tightening up. His dad's side is amazingly NOT flexible in those...
  2. B

    Great shoulder stretch on stall bars.

    I've talked a lot about this one after learning it a few years ago. It's also a great pike stretch. It's like a cat stretch on steroids with a pike so 2 for 1. http://www.allthingsgym.com/wall-bars-pike-stretch/ From David Durante's instagram. Actually found something to post about it for once.
  3. M

    For Coaches Stretches names and muscles affected.

    I found that many gyms have different names for the same stretches. I also found that many websites state incorrect muscles affected by a stretch. I would love to hear your opinion. I have create a page with a gallery of stretches which are all numbered. I would like to hear what you think the...
  4. JBS

    WAG Resistance Band (Thera-Band) Training

    How many of your clubs do resistance band training on a regular basis for kicks...jumps...etc? http://dev.usagym.org/pages/home/publications/technique/2000/5/flexibility.pdf