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  1. uchiknow

    For Parents Lack of Flexibility for Competing w Higher Age Group due to Conflict?

    Hi! I am somewhat of a new gym parent as my daughter just started competing about a year ago. She is really passionate about it and loves the competition. However , there have been several meets, including States, which she has not been able to compete in due to the schedule for her age group...
  2. K

    For Parents Online flexibility one on one coaching

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anybody had suggestions for flexibility coaches who offer private coaching sessions remotely. Thanks!
  3. B

    For Coaches New Aspiring Level 1 Coach - Flexibility / Conditioning drills.

    Morning I just thought I would ask here for some friendly tips. First, I'll do a quick intro - Currently a parent of a 4/5 year old boy who is really interested in gymnastics, always watching people on Youtube doing gymnastics or ninja tricks. So, I'm taking him to classes, well I was there...
  4. Fairylou26

    MAG Flexibility training

    My son had a trial for a MAG gym today. They were impressed but because he’s not been in a mini squad he isn’t as flexible as they’d like or able to hold levers for as long as they’d like. They’ve asked to see him again in 6 weeks and sent him away with a home training programme. Any one got...
  5. M

    WAG Coaches: How often should I do "Active Flexibility Stretching"?

    How often should I do "Active Flexibility Stretching"? I do Passive/Static Stretching everyday for 1 hr. Just curious how often should I do "Active Stretching" as its a little bit more strength based. Three times a week? What do you recommend for your students? Currently a 30 year old woman...
  6. M

    WAG Shoulder Flexibility Rod Stretch, Difference Using Wooden Bar Rod or Towel Rope

    Whats the difference in doing the shoulder bar dislocation stretch with a regular wooden rod vs a towel/rope? (Note: I know the second picture is using a towel, but I use a rope and pull it wide tight).
  7. M

    WAG Increase Resting Flexibility

    I am able to do the Front and Side splits (on the floor and against a wall). However, when just lifting my leg up in front extended casually from standing position, the most I can get it up is 90 degrees. Many ladies are able to extend their leg up much higher than knee level. eg, many...
  8. dan129834

    MAG Need advice for strength and flexibility training

    Hey guys, i posted here about becoming a pro gymnast, i've been working out in gym for 5 years and got more interested in gymnastics. What i currently wanna do is change my workout routine but i need some assistance with exercises and routines. Now because im in the gym, i want to take advantage...
  9. E

    WAG front walkover help (back flexibility inbalance?)

    I have been trying to work on improving some of my skills & focusing more on technique. As I was watching videos of myself doing things like front walkovers and kick-overs, I've noticed that when I kick up with my good leg (right) and land on the ground with only my bad leg (left), my left leg...
  10. MuggleMom

    For Parents Bridge/Shoulder Flexibility

    My daughter does not have pretty bridges. I think it has to do with overall shoulder flexibility. She is not the most naturally flexible in general. Are there any good stretching programs to improve bridges and shoulder/back flexibility? That seems like a good workable home goal to me. Shes 10...
  11. T

    For Parents Stretching to increase flexibility

    DD wants to improve her flexibility in her leaps and splits. Does anyone have any links to some good online resources for stretches to help with this?
  12. Alana3911

    WAG Flexibility

    My daughter competes in JO6, she is so good in my eyes! She can land a back handspring on beam and back layouts and front on floor. Her problem is flexibility. She is short and muscley, she does pretty good, usually places about 7..8th in competitions but wants the gold obviously! Her problem...
  13. B

    MAG Ways to improve flexibility

    My DS is 8 and this is his first year competing (he was too young last year and could only do demo competitions). He is very strong and fairly well coordinated, but is probably the least flexible kid I have ever seen. In spite of working on his pike, straddle and middle splits for a couple of...
  14. A

    For Parents Dealing with morning lack of flexibility and a meet

    So my daughter has noticed for a long time that she is least flexible at her Saturday morning practices. She's just a bit more stiff. She is not the most flexible to begin with! She got assigned the first early morning session at her upcoming state meet. We will be staying at a hotel the...
  15. rosiekat

    For Parents Video for core/flexibility training?

    My son (9, almost 10 y.o., training L7 in case it matters) and I (40 something and a weenie) have agreed to work with each other on core strength and flexibility - him because it's his gymnastics weak areas, and me because I'm old. :) I used to have some good DVDs (yeah, I already said I was...
  16. T

    For Parents Flexibility tips?

    My 6 yo DD is super strong for her age. But, her range of flexibility is far behind the other girls in her group. I’ve tried to get her to do splits for one minute on each leg before she goes to bed, but (since she is six) doesn’t want to most nights. Should I just not worry about it and hope...
  17. Sarah_the_gymnast

    WAG Keeping up with flexibility?

    So, as most of you probably know, I stopped gymnastics about 2 months ago. So far, I have the same amount of flexibility (and even increased pike from diving!) but I'm worried that it will decrease. Any ideas for keeping it up? I thought it would be cool to join a contortion class, but those are...
  18. T

    For Parents Another flexibility question

    Sorry if this has been asked 1,000 times! But, my 5 year old DD (almost 6 year old) doesn't have the back flexibility like a few of the other gymnast her age. They go into a back bend, and it's like their hands touch their feet!! I'm truly amazed. They look like rubber bands! Right now, my DD...
  19. 4schnoodle

    WAG Shoulder Flexibility

    Hello everyone! Longtime reader - first time poster here. My 13 year old DD is a new level 6 and has always struggled with shoulder flexibility. Her coaches have told her multiple times that as her flexibility improves her so will her skills. In a recent progress report her coach mentioned that...
  20. Lilou

    For Parents Strength and flexibility ideas for home

    My gymmie has nearly all of her skills for Level 3 (she can do the entire bar routine, back handspring (but it needs work)) but is being held back (repeating L2) because the coach said she needs more upper body strength and flexibility. What are some good conditioning moves to strengthen her...