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  1. A

    WAG Flexibility for middle splits?

    I guess I have really tight hip flexors, my middle splits look horrendous. Both my right and left split are nearly down but when it comes to my middle splits I look like the Eiffel Tower (not a joke) my coach tells me to do extra stretches at home and I do and I'm not improving. Any tips on...
  2. M

    Parents Newbie and flexibility question

    Hi, I'm new here! Quick intro- DD is 5 and recently was chosen for the level 2 team at a new gym. She is currently at a rec only gym, and she couldn't get enough gym time to satisfy her needs. Since she was advanced beyond her peers (they only do grouping by age), and she clearly has that inner...
  3. Amir Hussain

    shoulder flexibility

    Guys,I really would be happy to know your comments. Thanks
  4. L

    WAG Flexibility in hamstrings?

    So when my DD sits on the floor in a pike, the back of her knees won't touch the ground. I would estimate that the back of her knees are 3/4 inch off the ground. I am not sure if it is a flexibility issue, or just the way she is constructed. She can sit in a pike and nearly flatten her...
  5. E

    Parents Strength and Flexibility

    How do you define strength and flexibility in young gymnasts - aged 5-7 roughly? I am interested to know what they mean by good or natural strength and flexibility at that age range.
  6. Amir Hussain

    MAG Back flexibility

    How much boys in the age of 15 should have Back flexibility?how to test?
  7. Jasmynn

    Coaches back leg in leaps and hip flexibility

    I have a few gymnasts that have trouble bending backwards in back walkovers because of hip flexibility and same thing with the back leg in leaps. What muscle needs stretching? I've looked up hip flexor stretches and its not the correct muscle. Thanks
  8. amblan01

    Back and Shoulder Flexibility

    Back and shoulder flexibility are the reasons I don't have about 10 skills. Bridges are harder to hold up than it is for other girls because my shoulders are stiff. This summer I want to gain a lot of flexibility for next competition season.
  9. Amusibus

    WAG Question on Shoulder flexibility

    My little 7 year old is in a low level competitive program at 2x/week for 4 hrs each. She has a really hard time with getting her arms into full overhead flexion (ie, up and back, the "ta-da" position). When she tries they don't go back all the way so she compensates by arching her lower back...
  10. M

    WAG Starting at L6 without any skills but strength and flexibility? Is that possible?

    Hello! So my dd is a level 6 and trains 3x3 hours a week. Next month, my sister will move to our village. Her daughter is the same age as mine. She is a very shy girl and had a lot of problems in socializing and stuff. The only thing that she loved was doing Kung Fu and sometimes a CrossFit...
  11. j5flip

    WAG Flexibility

    Just looking for some advice. I'm probably the most non flexible gymnast ever. I stretch all the time, and have been doing gymnastics for years. But I still don't have my splits. I've been trying for years to get my flexibility to were it should be, but that clearly isn't happening. Is there...
  12. upstateNYgymnastics

    WAG Flexibility

    LL is 7 years old. She's a work horse. Poised. Good control. Strong/muscled. Picks up skills quickly. She's not super stretchy/flexible. Is there anything she can do about that, besides what her coaches have her do for conditioning? Is flexibility a trait that is malleable?
  13. S

    WAG Feet flexibility...is this weird?

    So my feet/ankles are just simply not that flexible, I can't really point them that far. My coach even told me that they don't point super far, and my sister who does dance says my feet are "terrible." I know it's partly just genetics, a few years ago I had plantar fascitis in one of my feet and...
  14. S

    WAG Flexibility in half of my back?

    I have an extremely flexible back, but recently I've realized that I'm way more flexible in the left side of my back than my right. I think it's because a lot of the skills I do that involve back flexibility also involve putting my good leg(right) in front(say a ring leap), so since my left leg...
  15. E

    Parents Strength & Flexibility

    Since having an informal chat with dd's coach about dd she mentioned dd's strengths and weakness, it was mentioned that dd was quite flexible (this must be naturally in her as they don't do conditioning in rec) and she was very elegant on the beam, I was told she behaves well on class and has...
  16. GymMom&Coach

    Coaches Strength and flexibility report. need ideas

    Twice a year I like to do a strength and flexibility report for my team girls. Im looking for a few more ideas. So far I have... Chin-ups (Connected, without touching ground, backwards hands) - Pull ups (Connected, without touching ground, forward hands) - Connected chin up pull overs -...
  17. V

    WAG 'Aggressive' Ideas for Shoulder Flexibility

    DD has amazing progress with her gymnastics. Honestly going way further than I ever expected (she'll be a L8 this season). She's as strong as all get out and has good split flexibility. However, if you saw her bridge you probably wouldn't think she did gymnastics (especially at her current...
  18. Flipandtumble

    Back flexibility problem

    Hi guys, I'm new to Chalkbucket, I am currently an level 4 gymnast. My back walkovers and back handsprings need alot of improvement. My coach says I have no 'Arch' in my back. I can barely do a backbend sometimes I've gotten my back checked this weekend, they said it was fine. So I'm just...
  19. JediGymnast

    Strength/flexibility: Yoga or Ballet?

    Hello! I've been looking EVERYWHERE for an adult gymnastics or tumbling class, and there just aren't any within a 50 mile radius. You mentioned in the meantime to work strength and flexibility. Well, the local community college offers Yoga and Ballet classes. I know Yoga is good at working your...
  20. gymnasticswim4

    How to improve on back flexibility?

    Hi! My friend was a dancer even before gymnastics, and she still is. Since in dance (ballet) you have to keep your back straight, that has caused minimal back flexibility. She needs her back bend before anything else, and she was wondering if there was any way to improve her back flexibility so...