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  1. GymnasticsVAMom

    For Parents Flip Fest Camp in TN

    I saw a few older posts regarding this camp and a handful of reviews from Google of course. Anyone have a more recent experience they could share? Our gym has secured 10 spots for this camp and this would be our first gymnastics camp ever. Deposit is due at the end of the month so we need to...
  2. M

    WAG Front Tuck Flip, how to envision hips and glutes

    I am working on the front tuck flip at gymnastics training center. How should I envision what I do with my glutes during the flip? Should I "think about lifting my glutes over my head" or lifting it over the shoulder? How do you train your students?
  3. M

    WAG Similarities between Front Dive Roll and Front Flip Tuck, how is it a progression?

    They always say a Front Dive Roll is a Progression into a Front Flip Tuck. I don't get it. What are the similarities? What parts are alike? I can do a Front Dive Roll, but not a Front Tuck flip yet.
  4. M

    WAG Proper Mat to learn front tuck flip?

    I have been learning and conditioning for the front flip tuck. To test in real environment, what is a good type of mat to learn? Is it a cheese wedge mat? My gymnast coach wants me to learn on 1) regular panel mat, but I was hearing 2) a incline cheese wedge would be better to alleviate the...
  5. MichelleCat

    WAG Front Flip Tuck: How to handle bad sessions

    I am learning front flip tuck in Gymnastics class. We are going through all the drills with rolls and cushioned mats. During a floor routine, what if I have a bad moment or round or under rotate, and accidentally land on my head. Is there room for error in a floor routine? I also play other...
  6. gymjunkie

    For Parents Flip For Isla

    Please have your gymnasts participate in this IG challenge by posting a picture of them flipping in support of 10 YO L6 gymnast Isla who is in the burn unit of her local hospital. The hashtags are #flipforisla #FlamesFamily and #IslaStrong -- please use all 3. The IG Handle is...
  7. C

    WAG Which vault is easier to flip?

    Question first, before the long tale of why I am asking! In your experience as a gymnast, coach, judge, parent, etc, is a Yurchenko or a Tsuk easier to flip? Background is that my DD broke her shoulder at the main growth plate last year, seemed to recover fine. Then this year started having...
  8. C

    MAG What do I do with a boy gymnast who just wants to flip??

    I have a boy age 12 who just wants to flip and nothing else. He is a good gymnast I'm struggling to think of stuff that will keep him going at gymnastics because he gets bored during his class. Anybody for any ideas.
  9. C

    MAG What do I do with a male gymnast who just wants to flip??

    I have a boy age 12 who just wants to flip and nothing else. He is a good gymnast I'm struggling to think of stuff that will keep him going at gymnastics because he gets bored during his class. Anybody for any ideas.
  10. G

    WAG JO Optional Flip Book Question

    Hopefully a coach who has seen this book can help me..... My daughter wants to know what are ABCD etc. skills. There are a couple of websites that she has found, but we don't really know if those sites are accurate. The USAG Code of Points is rather expensive and way more information than she...
  11. G

    WAG Flip Fest

    Have many families here done Flip Fest? Is it mostly rec or compulsory level kids? Would girls working levels 8-9 have fun? Any other input you’d give on Flipfest or other camps?
  12. M

    For Parents Coach/gymnast boundaries: the flip side

    Parents and coaches, do you ever think about teaching kids boundaries in the way they interact with coaches, not so much for the child's protection but for the coaches' comfort and protection? I remember once seeing my child run up to and hug a coach without warning at the end of a summer camp...
  13. F

    WAG Coaching Position Flip City Gymnastics

    Flip City Gymnastics Club is located in Langley, British Columbia. Flip City offers recreational, WAG, MAG and T&T. Flip City is a growing club with a strong WAG program of 70 gymnasts, JO 1-10, HP and Academy (academic school/gymnastics day program). We are looking for the right person(s) to...
  14. G

    For Parents Flip a Thon and taxes?

    So our gym is doing a Flip-A-Thon to celebrate National Gymnastics Day. The girls will collect pledges for how many "flips" they can do it 2 minutes For those that have done this type of fundraiser before, did the funds go directly back to the gymnast? Do they have to pay personal taxes on...
  15. gymmomtotwo

    For Parents The Flip Side by Shawn Johnson

    Wondering if anyone has a review of this book? DD loves gymnastics fiction, but at 9, I am wondering if she is too young for this book? Besides the Go For the Gold series, does anyone have any gymnastics fiction recommendations?
  16. V

    WAG Flip fest

    I'm considering attending flip fest this summer and I was interested in hearing others experiences with the camp. It looks like a lot of fun!
  17. MaryA

    WAG Flip side of the ballet question

    Ok, I know nobody can answer this for sure. It's going to be different for every kid, etc. etc. The one mom wanted to know how much her gymnast will get out of a ballet class. I want to know how much my ballerina will get out of a tumbling class! My 13-year-old DD, who has been taking ballet...
  18. L

    WAG Better to flip out of RO or RO BH?

    Do you think it's easier to flip out of Round-Off Back Handspring (Back Tuck, Layout, Twist) or just out the Round-Off?
  19. Flexinwithjensen

    Startle affect in front flip

    We're you ever jumping on your trampoline or bed and try a front flip and get scared in the middle of the air? Well that's happened to me know does anyone know how to get rid of it?
  20. L

    For Parents Flip Fest Camp

    My daughter will be attending Flip Fest Camp in Tennessee this summer. She is 8 and this is her first time "away". Has anyone else attended there? Thoughts about the camp? I am, of course, a nervous mommy... LOL