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  1. Pea'sMom

    Parents Floor routine...finally!

    Pea came home dancing last night, she finally started learning her floor routine! I had to tie her into bed since she wouldn't stop practicing! The only bad thing so far? It's raining today, so she can't practice at recess :rolleyes: Love the excitement!
  2. B

    WAG Show me the coolest, prettiest floor routine you've seen!

    Please. Looking for good music for a girl who can not make up her mind.
  3. B

    WAG A floor routine to this music?

    I am not a choreographer, but will be doing some of the routines for our new level 6s. Is it ok to look at routines with the same music to get ideas or is that against the rules? Specifically looking for Sweet Georgia Brown.
  4. IreneKa

    WAG Judges? Can someone comment on the L3 floor routine?

    I know it's only level 3, and it doesn't matter in the long run, but I'm just curious. A week ago DD had a meet and scored 9.5 on this floor routine: Then this weekend she had States, and got 8.6: I know she was nervous, because it's States. And she was upset, because they started on beam...
  5. 5

    Parents Level 4 floor routine

    What is the deduction for being ahead of music? My daughter had to pause for a bit for music to catch up because she went to quickly. She still did great after performing her first floor routine after getting off her back brace for stress fracture. She did not even know she was competing floor.
  6. ladybird

    WAG Can someone judge my dd's last floor routine?

    Hi! My dd is a level 3 and is scoring lower on her floor routines so far this year compared to last year. Yes, I know they are much different routines, etc. but I would love some feedback other than from her coaches. Let me know and I will PM it to you. Thanks!
  7. A

    WAG Question about lefty/righty Level 3 floor routine

    Hi all, I have noticed in my gym that some level 3's are doing their entire floor routine right, but doing their split left? Is there a deduction for this? Or is it better to take a deduction for the wrong side split if the split goes all the way down (some girls only have left split all the...
  8. GymMom67

    Parents New Level 3 Floor Routine

    I finally got to see some of the new Level 3 floor routine today. They started working on them a couple of weeks ago, but my DD was out that whole week for camp, then her gym was closed all last week for the 4th. I like the routine. It has some really pretty elements. I haven't heard the...
  9. J

    Coaches Level 6/7 Floor Routine Length

    I just want to be certain I'm understanding this correctly... Level 6 floor length is 1:15. level 7 (and all higher levels) is 1:30. But if a gymnast does a 1:30 floor routine in Level 6, she will only lose .10 for being overtime, correct? Assuming the above is correct, does anyone else think...
  10. M

    WAG New Level 4 Floor Routine?

    Is there anyway to see the new Level 4 floor routine? I would to see all the new dance things they have added.
  11. 2G1B

    WAG New level 3 floor routine

    DD learned it today. She hasn't done it to the music yet; but knows the routine and showed it to me at the end of practice. I think it is a lot prettier than her AAU 3 routine from last year. She really likes it too. :-) I also think that what I have seen of the beam routine is prettier.:p
  12. R

    WAG Whose Floor Routine was to Pink Floyd's "Money" at 2000 US Championship?

    My apologies if this thread is in the wrong location - I wanted to post it in archived competitions but the only thread that shows up for me there is the 2012 Olympics. I know this is a long shot, but I was wondering if anyone knew whose floor routine was set to "Money" on day 1 of the women's...
  13. C

    WAG Ending pose for level 4 floor routine

    I was wondering if there is a deduction for moving your front foot in the ending pose of the USAG level 4 floor routine. I thought I read somewhere that you can't move your front foot. I might be wrong, though. My coaches picked my ending pose:( and it requires me to slide my front foot back to...
  14. F

    WAG Yey - New Floor Routine!

    Not really a brag at all, but nothing else on this silly pre-fix list fits... Daughter got back from gym about an hour ago and she was bursting with excitement, because she's finally getting her own floor routine. When she joined the club in April she'd only competed a couple of basic routines...
  15. GymMama

    Parents Looking for floor routine pose ideas!

    L4 DD is allowed to pick her own ending pose, now that she's got her ROBH on the floor. Some of the girls are coming up with some really cute ideas, like blowing kisses, thumbs up, etc. DD isn't so creative, so we're looking for some suggestions! She just turned 7 and is still considered one...
  16. M

    WAG How long does a floor routine need to be

    I just received DDs floor music for the year and its so short. Its 1:07 long. I am not sure if she is competing 8 or 9 yet but wanted to know what the rules say about routine length.
  17. SuperGirlmlm

    The new floor routine routine again

    Ugh, I need another new floor routine. There are 4 different music options I like, but I'm still open to listen to more. Has anyone used energym (I think I spelled that wrong)? How much money is it? And, is it easy to use, legal, and all that other stuff? Also, does it have some good choices? I...
  18. N

    Anyone know where I can find step-by-step instruction for the level 6 floor routine?

    I just started back up in gymnastics after quitting for 7 years. My gym instructors are trying to teach me the level 6 floor routine, but I am a slow learner with the dancy stuff. Does anyone know where I can find a video of somebody teaching it slowly? I am talking about this routine...
  19. marie83

    WAG Floor routine 'dismount' question

    On floor, is the dismount classified as the last element performed or the last salto performed? Just choreographing a new floor routine and this has totally escaped my memory! It is because at certain levels here it is the last acro element, regardless of whether there is a jump or leap after...
  20. wandrewsjr

    86 year old demonstration floor routine at Cottbus

    86-year old Johanna Quaas demonstration on FX - "Turnier Der Meister" Cottbus 2012 - YouTube Seen this? Unbelievable.