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  1. F

    WAG Cleaning up Floor Routine

    My 8 year old daughter is having a great first season competing XB! She loves it and is managing solid 35s AA. Her biggest challenge area is general sloppiness and performance appearance. Especially on floor. Her arms flap around, she takes lots of extra hops, and she struggles to smile/look...
  2. G

    WAG Level 9 floor routine

    My level 9 daughter is constructing her floor routine. She plan not doing the doubles because it might hurts your ankle when landing. I am wondering if it affects her starting value. She told me no . Her start value is still 10. What effects her routine without doubles on her college...
  3. coach1234

    WAG Level 8 Floor SV

    Please can someone tell me what start value this level 8 floor routine would be? Is it a 10.0 SV and if not what can I change to make it? Does it need a 3rd tumble? FHS-FLO-FT Wolf turn switch leap - straddle jump RO BHS BLO 1.5
  4. Anonymous Post

    Anon Level 8 Floor Routine

    I am thinking about competing Level 8 this season, however, I have a hard time doing back tumbling and would feel more comfortable doing a floor routine with little to no back tumbling. I would like to compete a 3 pass routine with these skills: Round-off, back half, front tuck Front...
  5. JBS

    WAG Featured Article: Top Tips To Improve Your Floor Score

    Gymnasts... coaches... and parents are always looking for advice on how to improve scores. Our latest article by Jen Kula jumps into how to improve your gymnastics floor score! Read the article at the link below... https://chalkbucket.com/top-tips-to-improve-your-gymnastics-floor-score/
  6. S

    WAG Level 8 floor

    Hi! I am wondering if someone can help me understand composition deductions for 8 floor? My daughter may compete FH front Full for pass 1 and then FT RO BLO for pass two and then FH FLO for pass three. Does this meet the composition requirements for the tumbling? Thank you!
  7. C

    For Parents Looking for floor music like Laurie Hernandez’s 2021 music.

    I’d really appreciate any suggestions that you have!!!
  8. C

    WAG Looking for floor music that are similar to Laurie Hernandez’s 2021 floor music. Please let me know if you have any ideas!!!!

    Any floor music recommendations would be greatly appreciated
  9. TheXcelMom

    WAG XG Floor Music beeps

    We just chose and edited this year's routine music. We got it down to 60 sec but the beginning is very abrupt (this is the nature of the piece, it's not the cutting). She needs the beep at the beginning. Will the beeping count as part of the time? Also, is there somewhere I can get an mp3 of the...
  10. L

    WAG Another level 9 floor question

    As the competition season is heading closer I am getting very nervous about competing on floor. I posted a similar thread a couple of months ago but I have still yet to confirm my tumbling passes with my coach:( Anyway to the point. I am struggling with connecting two saltos together and I have...
  11. A

    WAG Xcel Bronze Floor

    Our Bronze team is struggling on a leap combination. I know they can do step hops, but can those step hops be done in a passe position or does it have the be straight in front at horizontal?
  12. L

    For Parents Finding Floor Music

    I'm trying to find floor music for this year and I'm having a hard time. I don't really love the dancing part of floor and I'm somewhat shy so nothing super sassy. I maybe want something similar or in the same realm as my previous floor music linked below. I'm looking for any suggestions! Thanks!
  13. ldw4mlo

    WAG Looking for Star Wars music for floor

    So the kid is looking to change her floor music. She is liking Star Wars music, even Darth Vader/Empire. Anyone have any already cut Star Wars music or sites to find what she is looking for. She has lots of orchestractions, but would need to edit. Would rather purchase something already done. TIA
  14. N

    WAG Beep for floor music

    Can anyone help me find some who can add this beep. I have researched and tried garage band and some other apps. I’m just not built for that.
  15. D

    WAG Xcel gold floor question

    Hi, Can xcel gold compete round off back handspring back tuck or is that a platinum skill? Thanks.
  16. D

    For Parents Level 7 floor

    Can you do a front tuck step out to a front layout to a front tuck on level 7 floor?
  17. Anonymous Post

    Anon How strict are judges with floor music length? (L10)

    I’m wondering how precise/strict the 1:30 time limit is for L10 floor music. Just got the cut back and the file length is 1:32, the music ends at 1:30, but there’s sort of a lingering tone that goes to 1:31. The routine itself would be finished by 1:30 but wondering if she could get dinged for...
  18. kittykatgymnast

    WAG Level 7 Floor Question

    Hi! Question: Would roundoff - arabian stepout - front handspring be an acceptable pass for level 7 front tumbling? Or does it have to be two connected front elements (like fhs - front tuck)? Thanks! :)
  19. gaby.gibbs

    Anon Getting fatigued in my Floor routine

    Hey everybody! Due to covid, haven't properly cometed in gymnastics for almost 3 years! At the beggining of this year I started learning my new routines to get ready to compete! I've had a problem on floor where I am too fatigued to go for my last tumble, I have no idea why! Floor has never...
  20. C

    WAG New Level 7 Floor Requirements

    Am I correct in understanding that the fwd salto on floor in L7 no longer has to be done in combination?