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  1. L

    WAG Level 9 floor routine question

    I am currently working on level 9 skills and I have some questions regarding floor requirements. My coach and I have been going over options for tumbling passes to have a 10.0 start value. I have a really solid double back (I have it on the floor already) but I am not a very strong twister so we...
  2. P

    WAG BWO-BWO on Floor, Do you step-in?

    My daughter competed at regionals yesterday and her coach told her for the first time ever that she was supposed to “step-in” in her BWO-BWO pass for it to count as a connection. Is this good advice, or not?
  3. Anonymous Post

    Anon Floor routine choreography

    Hi all, I need to choreograph a floor routine but it’s been a while and I need some inspiration! I will be using a cut of this music: Can anyone recommend some routines/videos on YouTube etc with similar style music I could watch?
  4. G

    WAG Xcel Gold Floor Requirements

    Hello, I am currently coaching a team of Xcel golds, and I am hoping someone can help clarify possibilities of flight skills on floor. One of my girls used to be kind of iffy with back tumbling, but (despite being consistent for months), it's the week of a meet and she is panicking, and has...
  5. G

    WAG Floor Music Cuts?

    Does anyone on here cut floor music for fun? I found I song I kinda like and there's a couple versions of it but they aren't great. I'm not sure if this is what I would pick but it sounds cool. If someone could point me in the right direction that would be fine too! (I've tried Audacity and...
  6. D

    WAG Conditioning to help keep feet from hitting floor after pirouette

    Looking for some help on what kind of conditioning/strength training my kid can do that will help her with her pirouette. She consistently hits her feet on the floor after her pirouette. I would like to leave the actual “gymnastics“ of the pirouette to her coach. She has struggled with a couple...
  7. Beam Queen

    OT Floor Music

    I'm looking for a floor music for next year (from YouTube). My current one is 'Closer' by StephanFloorMusics and I absolutely love it. I want music that's sassy and dramatic and that really grabs your attention. I would love some suggestions! No shorter than 1:20 is preferred.
  8. R

    WAG Easiest (or easier) platinum floor routines

    What are some ideas for easy or easier platinum floor routines with a 10.0 start value?
  9. JBS

    NCAA Mya Hooten Perfect 10.0 On Floor!

    Awesome routine here by Mya!
  10. S

    Parents Floor salute

    Hi everyone! This is my daughter's second year of competing. She lost a bobby pin at the end of her floor routine and picked it up before saluting. She is only a level 2. Would she get a deduction for that? We are still new to scoring and what not. My thought was to salute then pick up the Bobby...
  11. M

    MAG Mens Apparel in Floor Routine

    What do men wear in Olympics Floor Routine? a) Is it a Tank Top T-Shirt Tucked within Short Pants? b) Or are they actually wearing leotard with Shorts? Or maybe something else, i don't know.
  12. MuggleMom

    Parents Easiest level 8 routines beam and floor

    So my kid was doing great then had some allergy issues that have limited practice and stunted progress (two months of missed or short practice) going into the season. What are some easy skills that can get her a 10 value or close on beam and floor (bars and vault are good). Beam- has standing...
  13. helllllooooooooo

    WAG rod floor to spring floor

    how different is it?
  14. L

    Parents L6 Floor Music

    L6 is the first optional and a huge task is obviously picking the floor music. I'm sure parents have a preference what their daughters will use. It's pretty overwhelming. I'm wondering what the crowd has done when picking. 1. Did you use JumpTwist? I find almost all of their song execution...
  15. GymRays

    Coaches USAIGC Bronze beam and copper 1/2 floor

    I'm new to USAIGC. In Copper 1&2 on floor I see a SR that says Handstand Element -stretched position (min 1 sec hold). What skills would this include aside from just a handstand? Or is it meant to be just a handstand or handstand roll? Also for Bronze and Diamond beam it says isolated split...
  16. D

    MAG Would you like for the men to have music on floor?

    Would you like men to have music with their floor? I'm not really sure about it, but I think it would be interesting to see what they could do artistically with the music. I do kind of like how when the men stick a landing you can really hear it though.
  17. D

    WAG usa floor music

    This is an opinion only of course, but I wish the gymnasts from my country (USA) had better floor music. Rarely does the music draw me in anymore. It just seems like a mixture of unmemorable sounds in the background. Even if the gymnast is more athletic than artistic, I would still think they...
  18. Invisible Duck

    WAG Cutting floor music

    Is there anyone who would be happy to give cutting some music a go for me? I’m rubbish at it! I have found a few different cuts of the music this is an extended version I like a lot This is a shorter version of it And these are two other cuts that I think I like a little less If...
  19. K

    Feet sliding on floor & it's not a new floor

    Any suggestions are appreciated! My daughter is 8yo, last night she needed to take tumbling test which she should've passed. She didn't. For whatever reason her feet were slipping on the floor. I watched her do the very first thing, a backbend and then she was constantly trying to reposition...
  20. C

    WAG XP Floor Routine Deductions?

    My DD is competing Xcel platinum with the hopes of moving over to level 7 next year. She was originally heading to level 5, but our compulsory gymnast moved to xcel due to the season being cancelled. One of the events she’s struggled with is floor, she usually scores between a 8.9 and 9.1...