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  1. nsandin

    OT Floor music edit

    Is there anyone who knows how to edit music (floor music) who could possibly help me edit a new floor music? I want to cut out some parts of the song and make the transitions smooth. /level 8 gymnast
  2. L

    WAG Question about level 8 floor?

    In two recent meets, I noticed that two girls got extremely high floor scores competing only two passes: one had a front handspring, front pike and the other had a front pike, front tuck. Both competed ro bhs 1/2s and not a full. Leap pass was switch leap, straddle for one girl and switch...
  3. C

    WAG Deduction for coach on floor

    Hello My daughter is competing level 4 this season and recently has started only doing her double back handspring with a coach on the floor near her. In level 4 what is the deduction if a coach comes onto the floor but doesn’t touch you? FWIW her double bhs is beautiful but she has a block...
  4. B

    Coaches New Spring Floor: Make or Buy?

    We are opening a new gym and looking at different options for spring floors. There seems to be a huge variance in price and construction so I am reaching out to see what everyone thinks is the best way to go. Any recommendations on thickness for bonded carpet foam and spring size/placement if we...
  5. JBS

    Gymnastics Meets, Floor Music & Home Use Equipment

    ChalkBucket would like to take the time to thank our sponsors. Please support them if you can! High 5 Meets High 5 Meets has competitions in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and Missouri. Energym Music Check out Energym Music for all your floor music needs! Norberts Equipment...
  6. C

    Parents Floor Music

    How often do your optional gymnasts switch up their floor music? DD1 was XG 2 years ago. This is the level where our owner allows the girls to start using their own music and routines. We paid for choreography and music then. She competed a full season of XG with that music. Last year, she did...
  7. F

    WAG Typical first year level 10 bars, beam, floor, vault

    Hello everyone, I thought i would start a thread that is not talking about Covid-19 or sadly banned coaches. So here i am wondering what are typical routines done by 1st year level 10's? I do know that this can vary, i just thought it might be fun to actually talk gymnastics skill right now to...
  8. D

    Parents Level 7 floor

    Can you do a front tuck step out to a front layout to a front tuck on level 7 floor?
  9. D

    Floor music theme Helpp

    My coach said i need something older aka more mature. How ever i want it to be mature but also upbeat and happy she said it needs to tell a story. My older teammate helped me out with her floor music brain and we decided something Brodway jazz or just jazzy but i still dont know where to llook...
  10. JBS

    OT Make a Gymnastics Floor Bar for Home Use - Tom Forster

    Here's a great video from Tom Forster on how to make a floor bar (or parallettes if you make two)...
  11. M

    WAG Floor music similar to "Stereotypes"?

    My daughter loves this music and was hoping to use it next year, but a teammate has it and is not planning to give it up. Any suggestions for something similar?
  12. H

    WAG Floor & Bars Deductions

    I'm an Xcel Gold gymnast, and I've noticed this season that my scores have been consistently lower than I'd like them to be. Vault has never been good for me and beam has been a disaster this year because of nerves, so I know what I need to fix on those, but floor & bars are sort of a mystery to...
  13. F

    WAG Group B elements floor

    My gymnast is struggling with her switch leap on floor. I’m thinking about changing something to help her score higher. I obviously have the code of points in the gym, but it’s driving me nuts thinking about it right now, and I don’t feel like driving there to check, what are some unique or...
  14. G

    WAG Floor music

    Hi everyone! I’m a level 6 gymnast, and I want to change my floor music. I’m thinking something sassy with a Spanish/ Tango twist to hype me up. Also, for choreography- any ideas on how to choreograph? My coach did last time but she’s not very creative. We are hoping for 1:00-1:10, but I can cut...
  15. L

    WAG Creative ideas for level 7 leap pass on floor

    Not sure why, but my daughter just can't get the hang of a switch leap. She is super flexible. She hits the 180, but it is at the wrong angle, so it always looks like the back leg is dragging too low. We know what the problem is. She throws the front leg up way too high, but she has tried...
  16. K

    Xcel Gold Floor

    Hello. I'm a gymnast who struggles with tumbling. I have a front handspring and a front tuck, but no back handspring yet. What are all the different combinations of passes I could compete for Xcel Gold? Thanks
  17. gymnastmom05

    WAG Does this meet requirements for Level 8 floor?

    My DD has had some tumbling issues (not her area of strength). Her new gym is playing around with her floor passes. They had been working hard on her front layout but apparently it just wasn’t going well. They now changed it to this (she used to do 3 passes at old gym but new gym does not to...
  18. adult?gymnast

    WAG Old (2003ish) USAG Level 5 Floor music?

    Hi all! I was wondering if anyone would know where to find or perhaps has a copy and would kindly share the USAG Level 5 compulsory floor music prior to 2005? My teammate (we are college club gymnasts) was looking for it and could not find it online or on YouTube. Thanks!
  19. CoachAngel

    WAG Advice Needed: Gymnasts aren't memorizing their floor routines.

    I've been a competitive gymnastics coach for seven years now, and this is my second season as the head coach for our Xcel program. I've always choreographed the routines myself and taught them the same way. This season the problem I'm running into is that the Silvers just aren't memorizing their...
  20. N

    WAG Floor Routines

    We paid a choreographer for a floor routine, and found our own music. My daughter competed it for two seasons, and we have now left the gym because it is unsafe. Tonight we found out the coaches have given the routine to another girl. Is this common? She really loved the routine and felt it was...