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  1. N

    Parents Floor music site post

    Is there a pinned post for floor music site..if not where have you gotten yours.
  2. pinklemonadeliz

    WAG L7 Floor Deduction question

    Quick question.... Does a small stumble coming out of a tumbling pass count as a fall?? My dd said they counted the small stumble after her second tumbling pass as a fall. She got a 9.450 as it was but she was bummed thinking it would have been a half point higher had that not counted as a...
  3. G

    WAG Level 6 Beam and Floor Requirements

    Level 6 Beam: So could a beam routine have a back walkover, not a back handspring? What skill value is a back walkover on beam? Would this routine meet requirements- BWO, backward roll, beat jump connected to sissone, full turn, cw bt? If that doesn't fulfil, if I replaced the full turn with a...
  4. GymRatMama

    Parents L7 Floor Routine Advice

    I am hoping that someone who knows the requirements of L7 can help me with something that I can't seem to get an answer for from either my dd or her coach. Her L7 floor routine keeps losing its start value. In the past 4 meets I have noticed that the judges lowered her start value to 9.7. Prior...
  5. F

    Parents Floor Music

    I'm sure that this has been asked hundreds of times but my DD finally gets to pick her own floor music!! Any suggestions on good sites to look at for floor music? So far we have just been searching on youtube. Thanks!!
  6. gymnast_claire16

    WAG Judge my floor routine

    Hello, i was wondering if any judges or coaches would be able to look at my floor routine and tell me any errors and deductions in my routine. A score would be great as well to- i'm in xcel gold thanks :)
  7. gymnast_claire16

    Judge my floor routine

    Hello, i was wondering if anyone was a judge or knew a judge that would be willing to take a look at my floor routine and telle me the deductions they see. I would like my routine to be as good as possible for state :)
  8. flippingtogether

    WAG Level 9 Skills - beam and floor

    I am trying to figure out for floor and beam - what would be typical for a first year L9 to compete at a minimum? (ie a competent but not a strong L9 on the spectrum of skill difficulty.) And what would be expected skills for a L9 who has been at the level for two or three years, getting ready...
  9. CCGymbug

    Parents Floor Music

    So we are finally going to get to pick something other than the horrid comp music. Another girl on the team dances to Adam's family theme and my DD loves it. Any suggestions to alternative uptempo songs that maybe have a slow area to show her graceful side as well?
  10. M

    WAG L3 floor deductions

    Does anyone know how big the deduction is for moving the feet after landing in the bridge in the handstand-bridge kickover in the L3 floor routine? What about for feet that bounce when landing the backwards roll to push-up position?
  11. twinklytoes9468

    Coaches cheap gymnastics floor for light use rec kids

    Hi I am setting up a little rec club in a community centre to operate only once or twice a week , most beginner kids 8 and under a few older ones up to 13. Class size up to 15.We are fortunate to have had some second hand equipment donated but i am struggling with a 'floor' .There are some...
  12. CLgym

    WAG L4 floor help -- Judges or coaches -- anyone willing to look?

    State meet is just around the corner, and DD is frustrated with floor scores. Anyone (judges, coaches or experienced parents) willing to take a look and share thoughts/feedback? I can PM her highest scoring and lowest scoring floor routines of the season. Thanks!
  13. Ali'sMom

    WAG Is there a list of national gymnasts and their floor music?

    USAG posted a transformation Tuesday with Kyla Ross on the beam at 2013 Worlds. Whoever was on the floor at that time has my daughter's floor music, and I'd love to know who. We've never heard her music anywhere, and I think it's kind of cool that someone who made it to Worlds had it! Thanks!