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  1. ProudMomOfAlani

    For Parents Flyaway

    Flyaway tips, drills, explanations, and also drills for at home?
  2. lime-gymnast

    WAG Layout flyaway mental block

    I’ve perfected my layout flyaway and have even started to do cast handstand layouts on the pit bar, but I started to flip before I let go of the bar and developed a mental block after bailing twice at a practice. My coach told me to work on something different for now but every time I think of...
  3. lime-gymnast

    WAG Layout flyaway mental block

    I’m in a relaxed gymnastics competitive program. I’ve been competing for about a year and a half and have been in the sport for 3 years and a half. This program is laid back and our team is 10-15 (age) and very wide range of skill, but most of us are working on kips and cartwheels on beam, front...
  4. C

    WAG Front Flyaway Question

    I have a gymnast that wants to learn a front flyaway. I don't have very much experience with these, but how would you go about teaching it? Our main problem is that our gym doesn't have a pit bar. Is it the type of thing where we should just put down soft mats and have her play around with them...
  5. astrogabbyx

    WAG Fear of Flyaway

    I've been working on flyaways for a really long time. A couple of months ago, I was doing them just fine with a coaches spot/into the pit alone. Now I can't. When my coach is spotting me, I freak out and don't let go. When I try it into the pit, I get too scared to flip so I end up doing a...
  6. S

    For Parents Suddenly won't let go for flyaway

    My DD who is 11 and competing level 7 this year has suddenly stopped doing flyaways. Tuesday she had a great bar day was doing giant into a layout flyaway and also used the strap bar some to improve her form on her giants. My husband caught the tail end of practice and said she was letting go...
  7. KiraDombrowski

    WAG Flyaway help

    One of my friends is having major flyaway trouble. She is fine doing it on the low bar with a spot but once she gets on the high bar she won't let go. She will start tucking early and slightly pulling in on the high bar. This has developed some fear. My friend has hit her feet which gave her...
  8. G

    Drills and tips for a front flyaway

    Drills and tips for a front flyaway
  9. The_gymnast

    WAG Flyaway Tip

    My flyaways have been great in the past, until yesterday. My coach was gone for 5 days and we didn’t work flyaways so now I don’t tap at all, tap too late, or close my shoulders. I keep hitting my toes on the bar. My tap swings without the flyaways are good, but when I connect it it all messes...
  10. Gymnastorlz

    WAG Flyaway problems

    So at my last gymnastics practise, I was scared to let go of my flyaway and just couldn’t let go. Most other practises, I let go after two or three tries, and once I get the first one over with, I’m fine. I’m now stressing and putting pressure on myself since the practise I couldn’t do it in...
  11. G

    WAG Flyaway Problems

    About a year ago my DD moved up from bronze to silver. She had been working very hard as her best friend moved up before her. She finally moved up and had an okay first year. Now we know that she is not going to move up(gold) as she would have a terrible year on beam and floor as she has always...
  12. Geoffrey Taucer

    MAG Quad flyaway

    Have y'all seen this madness?
  13. M

    WAG Flyaway HELP!

    My level 7 has developed a strange problem with letting go too early on flyaways. It happened the week after regionals. She just goes really far and suddenly can't seem to figure out how to let go at the right time. Help please! Are there any drills she could do, things she could tell herself...
  14. 4schnoodle

    For Parents Pike flyaway

    So my DD just informed me that she is doing a piked flyaway dismount and it got me curious… How much “Pike” is too piked? Like should her feet go all the way to her face? Should it be more like a 90° angle? This is more just a mom question from curiosity (don’t like to have her discuss too many...
  15. P

    WAG Flyaway mental block

    How do I help my 10yo DD deal with a major mental block on her giant-flyway? She's been very frustrated and her mental state is getting worse after each practice. She competed cast- flyaway all season last year and then had giant-flyaway for about 3 months. She's lost everything now and won't...
  16. kassgymnast_

    WAG Flyaway Fulls

    I posted a while ago about my hand slipping off the bar coming out of handstands — while I haven’t got new grips yet I was able to get a new skill — supposedly the “hardest skill in the gym” which I’m kind of shocked. Here’s the skill: I still don’t have giants... Anything to help improve my...
  17. M

    For Coaches Bar COaches why does Mya go to her back on her flyaway

    Hello Mya keeps landing in her back. I realize her hips are slightly picked but I feel there is something else going in in her rotation. Thanks for the expert eye and any advise to help her.
  18. vans2

    WAG 2 ?s - Bars: straight body & piked flyaway

    Hi CB world! We just finished competing lvl 6 State last weekend. DD did very well (placed 3rd AA)! Here is her bar routine video (9.2 4th place) and I am hoping for a bit of education from experienced parents, coaches, and athletes. #1. My DD does not straddle when doing her kip cast...
  19. GymRays

    For Coaches Tuck flyaway 1/2

    Im looking for drills for tuck flyaway 1/2. Any suggestions?
  20. A

    WAG Flyaway Fear

    ODD is having a rough time with bars lately. At the beginning of the summer, HC told me that they were planning on ODD scoring out of L5 and going straight to 7. They said that she was working harder than ever in the gym and she had the capability to go there. We were all ecstatic. ODD was...