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  1. Mommyo2az

    WAG Flyaway fears

    I know there are many topics on this,but I just want to vent! My DD just got over BWO on high beam block/fear and literally 2 weeks later cannot let go for a flyaway! This fear has gotten so bad that she has said she wants to quit gymnastics and is very teary going to practice. I feel so...
  2. flipandfly

    WAG Flyaway: Please Help

    I am a training five who has competed level four twice already, and has all her skills for level five but the flyaway. I have like four weeks to get it back (had it a year ago) or else I can't compete. I have somewhat of a mental block on the tucking part and can't seem to get myself to do it...
  3. flipandfly

    Flyaway Mental Block

    Please give ideas - I am a training five and have all my skills for level five except my flyaway which I just can't get myself to follow through on. I had it a year ago, but lost it, and have a fear of letting go for no reason. I have a month to get it back and am very stressed - and don't want...
  4. M

    WAG Big flyaway fear

    I am a level five gymnast and I having been having many problems with flyaways. I competed level four for the first half of the season because I didn't have my flyaway. Two months ago I had a private and got it! But one practice I did one and my teammate said that I was close to the bar. My...
  5. MILgymFAM

    For Parents Flyaway

    ODD finally has one! Since she started gym, she has loved bars the most, and she has been bugging every coach she has ever had to teach her a flyaway. Right before she left for summer camp in mid July her coach taught her one, on pit bar and spotted on the real bars. She came back from camp this...
  6. Buckeyegymnast

    Giant / Flyaway Fear

    Hi everyone, my name is Leia and I am 14 years old and I am training for level 9. My problem is that I will do my giants but no flyaway on the pitbar and then when I get to the high bar I won't do either my giants or my flyaway without someone standing there or spotting me. I have had my giants...
  7. G

    WAG Trouble getting flyaway?

    Okay so I was recently at a gymnastics camp and we were working flyways with a spot into the foam pit. But when it was my turn i was scared to do it. I was really nervous because I have done a flyaway with a spot before and I pulled in and my legs banged on the bar and it hurt pretty bad. So now...
  8. munchkin3

    WAG Flyaway. Technical question.

    Talking about the flyaway and the point of release of the bar. I understand it starts at the tap swing, and the release should happen with open shoulders and head NOT looking at the bar. But should it be with the body hollow, toes up and arms by the ears, or candlestick. If so should it be at...
  9. munchkin3

    WAG hitting feet while learning the flyaway.

    DD was on her way to doing beautiful flyaways and really loved them and kept jumping up and down on the days of training flyaways..... she was almost solo when she hit her feet......... fast forward about 2 months, she still can't figure out when to let go. Coach is still heavily spotting her...
  10. Aero

    For Coaches Teaching the flyaway: layout, or tuck?

    Hi friends! I'm starting to teach one of my girls how to do a flyaway. She's the only one who can kip so far, so I feel she is ready. We are going through the beginning drills, such as candle flips, sighting something with the eyes and tapping to that spot, getting her toes to that visual marker...
  11. O

    WAG Flyaway fears...still..

    DD is still having flyaway issues. She has competed lvl 5 at 2 meets. The first she made it, the second she scratched. I just learned she has not made once since before the last meet. We have a meet this weekend. I have been totally out of the gym and leaving this between coaches and DD...
  12. I

    WAG other bar dismounts than flyaway? Butt Bounce?

    I was just wondering if there are or maybe you know any different bar dismounts besides the regular under swing (with or without twists) and flyaway (tuck or layout), that are not too hard to learn? Doesn't matter if valuable by JO or not. I like how flyways look, but I sometimes wish there was...
  13. gymmom8772

    For Parents Flyaway issues

    My DD is about to compete her first level 5 meet of the season and she still doesn't have her flyaway. Her coach prefers that his gymnasts do a layout flyaway instead of a tucked one. The problem is that her timing is off and releases too soon, therefore doesn't have enough time to land on her...
  14. curlymomof3

    WAG Why a layout flyaway?

    Dd is training level 5 and the coach is having all the girls learn the fly away in a layout position rather than tucked. Would love a coaches point of view on why this would be preferred. It seems so much more difficult for the girls to learn! Ideas?
  15. Mrs. Puma

    WAG Flyaway!

    I'm on my mom account . Igot my flyaway !!!!!!!!!
  16. O

    WAG Flyaway fear...privates or no?

    DD is lvl5 and has been struggling with a fear issue on her Fly Away since mid-summer. One of the girls broke her nose w/her knee on an attempt gone wrong. Since that time DD cannot make herself go for it. She has done them in the past and I am told she does them well in the harness. She...
  17. stxrdusty

    WAG Letting go of the bar flyaway fear

    Does anyone have any tips that have helped gymnasts get over a fear of letting go of the bar for flyaways? Other than just making them do it of course. Letting go from a tap swing or a super slowed down giant isn't scary, but as soon as I swing faster I can't make myself let go. This is...
  18. G

    For Parents Free hip/flyaway

    How long does it usually take to get these skills? DD is 8 and is working on her level 5 skills. She has everything except these 2 skills. Are they harder than learning to kip?
  19. G

    For Parents Flyaway

    Ok first post here. Been reading a lot for a while. My question is... My daughter has a fear of the flyaway and has now for over a year. Coach said this week she doesn't know what else to do to get her to do them. To me this sounded like the coach has given up. I am not happy with that. Also we...
  20. livelifetumble8dx

    WAG Sudden block on a flyaway??

    A few weeks before states I started getting nervous about my front handspring layout in particular and wouldn't even throw a front handspring tuck on floor. Eventually I just started doing them on tumble track & reworking my confidence on it. I didn't really say anything to the coaches because...