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  1. GymnasticsIsLife


    So for everybody who read my last post about my flyaway fear when going from a cast I have some great news! I did it tonight! It feels like 200 pounds have been lifted off my shoulders. I am competing bars this weekend! Yay!
  2. GymnasticsIsLife

    WAG Cast flyaway problems

    Hi everybody I am a level six gymnast and I usually do very well at meets. That is until about last week, when my old fear of a flyaway came back. I used to completely not do it, then I got it! I had to compete the cast flyaway so I got that about two months ago, the I got scared again! I have a...
  3. G

    WAG Twisting layout flyaway!

    Okay so I would love to have a layout full twist soon! Is there any advice anyone can give me?! Any tips?! Timing issues they have had and how to fix them?? How hard is it to get if I have a solid layout flyaway and twist lots on floor? Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  4. Gymnast@<3

    WAG flyaway fear

    HELP!! i have had my flyways for three years and out of nowhere i got scared i have a meet today~!!
  5. D

    For Parents Flyaway Fear - what to do to help ?

    My DD (LV6) is currently "stuck" on the tuck flyaway, a skill which she was doing last summer (2013) but then a flyaway fall during a meet in October had her in this downward spiral so bad to the point where she wouldn't even do the tap swings(!!!). After not really getting any consistent...
  6. coachmolly

    For Coaches Re-teaching a Flyaway

    I coach a kid that I had been slowly teaching a flyaway, heavily spotting, and waiting to let her go on her own until I knew she was ready. I was away for 2 days, returned to a meet and found out she had learned how to do a flyaway in 2 days and would be competing it that day :eek:. She did it...
  7. twisting007bigflip

    For Coaches Layout flyaway

    I'm having a hard time teaching this. Well, not entirely, kids aren't getting that awesome lift that I see some kids get with their layout flyaway. Actually, I'm having two issues...I have a group of ten kids getting ready to move to level 6 and I really want them to have a layout...
  8. Gymfinn7

    WAG Flyaway Mental Blocks

    Hello everyone! So last year I competed the old level 6/ xcel gold and I competed a flyaway in my routine. I never had trouble with them, they were always easy. And now this season I'm gonna compete the new level 6/7 but I need a flyaway.... More accurately a cast flyaway. Here's my problem now...
  9. F

    WAG flyaway dismounts

    Hi all: How do you determine if a flyaway is "at or above" the bar? I know that a good flyaway has height, but I'm not familiar with the specifics of what (ie. which body parts) have to be above the bar during this dismount? Any insight would be appreciated - thanks.
  10. elliisssee

    WAG Flyaway Mental Block

    I know many gymnasts get mental blocks on flyaways. And they get over them eventually. But I've been terrified to do a flyaway (into the pit even) for months. My coaches are sick of it. I know how to do it. When to let go, when to flip, to see your toes. But does anyone have any advice on just...
  11. All Chalked Up

    WAG Flyaway layout value

    Our gym doesn't have a codebook. My coach and I were wondering if flyaway layout is an "A" or a "B". Or for those who know the Canadian code/requirements (our gym doesn't have these either), are you allowed to compete flyaway layout in P2? I already compete a tuck but the layout is much...
  12. G

    WAG Huge Flyaway Mental Block

    Hey fellow Chalkbucketers! (: I haven't been on in a while, but I'm glad to be back! I am having a great season so far, except for my flyaway. This year I'm an IO which is an AAU prep-op. As of right now on bars I'm competing the level 6 bar routine.. Well I was. I ended up getting a huge mental...
  13. S

    WAG Giant-layout flyaway fear

    I have this huge mental block with connecting my giant to my layout flyaway. So, i am a level six. My season just ended and i am training seven now. I have had my giant for a while and it is pretty decent. I also have a layout flywaway from a small cast or tap swings, onto a regular mat. I...
  14. D

    bars flyaway and letting go at 1

    Ok, so my dd has had her flyaway for 3 years now and at the last meet I think she almost put her coach into the hospital because of her flyaway. It has gotten worse and states are Friday. "She lets go at 1" is what her coach says. It is crazy and scary. She has no idea why she does it. She did...
  15. gymnast695

    Flyaway Fulls

    I'm wondering if anyone can give me some tips for layout flyaway fulls. I have awesome layout flyaways but when I spin I get lost in the air and don't know where I am and lose my height. I'm also not staying straight after about 3/4 of the spin where I pike it around to land on my feet but also...
  16. Canadian_gym_mom

    Doing a giant on the high bar but no flyaway?

    Is there a way that my dd can incorporate a giant on the high bar but then somehow get in position to do the "pike-off" dismount? I am sure her coaches will figure it out. For gymnix she needs either an uprise (no way), a giant (she's a pro), or a flyaway (no way, she's terrified) as her...
  17. All Chalked Up

    For Coaches Best way to spot a flyaway?

    My sister and I are learning how to do flyaways. Our coach is spotting, but the catch is we have to spot them with her because she's not big enough to spot them by herself (so we will be double spotting). I'm a coach too so it's not like I'm new to spotting! My sister and I are the same size and...
  18. S

    Layout Flyaway Drills

    A lot of our level six's are struggling with their layout fly-away dismounts on bars. We are not teaching them a tucked fly-away, but going straight to the layout. Does anybody have any good drills or technique suggestions for teaching a layout fly-away. We currently have them do a lot of...
  19. G

    Flyaway Help!

    Hello Everyone, Ok, so I have my first competition of the season in 2 weeks. I have everything accept my flyaway on bars. I have good flyaways in the pit bar when my coach is standing there. She doesn't spot me or even touch me, but the second she steps away I over think it and wont let go of...
  20. M

    Question about Flyaway on the bar

    My DD was doing flyaways on the bars tonight and her feet hit the high bar. I was watching her just before the hit and it seemed on several occasions she almost hit the bar.. I asked her if the coach gave her any tips and she said NO.. only if I was ok. Any tips for her.. Thanks :)