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  1. O

    Tuck Flyaway help!

    Hi(:Im training to be a L6 this year and Im just about the biggest chicken in the world when it comes to trying new skills.Bars has always been my enemy but i need my flyaway if i want to compete next year.I've been doing flatback drills into the pit and ive done flatback tuck drills as well but...
  2. GetaGrip

    Layout Flyaway Help!

    Hi! I've known how to do a tucked fly-away for quite some time now, so to get a jump start in level 7 I tried to do a layout fly-away but I couldn't do it! :eek: My legs would immediately tuck as soon as I let go of the bar! :confused: Any suggestions? -GCG
  3. CookieBarn

    Flyaway Trouble

    I feel annoyed because I got my flyaway in, like, level 5, lost it, got it back, lost it again, got it back again and now I'm in level 7 prep op and I just won bars at the last meet. (I don't normally do that) Anyway, I suddenly lost it again, and I don't know why... ugh.:( I don't even let go...
  4. E

    Ways to get into a front flyaway?

    Hello! I can do a front flyaway, but I was wondering what are some of the ways you can get into it. I know you can do a front giant into it, but are there any other ways?
  5. CookieBarn

    Giant Flyaway

    Today was a big day for me! I did my first giant flyaway (with a spot)! However, I didn't do it on our pit bar because I don't like doing flyaways there, so I went for it on a real bar :D! Sadly, I over-rotated and put my arm back when I landed (which your not supposed to do :o) and hurt myself...
  6. Eveningdew

    For Parents Flyaway!!!

    After months of no success, a few weeks ago the release came with a tuck into the pit, that was for about 3 months...nothing more. Finally this week it came and last night a beautiful, perfect flyaway that made the optional girls cheer and scream with delight! She received hugs and high-fives...
  7. Eveningdew

    For Parents Flyaway

    This is very hard for me to write. I'm not only a parent but a coach for 3's and 5's. My dd is incredibly talented in gymnastics. Skills come very easy to her without much work. She is now a L-6 but with no flyaways... scared outside of the pit. At her last meet a few weeks ago, with no...