foam pits

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  1. munchkin3

    For Coaches Bar over a very limited pit

    Our gym is small. We have only one pit which is about 15 x25 There is entry for vaulting on the length of the pit, and the floor entry has the short width of the pit. We are trying to figure out if a trainer bar can be placed on the edge of the pit. I am guessing GMR double L trainer would...
  2. S

    WAG Question about pits at gyms

    I am thinking of switching gyms but am hesitating for a couple of reasons one is which our gym we are at now has an inground pit the other surrounding ones don't. My daughter is a new level 4, is it something I should stay around for? I should mention our gym changed owners and a new one...
  3. G

    Pits at your gym?

    This is in response to another post about whether having pits affects your ability to do gymnastics at a high level. The poll is basically whether your gym has a pit or not. Feel free to expand below (like whether you didn't have a pit but now you do, or whatever else you want to post :D)