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  1. T

    For Parents Small buckle fracture pinky

    My L4 daughter got a small buckle fracture on her pinky a few days ago. I had my orthopedic surgeon friend look at the X-ray and at first he couldn’t find anything without zooming in super closely but suggested cast and 4 weeks out. My ER doctor brother who played high school and college sports...
  2. C

    Has anyone had a similar scaphoid fracture experience?

    So a little backstory. I am involved in gymnastics but also participate in CrossFit. In mid May, I was doing ring muscle ups and slipped and fell. I broke my left scaphoid and “strongly bruised” my right wrist. They (the ortho) told me not to worry too much about the right wrist and just be...
  3. M

    WAG Proximal humerus fracture

    Hey, On 12/3, my daughter fell from the high bar and buckle fractured her left humerus close to the shoulder. Ortho didn’t set it (as is apparently standard for this fracture in this location) and it has healed with about a 30 to 40 degree angulation. The angulation of the bone can be felt on...
  4. kimute

    For Parents Humeral (shoulder) head growth plate fracture

    MRI results just back. My 13 yo has a fracture in the growth plate of her shoulder. Does anyone have recovery experience with this? Competition season is late January and wondering if any stories can inform her possibilities. Thank you!
  5. M

    For Parents return from stress fracture

    My daughter was diagnosed with a stress fracture in her l4 vertebrae on 9/23. She has been restricted from all activity except PT since then. The PT has cleared her this week to do some swimming. We go back to the orthopedic doctor on Wednesday 11/6. He indicated that even in the best case...
  6. K

    WAG Stress Fracture Sesamoid Bone

    My DD got a stress fracture in her sesamoid bone, which is one of the bones in the ball of the foot, padding on bottom of foot by the big toe. She developed it from preparing for states. Dr had her in a boot for 4 months, trying to heal...he said it was a 50/50 chance healing because a ligament...
  7. RamblingRavenclaw

    Back fracture/stress fracture recovery

    I’m currently in Xcel silver and I was planning to move up to gold the next season. But, during regionals my back, which had been bugging me all year, hurt so bad that I could barely walk. I pushed through regionals, the whole time holding back tears. This was the only meet all season that I...
  8. T

    WAG Recovery from L5 Stress fracture?

    Hey. We are 16 weeks post diagnosis of a L5 Pars Defect (stress fracture). DD is still doing PT and was just approved to start doing tap swings. But no impact or back extension stuff. She experienced pain.... Any idea what recovery will feel like for her? The stress fracture itself should...
  9. T

    WAG Any experience with a scaphoid fracture?

    Hi Everyone, DD fell onto her outstretched hand at school during recess and there is a suspicion of a scaphoid fracture. We'll see the orthopedist tomorrow. While I was consulting Dr. Google (haha) this evening, I read that this type of fracture is also a relatively common gymnastics...
  10. T

    WAG So - who has recovered from a stress fracture in their back?

    Looking for some success stories.... :-)
  11. kimute

    For Parents Second metatarsal fracture

    My DD just got diagnosed with a slightly displaced second metatarsal fracture. Not even a gym accident-- just whacked it on a chair. We got the diagnoses at urgent care and now need to see an ortho. I'm not seeking medical advice, but would love to hear any experiences? Anyone had this? Did...
  12. Dee243

    WAG Long term ibuprofen to prevent ossification following fracture

    We have seen 2 docs for an elbow fracture and Doc 2 wanted DD on ibuprofen every 6 hrs for 3 weeks. Not for its anti inflammatory properties but because apparently when kids break growthplates the body can get over excited on making bone and make some in the wrong area. I found on google...
  13. Dee243

    WAG medial epicondyle fracture w severe dislocation

    Hola - long time lurker, first time poster. DD age 10 was working on her roundoff-back handspring-back tuck with a coach and i guess the roundoff felt off and she tried to pull up on the handspring and then the coach heard the pop and well one ER visit later here we are. They reduced her...
  14. cadybearsmommy

    For Parents Just in time for competition season......elbow fracture!!!!

    Preface: She is seeing orthopedic elbow specialist tomorrow, so not looking for medical advice. I really feel like the mother of the year right now! DD has had what she describes as "very mild elbow pain" over the last week or so. She didn't fall or have any kind of traumatic impact to the...
  15. lorilei4

    WAG Tibia Stress Fracture

    Anyone have any recovery stories for a stress fracture of the tibia?
  16. Mommyo2az

    For Parents Navicular stress fracture - experience

    Anyone have experience with their gymmie and a navicular stress fracture? DD is going for MRI on Monday. Google search is scaring me :(
  17. GymLife

    For Parents How long after foot fracture?

    I'm not looking to push her or heal faster. DD fractured the growth plate in her foot almost 7 weeks ago and sprained the top of the foot ligiments 4 weeks in a cast/crutches and she is on week 3 of a walking boot. She adhered to the strict no mobility rule. Ortho gave her a clear to take...
  18. J

    For Parents Elbow dislocated with fracture

    My dd slipped off the high bar and got her right elbow dislocated and with small fracture end of April. Unfortunately, surgery had to be done to fix the small fracture with pins. Ortho Dr doesn't let her to go back to the gym due to the pins are very closed to her nerves. He afraid she might be...
  19. N

    For Parents L5 fracture

    My daughter has an l5 fracture is currently in brace. Our orthopedics gave us no guidance, except brace her and come back when pain is gone. I am at a loss as to what to do or not to do. She hasn't done any gymnastics for 3 weeks and pain is only when doing back walkovers and such.
  20. W

    WAG Tooth fracture from tumbling?

    One of my gymnasts had to get a baby tooth canal for a fractured tooth that got infected. Apparently the dentist did not know she was a gymnast but asked the parent out of the blue when he saw the tooth. He says it happens from gymnasts who clench their jaws while tumbling and the back teeth...