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  1. M

    WAG Front tuck: bend at waist?

    When doing a front tuck flip, am I supposed to think about bending at the waist forward, to get into that tucked position (so my hands can closely grasp the legs)? Is there an ab crunch situp motion? I have one gymnast teacher telling me there is, other one saying I should not actively think...
  2. M

    WAG Front Tuck Flip, how to envision hips and glutes

    I am working on the front tuck flip at gymnastics training center. How should I envision what I do with my glutes during the flip? Should I "think about lifting my glutes over my head" or lifting it over the shoulder? How do you train your students?
  3. M

    WAG Proper Mat to learn front tuck flip?

    I have been learning and conditioning for the front flip tuck. To test in real environment, what is a good type of mat to learn? Is it a cheese wedge mat? My gymnast coach wants me to learn on 1) regular panel mat, but I was hearing 2) a incline cheese wedge would be better to alleviate the...
  4. Anonymous Post

    Anon Help with FHS Front Tuck Vault

    Are there any coaches who would be willing to have me send you videos of my dd’s FHS Front vault, and provide feedback? We are going on 2 years of working this vault in the gym, and I feel like she could use a new perspective in order to successfully land this vault on a hard surface. Thank you...
  5. G

    WAG Tips for a front tuck dismount?

    Does anyone have any tips for a front tuck dismount on beam? I'll go for it but I can never land all the way on my feet, at best it's a low squat. My front tuck on floor is rarely landed but our coaches want us to do an end of beam dismount and I'll never go for a back tuck so this is my best...
  6. M

    For Coaches Front handspring front tuck vault

    my gymnast is working on the front handspring front tuck vault but has not been able to make the vault yet. what are the best drills for rotating and sitting up faster off the vault or any other drills to improve the vault?
  7. G

    For Parents Front handspring front layout front tuck vs punch layout front tuck

    Can anyone tell me if a front handspring front layout front tuck has a different /same value than a punch layout front tuck?
  8. M

    WAG URGENT Help with fhs front tuck

    I had my fhs front tuck then I lost it. Everytime i do it i feel like i underrotate and i land on my butt. And it feels like a chuck it, like i'm not setting but just randomly tucking. I have a very good fhs set and can do a good fhs ft occasionally but recently it's on and off and idk what to...
  9. C

    For Parents Help for level 8 front tuck -front pike/layout connection

    Hi, my daughter is competing level 8 this year and she is really struggling with her front tuck front pike on floor. Her front tuck is nice and so is her front handsping-front pike. When she does the first front tuck though it seems like she just gets no “rebound” for the second one, so the...
  10. Floragym

    Front tuck help

    I need tips on how to fix a bad habit I have on my front tucks. I don’t set up at all in them and just kind of dive into them. I’ve done a few good ones every now and then but I keep on going back into that bad habit. So if anybody has any tips to help me they would be much appreciated!
  11. W

    WAG No Set Front Tuck

    Is there any drills I can do or things to think about if I want to set more in my front tuck? No matter how hard I try I always feel myself stretching into a set but then I throw my head towards the floor.
  12. G

    WAG Back tuck vs front tuck

    My daughter just recently got a couple of new skills on beam; front tuck and back tuck off beam. Are both of these skills the same level of difficulty or is one harder than the other?
  13. C

    WAG Front tuck vs. Side Aerial

    Front tuck vs. Side Aerial What would you think is easier/faster to learn/safer on beam? Does it depend on the kid? Any infos appreciated
  14. Goldmedalgirl

    WAG Front tuck on floor

    I have my front tuck off beam (pretty much) but I always fall on floor. It's very frustrating especially becuase pretty much all my teammate have gotten it. advise???
  15. I

    For Coaches drills for front tuck half

    Some of the recreational girls I coach want to begin learning front tuck halves, however, I have no idea how to go about teaching them the twist. Any drills or advice would be appreciated.
  16. D

    Tucks help! (front tuck and back tuck)

    I need help with punchfronts and robhbt! I need it for l5 and after coming back from my ankle injury I'm behind. Any tips would be appreciated. I have my punchfront on tumble trak and off a mini tramp to resi.
  17. C

    WAG Front Tuck Dismount on the side of the beam vs Gainor

    I need a dismount on beam for some of my girls who will soon be L7s. Most do the regular CW BT. Round-Offs not quiet there yet. I have two girls who just don't get it, they always fall on their cartwheel. We thought about maybe aerial of FH at the end of the beam. But there is one thing I...
  18. MiriamGymnast02

    WAG Front Handspring Front Tuck Help

    I'm planning to compete Level 7 in the 2015 Optional season. I've been having trouble with my front handspring front tuck connection on floor. The problem is, after my front handspring, I bend my legs going into the front tuck. I don't get enough rebound after the front handspring, so my...
  19. S

    WAG Conditioning to improve front tuck height on the air mat

    Hi, I am an adult gymnast trying to improve my front tuck height when jumping off an air mat. I can land on my feet most of the time but my low height does not allow me to progress to higher skills like front tuck half twist. Could you suggest any conditioning exercises that I could do at home...
  20. Empowered

    WAG Front Tuck with a Half on Beam

    So my daughter was pulling up old videos and found a routine with Vanessa Atler where she did a front tuck half on beam. It was very cool, but I don't think I've seen anyone else do it. Does it just not have enough value or is it deceptively hard? Just curious since I technically know nothing...