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  1. JBS

    WAG How We Teach Front Tumbling (split from Question about Tiger Paws)

    We teach front tumbling a specific way that reduces upper extremity impact as well. I've never thought of it as a wrist saver until now... but it definitely is. If anyone is interested in that... just let me know... but that's a whole other topic. EDIT: This is a post that was split from the...
  2. J

    For Coaches Coaching Front Tumbling after Sam Cerio Injury

    So I coach at a rec gym and am struggling with how to approach coaching front tumbling after Sam Cerio’s injury. I decided to only coach back tumbling this week, so I can figure out the best way to prepare for fears, questions, etc. ( more of the mental side). I know that most of my kiddos saw...
  3. Megogymnast10:)

    WAG Front tumbling

    What front tumbling can you do in xcel platinum on floor? Is front handspring front tuck ok?
  4. mOm2gymnast<3

    WAG Behind on Front tumbling ... HELP

    Hello everyone, My dd is level 7 this year. Early on, even as a level 4, she has always have a hard time with front tumbling. She can back tumble all day long but when it's front tumbling, it's somehow difficult for her. She has been having a difficult time these past couple of weeks because...
  5. mOm2gymnast<3

    WAG LV 7 floor front tumbling

    What else can my dd do besides front handspring punch front? For some reason her knee and hip hurts when doing punching forward on floor and right now she's ok just doing front aerial at lv6. However, they do upskills and she's not able to do these forward tumbling passes.
  6. l.c.o

    WAG Odd question re:back tumbling vs. front tumbling

    Does back tumbling affect your back more than front tumbling? On Monday, my DD did a robhsbt and over-rotated it. She apparently managed to still land it on her feet, but reportedly tweaked her mid-back. She's been complaining on and off about pain, to varying degrees. The next day, we knew...
  7. gymmomtotwo

    WAG How possible to make way thru optionals without front tumbling?

    I have a very general question about optionals. How much front tumbling do you really HAVE to do to work your way thru the optionals? DD has what she needs for her level 6 routine, but front tumbling is a struggle, and well... back tumbling is not. Does some form of it need to be seen in every...
  8. gymnast9261

    WAG Front tumbling for xcel platinum?

    I am not a strong back tumbler, I have roundoff, but not a back handspring. I'm moving into my gym's xcel program this season (2015-2016), and I'm not sure what tumbling passes I can do and meet the requirements. I have a front handspring, front handspring step out, and close to a front tuck. I...
  9. A

    WAG front tumbling passes help!

    I am a pretty powerful tumbler. I have a very high and nice RO BH BL and I also do double backs into the pit with my coach. I want to have Front Handspring - Front Layout in a year. The problem is, at my old gym (I switched 2 months ago) we hardly ever worked front tumbling combinations, only FH...
  10. I

    WAG connecting front tumbling/your experiences?

    I have a nice and high running front tuck/pike/layout. My Layout is very archy though to get around! I also have a front handspring and a flyspring with a nice rebound. I have never tried connecting any front skills together, but I once tried FT FT on my trampoline at home. I think I can...
  11. D

    For Parents Front Tumbling Question

    My daughter has difficulty with front tumbling skills. I have heard that front, front combinations are either extremely easy or extremely difficult for a gymnast, depending on the gymnast. Can anyone explain why that is the case? Can it change for the gymnast or will this always be an issue?
  12. E

    WAG front tumbling - with or without FH easier

    Do you think front tumbling from a handspring (like FH FL FT) or just the saltos without the handspring (FL FT) is easier?
  13. GabbyNastiaShawn00

    WAG Front Tumbling vs. Back Tumbling.....

    Random question- Do you like front or back tumbling better? Mine is front tumbling.
  14. E

    For Coaches Daughter who has back tumbling fears, but great front tumbling.. What to do?

    Hi Coaches.. my daughter started her back tumbling fear in level 6 with the ro bhs btuck. She can do it, but at times will have her mental block take over and will chicken out. Her front tumbling is great. Its fast and fearless. She completed level 6 and wanted to move to level 7, but her gym...
  15. B

    Deductions for all front tumbling for 9

    What is the deducation and/or change in start value for all front passes at L9? Thanks in advance.
  16. G

    Front tumbling fear... how can I fix it?

    Hi! I can do a lot of things in gym, but on the trampoline I can not do a front sault! I have a fear of doing it and my coach has been trying to help me, but I cant bring myself to do it, if i ever do, its so close to the ground I don't make it halfway round! Please help! :confused: Thankyou!
  17. hawaii_gymnast

    Front tumbling again!

    So i think i finally have this.. In level 7 you just need 2 front elements connecting but front handspring front tuck is the most common? But i can still do front tuck front tuck instead?? Also what level are: front tuck step out round off back handspring back tuck back layout full front layout...
  18. Geoffrey Taucer

    For Coaches Latest Gymnastics Minute (Re: Front tumbling arm position)

    vKoarxdJ7zA I'd love to hear everybody's thoughts on this. It runs counter to what I (and most coaches I know) regard as proper technique, yet it sort of makes sense the way Watanabe explains it. I wouldn't say I'm completely sold on this approach yet, but I'm probably going to have some of my...
  19. hawaii_gymnast

    Level 7 front tumbling floor

    On floor in level 7, do you have to have front handspring front tuck? what are other examples of stuff you could have? Coming to US for competition next year and want to prepare. My tumbling lines now are: Front tuck step put round off back handspring back tuck Round off back handspring back...
  20. E

    For Coaches Front Tumbling Hurdle Technique

    Clarification: For Front Salto Tumbling (not fronthandspring) I'm a bit old school and trying to keep up with the times. So I need some edu-ma-cation, clarification here. Again, couldn't find anything definitive in any previous posts about this so posting a new thread. I've been to a few...