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  1. KSLaura

    For Coaches Social distancing games and drills

    Hi- As our gym is preparing to re-open, I’ve been trying to come up with good games and drills to keep kids (particularly young rec kids) at appropriate distances. I have a few ideas, mostly involving each kid at a station with a panel mat. I was also thinking about incorporating hula hoops for...
  2. G

    WAG Games to make routine repetition/numbers fun

    Coming up to competitions, I was wondering does anyone have some fun games to make doing high volume routines more fun?
  3. Jard.the.gymnast

    OT Games on Casio fx-cg20

    For school we had to get a Casio fx-cg20 calculator (see the picture below, it is a graphing calculator). I Finally found out how to put games on it. I cant find too much good sites to get games from though.. does anyone know good sites to get games from? They have to be G3A files. And before...
  4. A

    Commonwealth games - which sessions to choose?

    Anyone thinking of going? Tickets open today. Thurs - MAG team/individual Quals then team finals Fri - WAG team/individual Quals then team finals Sat - MAG & WAG AA finals Sun & Monday - Individual apparatus finals MAG & WAG...
  5. curlygirls

    WAG Christmas Party Games

    HC would really like to get the whole family involved in games at our team Christmas party this year, and she is asking the parents for ideas. Does anyone have ideas for fun games that the whole family can enjoy in the gym with minimal setup required?
  6. Aero

    The games come to a close.

    The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the 31st modern Olympiad, has come to a close tonight... I AM SAD!!! :( :( :( I love the Olympics so much. It is the one time where the entire world comes together, and even though it is in competition, there is also so much support and spirit. The...
  7. S

    BREAKING: All Russian athletes may be banned from the Rio Games
  8. G

    WAG Mommy and me / preschool games

    I'm coaching preschool and rec gymnastics summer courses this summer. One course is 4 days long and they have one class a day. Some kids only come to one course but some attend to 2-4 courses. I've coached them for one week now. I would love to find more games to play with the kids, especially...
  9. D

    WAG Conditioning Exercise Resources and Random Games

    Any recommendations for places to get conditioning exercise ideas, and also games for multi level gymnasts, particularly short simple games to do spontaneously? Thanks.
  10. CoachMeg

    WAG Gymnastics Christmas Party Games?

    In a couple weeks we are having our annual Team Holiday Party! In the past, it's always been a lock-in, but because of our crazy meet schedule this winter, we are unable to hold it until after the season is over. So instead, we are just having a party that will only last a couple of hours filled...
  11. coach1234

    WAG I'm a 'gymnast' get me out of here games

    On my kids last day of gym before christmas i am going the do a take on the tv show 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here' where the girls will earn stars and the team with the most stars will win prizes I'm not sure if its just a British shower if its shown in other countries as well but just...
  12. B

    For Coaches Fun games for recreational gymnasts on trampoline?

    I teach recreational gymnastics to intermediate level girls Tuesdays-Thursdays and I always have a hard time coming up with fun activities for them. Usually on trampoline, we just work skills (i.e. backhand springs, front handsprings, front and back tucks, various jumps, etc.) what are some...
  13. emilykatherine

    WAG Conditioning games

    Me and two other of my teammates are injured and sadly it is team camp week so we come in and condition all practice. which was fine but now they're both getting bored theyre young, 9 and 11, and we are very limited on stuff to do. One girl broke her kneecap and we can't bend her leg in anyway...
  14. bogwoppit

    WAG AA 6.45pm Monday Pan Am Games

    Do not have links, but basically you know the drill
  15. bogwoppit

    Pan Am Games MAG AA at 12:45 Monday
  16. bogwoppit

    WAG AA final 13th July Pan Am Games Here is the line up for tonight. The first group will be great to watch. Flavia is a little superstar.
  17. bogwoppit

    US WAG live now Pan Am games Are you watching?
  18. L

    For Parents USA Pan Am Games training squad

    Any thoughts on why they chose these eight girls and which 5 will make the team?
  19. Iwannabemargo

    WAG European Games

    Anyone know if this is going to be screened on any free to air channels (I can get French and British). So far the only channel I have found covering it is BT Sport which is highly annoying. Thanks
  20. Donna Hughes

    WAG Fun Gymnastics Games to do with your Team!

    Here are some fun games you can do with your team!