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  1. S

    Coaches Rec Games

    I am looking for some new games that could be used for various rec classes (starting from preschool all the way up to the older kids who are in the gym just for fun). I like to try to work some skills into games and disguise the conditioning by making it fun. Any suggestions would be greatly...
  2. K

    Coaches Gymnastics Games Book

    Does anyone know anything about the book "Gymnastics Games Book" by the Canadian Gymnastics Federation? Are their any other recommendations out thier regarding Gymnastics books? I'm looking to expand my library (again!). Thanks
  3. D

    gym games

    looking for something really fun to do in the gym... could be anything related to: relay races some kind of game to play during flexibility work (or during splits) contest for skills team building exercises for gym Really, I'm just wanting to mix it up a little. I have some trivia...
  4. K

    Coaches Looking for some fun ideas/games ...

    Hi, I was hoping for some help coming up with some ideas for my last rec. class for the year. For the last class for the year I want to make it really fun and full of games. Has anyone got any good ideas? I want to have a different game for each apparatus. The games need to easy to run and...
  5. I

    Maccabiah Games

    Anyone ever done this? The large scale one that is every four years in Israel? I'm looking for info on the level of competition and if there are any videos or results floating around. One of our girls may end up doing it and it would be nice to know what the level of competition is. Thanks.
  6. MdGymMom01

    Head Games: Breaking Down the Block!

    There have been some posts regarding mental blocks and thought it would be useful to post this article that I found on a sports psychology website ( It's called: BREAKING DOWN THE BLOCK! (Athletes) Getting it, losing it, and getting it back again in gymnastics by Alison...
  7. Ingymmom

    Flawed System Leaves Vaculik out of Olympic Games Article

    How very sad for this girl. I don't know enough about the Canadian system to agree it is flawed, but it does seem crazy to me that the gymnast of "now" would not make it. Flawed system leaves Vaculik out of Olympic Games
  8. V

    6 Reasons for Pegan wild card for Olympic games 2008

    1) He has been the top ranked gymnast on the FIG Ranking List for at least 7 years (Horizontal bar). He is ranked No. 1 on high bar in the FIG World Cup points system; with more than 750 points, he has nearly 300 points more than the next highest gymnast. 2) At the last three World...
  9. C

    Gymnasts Booed at Pan Am Games

    Hadn't yet seen a thread on this topic. Just wondering what everyone thought of Brazil's contention that the fans were just excited and didn't mean any harm to the athletes from other countries. Do you think there is a possibility we could see this kind of behaviour in China??
  10. C

    Asian games on WCSN

    Hey all, Did you know that the Asian games are on right now (it's like the Olympics but only for Asia). You can watch gymnastics at the Asian games on It's cool, you should check it out.