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  1. C

    For Coaches Level 7 Bar

    I have a quick question regarding Level 7 Bars. It's my first year coaching optional levels and putting together routines so I want to verify that I have all the required skills in there. I have two level 7s and one of them is afraid of giants (Although she does them very well when I talk her...
  2. J

    For Coaches Making the transition from overlow to Giant

    I have a gymnast who can't seem to make the change from overlow to giant. Every time we work giants, she closes the shoulder angle at the last second (even spotted). I cant posted a video, but she gets almost to handstand and then closes her shoulders. She casts to handstand fine. Her fall from...
  3. MBJ974

    WAG Getting to attempt giants between the bars

    My dd will compete level 7 for the first time in about six weeks. Her giant on bars looks great - straight arms/legs, good body position and a nice tap. However, she does miss it once out of about seven times. Her coach tells her that she needs to get it more consistently. Yesterday at...
  4. 2

    Giant progressions on bars

    My older dd has progressed to doing giants on the pit bar. Before the past week or two she has been working clear baby giant drills gradually getting more and more clear, but only from 3/4 handstand to 3/4 handstand (and on the channel bar). Now she is doing it from the cast handstand and on...
  5. K

    Giant Swing progressions

    When I was learning, we were required to be able to do a cast-HS before attempting a giant. Is this still a good idea? What are the usual progressions?