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  1. GymDadWA

    WAG Giant Swing Timing

    Anyone have any updated tips on delaying the arch phase of the giant, DD like many gymnasts just goes into the arch and whip stage before she is at the very bottom of the swing so runs out of steam before she is at the top. Read through old threads and watched all the youtube videos we could...
  2. M

    For Parents Featured First giants

    Just wondering, my 8 year old daughter just did her first supported giant. What kind of age were your daughters when they completed their first unsupported giant? All very exciting times for her!
  3. Anonymous Post

    Anon So frustrated with giants

    I am training for Level 7 and have been swinging a full giant with a spot for over a year. I tried them on my own for the first time last week. But every time I just arch off the back side. My coach says I'm not tapping hard enough and not pulling my toes over the bar. I can cast all the way to...
  4. ReluctantGymMom

    WAG Can giants be the only circling skill for level 6?

    DD competes HS to CHS to giants to layout for her bar routine - she said her back up routine is HS to giants to layout without the CHS if (insert random gymnastics words about pushaway angle) is off. Would that actually fulfill her requirements? I know they have to have a circling skill for...
  5. H

    For Parents Giants on P Bars

    How long did it take your son to learn the giant on p bar? My son seems really reluctant learn that skill.
  6. G

    WAG Giants

    So in late April I made my first giant which took a really long time for me to learn(over a year). At the end of May I separated my Growth plate in my wrist causing me to take 4weeks off. When I came back I couldn't make a giant for the life of me. My coach and I tried to go back to baby giants...
  7. S

    For Parents Inconsistent giants?

    My DD did her first independent giant on the high bar on Monday of last week. She is usually the type that one she has a skill, she has it. This skill though has been super hit or miss. One practice she will get around on her own pretty much everytime and then the next practice (like...
  8. G

    For Parents Pirouettes , blind , front giants

    My daughter is a level 7 . She moved up from one season of 4 to a 7. She has perfected her bar routine for level 7 and she was working on pirouettes along with other upgrades like stalders and then a few months ago they took her off of working pirouettes and started doing front giants. She...
  9. G

    WAG Giants

    I have a couple of girls who are learning their giants between the bars. They have had their single rail giants for more than a year, and strap bar giants for years. They straddle to pass the low bar because they are already quite tall (the taller one is 160 cm and the shorter one is 150 cm)...
  10. dmbgymnast

    MAG Giants

    I have no idea if this is the appropriate forum to ask this, feel free to move it need be! So I’m a WAG gymnast, and I don’t watch a whole lot of MAG. I’ve noticed on high bar before dismounts, men tend to change their form on their giants. The whole arch thing they do seems to get them more...
  11. L

    WAG Q for coaches about learning giants

    Is it a normal coaching practice to put an 8-year old child in a neck brace to learn giants on the strap bars so she doesn't throw her head out? My daughter has really never done them before and is just getting introduced to them. I guess I was thinking maybe she would be spotted on them...
  12. Mrs. Puma

    For Parents First time competing giants...first place!!!

    I’m so excited for Puma Jr! Her first meet of the season was yesterday and she got third place vault (which she has been struggling on), second place AA and first place on both USAIGC Bronze AND Silver bars! In IGC, an event specialist does all four events on their level and can also compete up...
  13. N

    For Parents Giants and control

    So the coach has approached some of thr parents about L7 bars routine saying our girls will be doing giant to baby giant swing and tuck dismount. Becausr the force of their giant isn’t being controlled for a dismount. Help me out to understand
  14. N

    For Parents Giants and control

    So the coach has approached some of thr parents about L7 bars routine saying our girls will be doing giant to baby giant swing and tuck dismount. Becausr the force of their giant isn’t being controlled for a dismount. Help me out to understand
  15. Mommyo2az

    For Parents The day has come, giants move from strap to pit bar

    i didn’t thjnk this day would ever come! DD was told that Monday she will move her giants to the pit bar! I know there is still a long road ahead (considering it took her a while to get them on strap) - but I can use some giant fairies sent her way!!!
  16. M

    For Coaches Front giants

    Hello coaches, I'd love to have any drills that help athletes understand and build the strength and understand how to pull back over the bar to finish the front Giant. Thanks in advance.
  17. kassgymnast_

    WAG giants

    so everyone knows i couldn’t do giants for the life of me. i wouldn’t even get a spot because i thought they were so bad. well today i went for it for the first time (with a spot, with a coach i trust) on the low bar and she was like oh you’re basically doing it by yourself. so we went to high...
  18. T

    For Parents Giants without grips?

    My eight year old recently came home and said her coach wanted to start working with her on giants (I will be confirming this with the coach, not just gonna take her word for it). She does not have grips. Should she be working those without them?
  19. kassgymnast_

    WAG CHS/Giants

    ah yes—summer practices. the beginning of working new skills and—failure! So I recently got my CHS on HB on Monday (first time working them). I'm supposed to be getting my giants this summer, but after the first week it is NOT going well. I got the first part obviously, the CHS. But I can't...
  20. kassgymnast_

    WAG Giants/CHS

    Okay so since I am training level 7/8, this summer i'm working giants mostly. Today was our first official "summer" practice , since we had state yesterday. Anyways, I started working CHS on highbar since my ultimate goal for summer is to get my giants. Turns out this was A LOT easier than...